The Ultimate Guide to Credit Cards
Tuesday, February 20, 2024
Jon McDonald
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Jon leverages 15-plus years of journalism expertise to inform financial consumers about emerging trends and companies making an impact in the industry. He is most knowledgeable in the areas of budgeting, credit card rewards, and responsible credit use. Jon has a passion for writing and editing, and his articles have appeared in publications produced by The New York Times.

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27% of Americans Plan to Open a New Credit Card This Year & Most Want Cash Back

27% of Americans Plan to Open a New Credit Card in 2024

Nearly 600 million credit card accounts recorded in the US as 2023 closed, and the... read more »

Jon McDonald 2/15/2024
Grain Links Debit to Credit Lines and Monitors Spending to Help Users Build a Positive Credit History

Grain: Virtual Credit Cards Based on Spending Patterns

When consumers start their credit journey from scratch or need to rebuild after a... read more »

Jon McDonald 2/28/2023
How Nova Credit Leverages First-Party Data to Solve the Problem of Financial Exclusion

Nova Credit Enables More Inclusive Credit Risk Analysis

Consumers with access to reasonably priced credit have more opportunities for... read more »

Jon McDonald 9/13/2022
Intrepid Eagle Finance Provides Fee-Only Financial Planning with a Focus on Christian Families

Intrepid Eagle Finance: Faith, Family & Financial Planning

Financial advisors tend to focus on investment planning and wealth acquisition with... read more »

Jon McDonald 8/10/2022
4 Pillars Offers Debt and Credit Education to Help Consumers Rebuild Their Financial Lives

4 Pillars: Consumer-Focused Debt and Credit Education

4 Pillars has provided solutions to Canadians to find the best solution to deal... read more »

Jon McDonald 7/5/2022
Contour’s Decentralized Network Streamlines Global Trade Finance by Digitizing Letters of Credit

Contour Makes International Trade Efficient and Accessible

The $18 trillion-plus global trade market is one of the last holdouts to digital... read more »

Jon McDonald 6/2/2022
Clearco Offers Equity-Free eCommerce Financing Solutions with Repayment Terms Based on Sales

Clearco: eCommerce Financing Based on Revenue Sharing

eCommerce businesses traditionally seek capital from equity investors, but founders... read more »

Jon McDonald 5/5/2022
Climate First Bank: A Financial Institution Dedicated to Environmental Sustainability and Social Change

Climate First Bank Reimagines Finance as a Force for Good

Climate First Bank is the first financial institution in Florida dedicated to... read more »

Jon McDonald 4/28/2022
Truist and Operation HOPE Partner to Encourage Financial Responsibility

Truist and Operation HOPE Partner for Financial Inclusion

Operation HOPE has equipped more than 4 million Americans with tools and education... read more »

Jon McDonald 4/11/2022
Revelio Labs Analyzes Public Workforce Data to Help Investors and Financial Consultants Understand Trends

Revelio Labs Provides Actionable Workforce Data

Corporate financial metrics are relatively easy for investors and consultants to... read more »

Jon McDonald 3/28/2022
Action for Children Uses Donations to Support Parents and Early Childhood Education Providers

Action for Children Supports Early Childhood Education

Action for Children provides support for parents and child care providers in seven... read more »

Jon McDonald 3/17/2022
The Las Fotos Project: Donations Support Photography Workshops for Teen Girls and Gender-Expansive Youth

The Las Fotos Project Offers Photography Workshops

The Las Fotos Project helps teen girls and gender-expansive youth of color learn... read more »

Jon McDonald 3/14/2022
Maroo Streamlines Wedding Planning and Offers Payment Flexibility That Benefits Couples and Vendors

Maroo Streamlines Wedding Planning and Payments

Getting married should be a memorable experience, but organizing and paying for... read more »

Jon McDonald 3/9/2022
SaverLife Resources Help Consumers Make the Most of Their Income and Maximize Tax Refunds

SaverLife Helps Consumers Maximize Their Tax Returns

When consumers live paycheck to paycheck, even minor unexpected financial expenses... read more »

Jon McDonald 3/8/2022
The BlaBla Live App Offers Immersive English-Language Learning Tools to Enhance Travel Experiences

BlaBla Live Helps Travelers Learn Conversational English

English is the world’s most commonly spoken language, and many people with... read more »

Jon McDonald 3/8/2022
Financial Mentor Resources Offer a Transparent Approach to Wealth Building and Money Management

Financial Mentor: Education for Money Management

Financial Mentor is a financial education resource developed from Todd Tresidder’s... read more »

Jon McDonald 3/3/2022
Sequin Debit Card Empowers Women to Build Credit and Help Close the Financial Gender Gap

Sequin Debit Card Empowers Women to Build Credit

Sequin is on a mission to help close the gender gap in finance with its card... read more »

Jon McDonald 3/2/2022
Acuity Digital Lending Support Helps Credit Institutions Streamline Workflows and Improve Service

Acuity Streamlines Lending and Improves Financial Services

Acuity Knowledge Partners aims to help banks and other financial institutions... read more »

Jon McDonald 2/24/2022
Fareportal Delivers a Full Suite of Proven Travel Services, Including Marketplaces and Credit Cards

Fareportal Delivers Travel Services and Credit Cards

Consumers often become overwhelmed with options when booking travel, especially... read more »

Jon McDonald 1/19/2022
Edly Offers Attractive Loans for Student Borrowers Through Private Credit and Income-Based Repayment Plans

Edly: Student Loans with Income-Based Payment Plans

Traditional student loan providers in the United States offer funding at a fixed... read more »

Jon McDonald 1/10/2022