The Ultimate Guide to Credit Cards
Monday, November 28, 2022
Eric Bank
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Eric Bank has been covering business and financial topics since 1985, specializing in taking complex subject matters and explaining them in simple terms for consumer audiences. In addition to his work on, Eric has appeared regularly on, eHow, WiseBread, The Nest,, Zacks, Chron and dozens of other outlets. A former software engineer, Eric holds an M.B.A. from New York University and an M.S. in finance from DePaul University.

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7 Virtual Prepaid Card Options

Reality isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, at least regarding debit and credit card... read more »

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7 Loans For Gig Workers

7 Loan Options For Gig Workers

The life of a gig economy worker isn’t all glamor. Sure, the gig economy often... read more »

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5 Things to Know About the Costco Anywhere Visa® Business Card by Citi

5 Things to Know About the Costco Business Card

Some shoppers divide their lives into two eras: BC (before Costco) and ACE (after... read more »

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Holiday Loans For All Credit Types

10 Holiday Loans For All Credit Types

That twinkle in the store manager’s eye can mean only one thing: The holiday... read more »

Eric Bank 11/9/2022
Merrick Bank Credit Card Application: How to Apply Online

How to Apply For a Merrick Bank Card

Ask your grandparents about the old days when you had to apply for a credit card... read more »

Eric Bank 10/31/2022
What Is Netspend? All About the Company & Its Products

What Is Netspend? All About the Company

Netspend Corporation is a subsidiary of Global Payments Corp, a large payment... read more »

Eric Bank 10/27/2022
Credit Cards With No Security Deposit Required

9 Cards With No Security Deposit Required

Plenty of people have bad credit for all sorts of reasons. It’s neither a moral... read more »

Eric Bank 10/24/2022
Best Visa Signature Cards of 2022

9 Best Visa Signature Cards

The world is slightly nicer when you have a Visa Signature card in your wallet... read more »

Eric Bank 10/17/2022
Best Travel Credit Cards With No Annual Fee 

9 Best Travel Cards With No Annual Fee

Cost-savvy trip planning begins by choosing the best travel credit card with no... read more »

Eric Bank 10/12/2022
A Secured Credit Card You Can Get With a $50 Deposit

A Top Secured Card You Can Get For $50

To think we’d live to see a $50 deposit secured credit card! Well, besides another... read more »

Eric Bank 10/10/2022
Best Credit Cards For Families of 2022

The 9 Best Credit Cards For Families

Owning one of the best credit cards for families seems like an intelligent response... read more »

Eric Bank 10/5/2022
5 Personal Loans For Credit Card Debt Consolidation

5 Personal Loans to Pay Off Credit Card Debt

Personal loans for credit card debt can rescue anyone who’s racked up unpaid... read more »

Eric Bank 9/28/2022
Low Interest Personal Loans of 2022

5 Best Low Interest Personal Loans

We’re not surprised that articles reviewing low interest personal loans generate... read more »

Eric Bank 9/26/2022
Prepaid Gas Cards For 2022

5 Prepaid Gas Cards With Rewards

Prepaid gas cards, as well as gas credit cards, have long fascinated me. I love to... read more »

Eric Bank 9/22/2022
5 Prepaid Debit Cards With Chips

5 Prepaid Debit Cards With EMV Chips

An astonishing fact: Among the cards we regularly review, prepaid debit cards with... read more »

Eric Bank 9/20/2022
Apply For a Prepaid Card: How to Choose the Right Card & Manage the Account

How to Choose & Apply For a Prepaid Card

There are plenty of reasons to apply for a prepaid card, especially if your... read more »

Eric Bank 9/19/2022
Unsecured Credit Cards After Bankruptcy

9 Unsecured Credit Cards for After Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a fact of life in today’s economy — but there’s life after bankruptcy... read more »

Eric Bank 9/12/2022
Instacart Mastercard® Review: Is It the Best Card For Groceries?

A Review of the New Instacart Mastercard®

The appearance of an Instacart credit card was inevitable, given the wild... read more »

Eric Bank 9/8/2022
22 Best Airline Credit Cards

Fly High With the One of the Best Airline Cards

How can there be so many best airline credit cards? It reminds me of Oprah  — “You... read more »

Eric Bank 8/30/2022
Cerulean Credit Card Review and Alternatives

Cerulean Credit Card Review & Alternatives

Continental Finance Company sponsors the Cerulean Credit Card, an unsecured credit... read more »

Eric Bank 8/24/2022