The Ultimate Guide to Credit Cards
Tuesday, March 28, 2023
Eric Bank
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Eric Bank has been covering business and financial topics since 1985, specializing in taking complex subject matters and explaining them in simple terms for consumer audiences. In addition to his work on, Eric has appeared regularly on, eHow, WiseBread, The Nest,, Zacks, Chron and dozens of other outlets. A former software engineer, Eric holds an M.B.A. from New York University and an M.S. in finance from DePaul University.

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7 Best Travel Cards With 0% APRs

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Eric Bank 3/27/2023
5 Best Auto Refinance Loans

5 Best Car Refinancing Loans

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9 Best Credit Cards For 16- & 17-Year-Olds

9 Best Credit Cards For 16- & 17-Year-Olds

A mid-teen can do so many things, but owning a credit card account will have to... read more »

Eric Bank 3/15/2023
$100,000 Limit Credit Cards in 2023

9 Cards With $100,000+ Credit Limits

Who the heck needs a $100,000 credit limit? Well, millions of apartment dwellers in... read more »

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11 Car Loans For No Credit 

11 Car Loans For No Credit History

As a Manhattanite, I waited until age 25 to buy my first car and by then had... read more »

Eric Bank 3/1/2023
12 Credit Cards With $2,000+ Credit Limits

12 Cards With $2,000+ Credit Limits

Some folks may not find a $2,000 credit limit all that impressive, given that the... read more »

Eric Bank 2/27/2023
9 Auto Loans For Fair Credit

9 Auto Loans For Fair-Credit Applicants

If you’re like me, you wrestle for a while with the decision to replace your... read more »

Eric Bank 2/22/2023
Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card vs. Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card

Capital One Venture vs. Venture X: Which is Best?

Capital One’s commercials are light-hearted, but the company is deadly serious... read more »

Eric Bank 2/20/2023
18 Best Business Credit Cards For Startups

18 Best Business Cards For Startups

The US saw 5 million new business applications in 2022. The Small Business... read more »

Eric Bank 2/15/2023
9 Student Credit Cards For Bad Credit

9 Cards For Students With Bad Credit

It’s unusual for students to arrive for their first college semester with bad... read more »

Eric Bank 2/9/2023
Bank of America Cash Back Credit Cards & Best Alternatives

4 Bank of America Cash Back Cards Compared

Bank of America serves more than 65 million customers, so it’s no wonder many... read more »

Eric Bank 1/23/2023
5 Best Auto Loans For Students

5 Best Auto Loans For Students

If you are a student, you face unique challenges in getting a car loan. You may... read more »

Eric Bank 1/19/2023
9 Best Unsecured Credit Cards For Building Credit 

9 Best Unsecured Cards For Building Credit 

Do you toss and turn at night worrying about your lousy credit score? You don’t... read more »

Eric Bank 1/3/2023
11 Banks That Offer Secured Credit Cards

11 Banks That Offer Secured Cards

Love ‘em or hate ’em, banks play a vital role in the economy. In addition to paying... read more »

Eric Bank 12/29/2022
8 Visa Credit Cards For Bad Credit

8 Visa Credit Cards For Bad Credit

Visa is one of those feel-good brand names that inspires consumer confidence... read more »

Eric Bank 12/26/2022
Chase Credit Cards For Students and 7 Alternatives

Chase Credit Cards For Students & Alternatives

The undergraduate years are a time of profound learning and not all of it from... read more »

Eric Bank 12/8/2022
Discover Credit Cards For Students and 5 Alternatives

The Best Discover Cards For Students

Starting college is a huge life event, marked by new activities, relationships... read more »

Eric Bank 12/5/2022
5 Travel Credit Cards For Bad Credit

5 Top Travel Cards For Bad Credit

Americans travel a lot, whether for business or pleasure. If you have good credit... read more »

Eric Bank 11/30/2022
7 Virtual Prepaid Card Options

7 Virtual Prepaid Card Options

Reality isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, at least regarding debit and credit card... read more »

Eric Bank 11/21/2022
7 Loans For Gig Workers

7 Loan Options For Gig Workers

The life of a gig economy worker isn’t all glamor. Sure, the gig economy often... read more »

Eric Bank 11/16/2022