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Monday, April 6, 2020
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The METACO SILO Platform Provides Secure, Scalable Digital Asset Management for Banks and Financial Institutions

METACO: Digital Asset Management for Banks

As cryptocurrencies and other digital assets gain relevance, banks and other custodians are... read more »
Adam West 4/2/2020
HRx Provides Resources, Including Data, Counseling, and Training, to Help Companies Ensure Diversity and Inclusion Practices

HRx: A Platform to Promote Diversity & Inclusion

While companies have talked about diversity and inclusion for years, it wasn’t until more... read more »
Matt Walker 4/1/2020
The U.S. Overseas Security Advisory Council Protects American Businesses and Private Entities Operating Abroad from Emerging Threats

OSAC Protects U.S. Businesses from Security Threats

The rise of the COVID-19 global emergency highlights the importance of international... read more »
Adam West 4/1/2020
CEX.IO is a Trusted Platform that Makes Buying, Selling, and Trading Crypto Convenient and Secure

CEX.IO: A Convenient, Secure Crypto Trading Platform

Cryptocurrency investors and traders have an array of platforms available to them in... read more »
Matt Walker 3/31/2020
RelSci Brings Science to the Art of Business Relationships to Help Financial Institutions Make the Connections They Need to Thrive

RelSci: Science Meets the Art of Business Relationships

In a nutshell: Relationships are critical to success in business. Relationship Science (RelSci)... read more »
Matt Walker 3/30/2020
Flybits and Its Contextual Experience Design Platform Help Financial Institutions Meet Their Customers’ Needs for Products, Offers, and Content

Flybits: An AI Platform to Help Clients Meet Customer Needs

Artificial intelligence is wielded in a number of ways in today’s tech-oriented... read more »
Matt Walker 3/27/2020
Colorado’s Vista Verde is a Top Travel Rewards Destination Combining Rustic Elegance with an Authentic Dude Ranch Experience

Colorado's Vista Verde: A Top Travel Destination

Around the turn of the 20th century, when trains started running regularly from coast to coast... read more »
Adam West 3/26/2020
Donations Help JASA Provide Life-Sustaining Social Services, Housing, and Health Care to Aging New Yorkers

JASA Provides Social Services to Aging New Yorkers

People often build homes, start families, and grow within a community over decades, but they... read more »
Adam West 3/25/2020
How the PBA Has Transformed Bowling Events Into Unique Travel Experiences with Enthusiastic Athletes and Vibrant Atmospheres

PBA Events Provide Unique Travel Experiences

Bowling is alive and well in the United States, and not just at local alleys. The Professional... read more »
Adam West 3/24/2020
The SEISMIC Project Unites 10 Public Research Institutions to Address Equity and Inclusion in STEM Courses

The SEISMIC Project Promotes Equity in STEM

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics — also known as the STEM fields —... read more »
Matt Walker 3/23/2020
GoShare Puts the Sharing Economy to Work by Connecting Truck and Van Delivery Professionals with People Who Need Moving Services

GoShare Connects Consumers with Moving Services

Everyone needs help moving at some point, but traditional moving and truck rental services... read more »
Adam West 3/20/2020