The Ultimate Guide to Credit Cards
Thursday, July 9, 2020
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How to Check Your Credit Reports

How to Check Your Credit Reports

Your credit reports and credit scores have a tremendous influence over your financial... read more »

John Ulzheimer 6/1/2020
8 Credit Mistakes to Avoid

8 Credit Mistakes to Avoid

No one is born knowing how to manage credit, and the topic is rarely taught in high... read more »

Erica Sandberg 5/26/2020
3 Ways to Protect Your Credit Scores

3 Ways to Protect Your Credit Scores

Lower interest rates, better loan terms, and more affordable insurance premiums... read more »

John Ulzheimer 5/18/2020
9 Strategies for Managing Bill Payments During the Coronavirus Pandemic

9 Strategies for Managing Bill Payments

The coronavirus lockdown has flipped our world upside down. In addition to the health... read more »

Andrea Woroch 5/11/2020
What if I Can’t Make My Credit Card Payment?

4 Options If You Can't Pay Your Credit Card Bill

If you’re worried about making your credit card payment this month... read more »

Marcie Geffner 5/4/2020
What is a Regular Purchase APR?

What is a Regular Purchase APR?

Every credit card comes with terms, including the annual percentage rate, otherwise... read more »

Erica Sandberg 4/20/2020
What to Do After a Credit Limit Decrease

What to Do After a Credit Limit Decrease

A credit limit increase comes with big benefits. It lets you spend more with your... read more »

Marcie Geffner 4/13/2020
Soft Inquiry vs. Hard Inquiry — What is the Difference?

The Differences Between Soft and Hard Inquiries

When you apply for credit, a lender is almost always going to access one or more of... read more »

John Ulzheimer 4/6/2020
11 Things You Can Do From Home Right Now to Better Your Finances

11 Things You Can Do From Home to Better Your Finances

There’s no denying it — life is stressful right now. With so many... read more »

Andrea Woroch 4/1/2020
10 Best Credit Cards for Free Flights

10 Best Cards for Free Flights

If you’re like most people, you probably spend a lot of time trying to save up... read more »

Adam West 3/19/2020
10 Same-Day Credit Cards for Poor Credit

10 Same-Day Cards for Poor Credit

In the third decade of the 21st century, waiting is not an option. Amazon can deliver... read more »

Eric Bank 3/18/2020
5 Pre-Qualified Credit Cards for Bad Credit

5 Prequalified Cards for Bad Credit

Prequalified credit cards for bad credit can help you get a card, improve your credit... read more »

Eric Bank 3/17/2020

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