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10 Most Innovative Shopping Tools for 2024

10 Most Innovative Shopping Tools For 2024
Andrew Allen

Written by: Andrew Allen

Andrew Allen
Andrew Allen

For nearly 20 years, Andrew has worked for financial institutions ranging from regional investment organizations to some of the largest banks in the world. At Wells Fargo, Andrew was a Consultant within the Insight and Innovation division. A graduate of the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business, Andrew’s goal has been promoting personal financial wellness and solid money decisions. As a Staff Writer for CardRates, Andrew seeks to inform readers of solutions to help them on their path to financial freedom.

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Edited by: Lillian Guevara-Castro

Lillian Guevara-Castro
Lillian Guevara-Castro

Lillian Guevara-Castro brings more than 30 years of editing and journalism experience to the CardRates team. She has written and edited for major news organizations, including The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the New York Times, and she previously served as an adjunct journalism instructor at the University of Florida. Today, Lillian edits all CardRates content for clarity, accuracy, and reader engagement.

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badge for innovative shopping tools

For most of the 20th century, shopping was a relatively straightforward affair. Consumers visited local stores in search of the goods and services they sought. Sometimes, the goods they were seeking were available for purchase, and sometimes, they weren’t. 

Online shopping has radically altered commerce in the 21st century. Consumers no longer have to worry as much about a lack of available options in their local stores, but with so many online retailers for shoppers to choose from, other ordeals may plague them.

Fortunately, innovative tools can help simplify the online shopping experience. Shopping tools can help consumers save time and money. We compiled this list of the 10 most innovative shopping tools to help consumers discover shopping tools that can help them find deals, earn rewards, and avoid scams.

PayPal Honey

#1 Shopping Tool for Finding Deals

PayPal Honey logo

The vast quantity of online retailers increases the likelihood of consumers discovering a deal on the item they’re shopping for. But just because a deal exists doesn’t mean it’s easy to find.

PayPal Honey scans the internet to find promotions for consumers. Users can apply the promotions PayPal Honey finds to their online shopping carts, allowing them to realize savings.

Why We Love PayPal Honey

Everyone appreciates saving money, but the time it takes to find promotions and ensure their validity isn’t always worth it. PayPal Honey does the legwork for consumers so they can shop with confidence that the tool will find deals that suit their purchase.

PayPal Honey is free to use and works across more than 30,000 sites.

Key Stats

  • # Android app reviews: 8.2K
  • Average Android rating: 4.0
  • # iOS app reviews: 7.6K
  • Average iOS rating: 4.4


#1 Shopping Tool for Comparing Prices

ShopSavvy logo

Consumers shopping for shoes online may enter “online shoe stores” into a search engine. But doing so will likely yield too many results for one person to analyze. ShopSavvy helps consumers compare prices across thousands of retailers.

ShopSavvy alerts consumers when the price of an item drops, it goes on sale, or an unavailable item is back in stock.

Why We Love ShopSavvy

ShopSavvy extends convenience to shoppers. Consumers can use ShopSavvy’s search feature to find products or scan the barcode of an item using their phone’s camera. ShopSavvy will compare the price of a particular item across retailers, allowing shoppers to select prices that fit their budget.

Key Stats

  • # Android app reviews: 116K
  • Average Android rating: 4.6
  • # iOS app reviews: 8.8K
  • Average iOS rating: 4.5


#1 Shopping Tool for Detecting Scams

Fakespot logo

The internet has opened the doors for consumers to access a plethora of shopping experiences. Unfortunately, it has also created opportunities for criminals to perpetrate fraud. 

Fakespot helps consumers avoid sellers who aren’t who they claim to be. The tool uses artificial intelligence to detect phony online reviews and help consumers shop securely.

Why We Love Fakespot

Consumers read online product reviews to learn about fellow shoppers’ experiences with a product. Fake reviews can mislead consumers. 

Fakespot makes it easy for shoppers to determine the trustworthiness of reviews by assigning letter grades based on the reliability of a product’s reviews.

Key Stats

  • # Android app reviews: 588
  • Average Android rating: 3.1
  • # iOS app reviews: 14
  • Average iOS rating: 3.3


#1 Shopping Tool for Earning Cash Back

TopCashback logo

TopCashback allows consumers to earn money by shopping at select outlets. TopCashback partners with more than 7,000 online retailers across various industries. When consumers make purchases from TopCashback’s partners, they earn cash back. 

TopCashback members can receive cash back via bank account deposits or gift cards.

Why We Love TopCashback

Consumers value discounts and cash back offers from retailers they want to shop with. TopCashback’s partner roster includes some of today’s most popular online retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, and Uber Eats.

TopCashback also offers members incentives for referring new customers. The shopping tool is free for members to join and use.

Key Stats

  • # Android app reviews: 1.7K
  • Average Android rating: 3.3
  • # iOS app reviews: 12.7K
  • Average iOS rating: 4.7


#1 Shopping Tool for Collaborative Shopping

Share-A-Cart logo

Teamwork allows groups to reach their goals faster and more efficiently than any one individual on the team could. Share-A-Cart enables users to collaborate on shopping endeavors.

Share-A-Cart is helpful for consumers who shop together, but organizations and businesses can also realize efficiencies from sharing their online shopping carts. 

Why We Love Share-A-Cart

Share-A-Cart partners with more than 160 online retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, and Dick’s Sporting Goods. Users desiring to see a brand added to the company’s partner list can suggest retailers on Share-A-Cart’s website.

Users can revisit the Share-A-Cart shopping lists they create and make edits and updates as needed.

Key Stats

  • Chrome extension reviews: 65
  • Chrome extension rating: 3.9
  • # iOS app reviews: 3
  • Average iOS rating: 5.0


#1 Shopping Tool for Receipt Rewards

Fetch logo

Receipts can be handy for consumers who need to return an item they purchased. Fetch provides consumers with another use for their receipts. Fetch members earn reward points for taking pictures of their receipts and sharing them with the company.

Fetch users can submit pictures for up to 35 receipts within rolling periods of seven days. Users have up to 14 days from their purchase date to submit the image of their receipt.

Why We Love Fetch

Fetch users earn rewards in the form of gift cards from popular retailers such as Bath & Body Works, Dunkin’, and Starbucks. 

Fetch’s eReceipt feature allows users to earn rewards for online purchases.

Key Stats

  • # Android app reviews: 1M
  • Average Android rating: 4.6
  • # iOS app reviews: 5M
  • Average iOS rating: 4.8


#1 Shopping Tool for Unlocking Savings

Pogo logo

Pogo provides multiple ways for shoppers to save. Users who link their transaction accounts and credit and debit cards to Pogo can earn rewards for every purchase they make. Pogo does not require consumers to submit receipts.

Pogo also allows its users to monetize their data. Users receive payment when companies use their data or opinions for personalized advertisements or market research efforts.

Why We Love Pogo

In addition to unlocking savings on purchases, Pogo offers users opportunities to save money on their bank fees, bills, and insurance. Pogo also alerts users when they incur bank fees and helps them request refunds.

Key Stats

  • # Android app reviews: 38.4K
  • Average Android rating: 4.7
  • # iOS app reviews: 58.4K
  • Average iOS rating: 4.9


#1 Shopping Tool for Discounted Gift Cards

Raise logo

Raise gives users access to discounted gift cards for more than 4,000 brands, including Domino’s, Target, and Old Navy. Users who purchase gift cards from Raise receive them electronically.

Raise users can also sell their unwanted gift cards. Users set the price for the cards they list for sale on Raise. The company also allows users to sell store credit.

Why We Love Raise

One of the drawbacks of gift cards is that they can become worthless at expiration. Raise extends peace of mind to consumers by guaranteeing that every gift card it sells is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Key Stats

  • # Android app reviews: 3.6K
  • Average Android rating: 2.4
  • # iOS app reviews: 25.9K
  • Average iOS rating: 4.7


#1 Shopping Tool for Flexible Payments

Klarna logo

Sometimes, shoppers need an item but don’t have the funds to purchase it. Klarna empowers consumers to buy items now and pay for them later.

Klarna users can elect to pay for items immediately or over time. Users can split their payments into four interest-free installments due every two weeks. Klarna also allows consumers to pay for their goods 30 days after they bought them with no interest or upfront payments. 

Why We Love Klarna

Klarna helps consumers establish and manage their budgets. Users can set spending limits for purchases made with Klarna and use reporting tools to track their purchases within the company’s app. 

Key Stats

  • # Android app reviews: 577K
  • Average Android rating: 4.6
  • # iOS app reviews: 1M
  • Average iOS rating: 4.8


#1 Shopping Tool for Saving on Gas

GasBuddy logo

GasBuddy offers multiple ways for users to save money on gasoline purchases. Users can earn discounts on gas when they make qualified purchases. 

GasBuddy provides users with a payment card that further discounts the price of their gasoline purchase by 25 cents per gallon.

Why We Love GasBuddy

GasBuddy’s app enables users to access travel tips and money-saving resources. GasBuddy users can search for the most inexpensive gas in each state and use the app’s tools to calculate the costs of their upcoming road trips.

GasBuddy provides pricing trends for gas in specific regions and can notify users of vehicle recalls.

Key Stats

  • # Android app reviews: 835K
  • Average Android rating: 4.0
  • # iOS app reviews: 445.4K
  • Average iOS rating: 4.7

Shopping can be a fun activity, but it can also be an expensive one. Fortunately, innovative companies help consumers access ways to manage their shopping expenses.

Whether shopping is your favorite hobby or something you only engage in when necessary, we hope this list of the 10 most innovative shopping tools makes your next shopping experience more enjoyable.