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Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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Cardholders Can Support Corridor Rescue in Its Work to Save, Heal, and Find Homes for Stray Dogs

Cardholders Can Save Stray Dogs Through Corridor Rescue

The “Corridor of Cruelty” is a 14-square-mile area in Houston that has become a dumping ground for abandoned stray dogs and... read more »
Mike Senecal 2/15/2024
10 Most Respected Credit Unions in America for 2024

10 Most Respected Credit Unions in America for 2024

As not-for-profit member-owned financial cooperatives, credit unions exist to serve members and communities, not a limited... read more »
Mike Senecal 2/15/2024
27% of Americans Plan to Open a New Credit Card This Year & Most Want Cash Back

27% of Americans Plan to Open a New Credit Card in 2024

Nearly 600 million credit card accounts recorded in the US as 2023 closed, and the average consumer has nearly four credit... read more »
Jon McDonald 2/15/2024
Over 130 Million Americans Suffer From Unmanageable Money Stress

130+ Million Americans Suffer From Money-Related Stress

In a groundbreaking survey conducted recently, we reached out to 3,000 Americans from various walks of life to delve into a... read more »
Ashley Fricker 2/6/2024
SMB Owners Can Harness the Versatility of Zil Money to Pay Every Vendor with a Credit Card

SMBs Can Use Zil Money to Pay Every Vendor with a Credit Card

The best business ideas are inspired by a problem someone in the trenches  experienced. As owner of Tyler Petroleum, Zil... read more »
Mike Senecal 2/6/2024
Diversified Provides Comprehensive Financial Services to Help Clients Meet Their Goals

Diversified Offers Overarching Financial Services

Investing can be overwhelming to the uninitiated. Even seasoned investors lose money from time to time. Diversified engages... read more »
Andrew Allen 2/5/2024
FitBUX Combines AI and Live Coaching to Make Personalized Financial Planning More Accessible

FitBUX Makes Personalized Financial Planning Accessible

Young professionals planning their financial futures face complex challenges, including creating a plan that takes into... read more »
Mike Senecal 2/5/2024
10 Best Merchant Account Providers for 2024

10 Best Merchant Account Providers for 2024

A merchant account is a must for businesses of all sizes to accept electronic payments and access efficient transaction... read more »
Mike Senecal 2/1/2024
Mastercard Loyalty Recognized for Helping Businesses Maximize Relationships With Customers

Mastercard Loyalty Recognized for Customer Engagement

 Acquiring new customers can be much more expensive than retaining existing ones. Mastercard Loyalty works with businesses to... read more »
Andrew Allen 1/29/2024
Cheddar Up Helps Groups Collect, Manage, and Track Payments and Ancillary Organizational Information

Cheddar Up Helps Groups Manage Collecting Payments

Anyone responsible for payment collection knows what a chore it can be. Cheddar Up facilitates the process of collecting... read more »
Andrew Allen 1/23/2024
Tuttle Capital Management Offers Actively Managed ETFs Based on Forward-Looking Due Diligence

Tuttle Capital Management Offers Results-Oriented ETFs

As exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have supplanted mutual funds as vehicles for market and asset class diversification, they... read more »
Mike Senecal 1/19/2024
10 Best Up-and-Coming Finance Bloggers for 2024

10 Best Up-and-Coming Finance Bloggers for 2024

Reaching your financial goals is possible without winning the lottery or inventing the next must-have app. By practicing... read more »
Andrew Allen 1/18/2024
Cardholders Can Support Red Feather and Its Mission to Help Indigenous People Fortify Their Homes

Donations Help Red Feather Fortify Native Peoples’ Homes

People living on the Hopi and Navajo reservations face challenges maintaining their homes. Red Feather partners with tribal... read more »
Andrew Allen 1/12/2024
Zelt Simplifies and Automates HR, IT, and Finance Workflows on a Unified Platform Built to Scale

The Zelt Platform Unifies HR, IT, and Finance Workflows

As technology reduces geographical and workforce barriers for modern firms, managers and employees often find the disparate... read more »
Mike Senecal 12/22/2023
nbkc bank: Banking Partners That Contribute Experience and Creativity Can Help Fintechs Thrive

Helping Fintech Partners Thrive Is the Mission at nbkc bank

When choosing a banking partner, fintechs and brands don’t have to settle for a purely custodial relationship. But building a... read more »
Mike Senecal 12/21/2023
2024 Predictions & Trends: Inflation and Student Loans Problematic, AI Adoption Rises — Expert Q&A

2024 Predictions & Trends: An Expert Q&A

Rising interest rates, an abysmal housing market, the resumption of student loan payments, and record inflation have all had... read more »
Ashley Fricker 12/21/2023
Cardholders Can Support The Life You Can Save And Its Efforts to Aid Worthwhile Charities Worldwide

Cardholders Can Support The Life You Can Save

Individuals seeking to donate to a charity may struggle to select the charity to support. The Life You Can Save is a... read more »
Andrew Allen 12/20/2023
National Bankers Association Helps Minority-Owned Financial Institutions Build Stronger Communities for All

National Bankers Association Advocates for Minority Banks

The racial wealth gap is a persistent feature in American society. Minority depository institutions (MDIs) have historically... read more »
Mike Senecal 12/19/2023
EverBank Recognized for Its Standout CD Rates as It Continues Its Transformation Into a True Commercial Bank

EverBank Recognized for Its Standout CD Rates

EverBank has updated its charter to further its evolution into a full-service commercial bank. EverBank services customers... read more »
Andrew Allen 12/18/2023
AgAmerica Provides America’s Farmers With Lending Products and Guidance to Keep Farms Vibrant

AgAmerica’s Lending Products Help Keep Farms Vibrant

Farmers face unique challenges in running their farms and managing their businesses. AgAmerica understands the agriculture... read more »
Andrew Allen 12/15/2023
Invoice Ninja Makes Getting Paid Seamless and Affordable for Freelancers and Small Businesses

Invoice Ninja Makes Getting Paid Seamless for SMBs

Founders and entrepreneurs go into business to solve consumer problems and earn a livelihood. But the administrative details... read more »
Mike Senecal 12/14/2023
10 Best Personal Finance Bloggers for 2023

10 Best Personal Finance Bloggers for 2023

Like most things in life, learning sound financial habits and turning good decisions into lasting wealth for yourself and... read more »
Mike Senecal 12/13/2023
People in These 10 Cities Were Most Motivated to Pay Off Card Debt in 2023, According to Google

Cities Motivated to Pay Off Card Debt in 2023

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s Q3 Household Debt and Credit Report found that Americans collectively hold $1.08... read more »
Mike Senecal 12/8/2023
RentHop Connects Property Owners and Agents with Renters Looking for Affordable and Desirable Housing

RentHop Helps Renters Find the Most Desirable Properties

If you’re a rental property owner, manager, or agent, you know that connecting to reliable long-term renters is the name of... read more »
Mike Senecal 12/6/2023
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