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Thursday, July 9, 2020
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Glenbrook’s Payments Boot Camp® Offers Education and Industry Insights to a Global Audience of Stakeholders

Glenbrook’s Payments Boot Camp® Offers Industry Insights

Change is the only constant in the payments industry, and that can make professional... read more »
Adam West 7/6/2020
David Lewis of HR Consulting Firm OperationsInc Shares Insight into the Changes in Store for Workplaces Post-Coronavirus

OperationsInc Examines Post-Coronavirus Workplaces

OperationsInc is the largest HR consulting practice in Connecticut and one of the largest HR... read more »
Adam West 7/6/2020
Streator Onized Credit Union Recognized for Its Commitment to Philanthropy

SOCU Recognized for Its Commitment to Philanthropy

Streator Onized Credit Union (SOCU) is an Illinois-based credit union with branches in four... read more »
Eric Bank 7/3/2020
Taeltech Offers Innovative Consumer Insight and Security Solutions for a New Dimension of Trust

Taeltech Protects Against Product Counterfeiting

Taeltech is a a cross-border marketplace for Chinese consumers, bringing them high quality... read more »
Eric Bank 7/3/2020
Miles is a Frequent Flyer Program for Ground Transportation that Promotes Eco-Friendly Travel with Appealing Rewards

Miles: Users Earn Rewards for Ground Travel

Miles is a tech platform that brings the idea behind frequent flyer miles to ground... read more »
Matt Walker 6/30/2020
BitGive Foundation Built a Nonprofit Crowdfunding Platform that Leverages Blockchain Tech to Add Transparency and Simplify Funding

BitGive: Blockchain-Based Nonprofit Crowdfunding

Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the way people, including consumers... read more »
Adam West 6/29/2020
ByteTree Measures Digital Asset Economies to Help Crypto Investors Make Informed, Value-Based Decisions

ByteTree Measures Digital Economies to Help Investors

ByteTree is a blockchain data analysis engine that crunches more than 80 data points on several... read more »
Ashley Dull 6/29/2020
Spring Labs: A Blockchain Platform that Enables Banks and Lenders to Share Consumer Credit Data Efficiently and Securely

Spring Labs Allows Secure Sharing of Consumer Data

Credit bureaus perform essential gatekeeping functions for lenders, but even after a massive... read more »
Matt Walker 6/26/2020
Dollar Flight Club Alerts Members to the Best Deals from Their Home Airports, Often Saving 60% to 90% off Standard Fare

Dollar Flight Club Alerts Members to Great Deals

Dollar Flight Club is a subscription service that helps travelers find great deals on flights... read more »
Matt Walker 6/25/2020
Vault’s Whistleblowing App Replaces Dated Systems to Report Workplace Misconduct and Financial Fraud

Vault’s Whistleblowing App Replaces Dated Systems

Vault Platform is a secure, confidential mobile app that allows employees to report... read more »
Eric Bank 6/25/2020
Nebeus Offers Convenient, Tech-Based Financial Services and Crypto-Backed Loans for Digital Asset Holders in Europe

Nebeus: Convenient Crypto Finance & Loans

Cryptocurrency allows people, including many who previously have lacked access to traditional... read more »
Matt Walker 6/25/2020