The Ultimate Guide to Credit Cards
Thursday, May 30, 2024
Mike Senecal
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Mike Senecal draws on more than 20 years of editorial experience to update readers on industry trends, business news, and best practices in budgeting and credit use. Mike has worked in academic and trade publishing, including roles as managing editor and technical editor at the University of Florida and as contributor to finance industry publications, including Surety Bond Quarterly and Independent Agent, among others. Mike holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of South Carolina.

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53 Illuminating Credit Card Usage Statistics (2024)

53 Illuminating Credit Card Usage Statistics

Cooperation is at the heart of the intertwined relationships among consumers... read more »

Mike Senecal 5/29/2024
Keap Creates Complete Business Automation and Payment Tools to Empower Employees and Wow Clients

Keap Complete Business Automation Tools Wow Clients

Outsizing the competition is the name of the game for small businesses... read more »

Mike Senecal 5/22/2024
Integrations, Security, and Savings Help Curbstone Optimize Payment Processing and Drive Growth

Curbstone Optimizes Payment Processing and Drives Growth

Firms operating in the IBM i, iSeries, and AS/400 “mini-mainframe” environment... read more »

Mike Senecal 5/16/2024
Lake Trust Credit Union Powers Community Wellbeing Through Products, Education, and Philanthropy

Lake Trust Credit Union Powers Community Well Being

For the team at Michigan’s Lake Trust Credit Union, financial wellbeing means a... read more »

Mike Senecal 5/9/2024
45 Revealing Credit Card Skimming and Fraud Statistics (2024)

45 Revealing Credit Card Skimming and Fraud Statistics

The web is a wonderland until it’s not. Credit cards and digital payment... read more »

Mike Senecal 5/6/2024
Accept Credit Cards Provides Low-Cost Card Processing Services With Live, U.S.-Based Support

Accept Credit Cards Provides Low-Cost Processing Services

Credit card processors may struggle to differentiate themselves in a constantly... read more »

Mike Senecal 5/3/2024
Kukun’s iHomeManager Helps Homeowners and Investors Preserve and Grow Home Values

Kukun's iHomeManager Helps Preserve and Grow Home Values

If you’ve done online research as a current homeowner, you already know about the... read more »

Mike Senecal 4/25/2024
37 Compelling Credit Card Reward Redemption Statistics (2024)

37 Credit Card Reward Redemption Statistics

It’s one thing to earn credit card rewards and another to redeem them. Americans... read more »

Mike Senecal 4/24/2024
MoneyCoach Offers Intelligent Features and Personalization to Simplify Finances for Apple Users

MoneyCoach Simplifies Finances for Apple Users

Everyone loves money, but financial management is a stressful chore. MoneyCoach is... read more »

Mike Senecal 4/17/2024
Invest Diva Helps Members at All Learning Stages Master the Markets and Build Generational Wealth

Invest Diva Helps Members Master the Markets and Thrive

Kiana Danial loved investing but didn’t love the culture of the financial bros she... read more »

Mike Senecal 4/16/2024
Save® Offers Curated Portfolios and Higher Return Potential With an FDIC-Insured Savings Program

Save®: Savings Programs With Investment Return Potential

Every investment comes with risk, but the complexities of investment decisions... read more »

Mike Senecal 4/10/2024
Banner Bank Recognized for Empowering Consumers Through Its MoneyWise Financial Wellness Program

Banner Bank Recognized for MoneyWise Financial Wellness

During the Great Recession of 2007-09, many banks went into capital preservation... read more »

Mike Senecal 4/10/2024
The Charity Charge Nonprofit Business Card Helps Organizations Manage Spend and Establish Credit

Charity Charge Nonprofit Business Card Serves Charities

Nonprofit charitable organizations, schools, and associations have essential social... read more »

Mike Senecal 4/9/2024
51 Intriguing Business Credit Card Statistics (2024)

51 Intriguing Business Credit Card Statistics

There are legends in entrepreneurship of founders bootstrapping their businesses on... read more »

Mike Senecal 4/8/2024
Texas Trust Credit Union Helps Members from All Walks of Life Achieve Their Financial Goals

Texas Trust Credit Union Helps Members Achieve Their Goals

Mastering money is a lifelong personal journey, not a one-size-fits-all experience... read more »

Mike Senecal 4/2/2024
TruRating Delivers One-Touch Customer Feedback at the Point of Sale to Surface Actionable Business Data

TruRating Provides Stores with Trustworthy Customer Feedback

Georgina Nelson brought her training in psychology and a role as a consumer... read more »

Mike Senecal 3/27/2024
Finance Expert Eric Rosenberg Shares Insights on Turning a Side Hustle Into a Successful Business

Eric Rosenberg on Turning a Side Hustle into a Business

While his childhood pals dreamed of being sports stars, Eric Rosenberg aspired to... read more »

Mike Senecal 3/26/2024
Cardholders Can Help Provide a Basic Income to the World’s Poorest Households Through GiveDirectly

Cardholders Help Provide Basic Incomes Through GiveDirectly

The question for cardholders contemplating charitable support for an antipoverty... read more »

Mike Senecal 3/13/2024
SkyTab Provides Flexible, Scalable POS Solutions for Restaurants, Bars, and Hospitality Providers

SkyTab Provides Flexible Restaurant POS Solutions

SkyTab distinguishes itself in the crowded restaurant, hospitality, and... read more »

Mike Senecal 3/13/2024
Cardholder Support for The Giving Back Fund Strengthens Charities That Do Good Around the World

Cardholders Help The Giving Back Fund Create Charities

Many celebrities want to use their fame to support worthy causes, but transforming... read more »

Mike Senecal 3/8/2024