The Ultimate Guide to Credit Cards
Saturday, December 9, 2023
Andrew Allen
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For nearly 20 years, Andrew has worked for financial institutions ranging from regional investment organizations to some of the largest banks in the world. At Wells Fargo, Andrew was a Consultant within the Insight and Innovation division. A graduate of the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business, Andrew’s goal has been promoting personal financial wellness and solid money decisions.

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Commercial Bank of California is Committed to the Success of its Small Business Customers

Commercial Bank of California Helps SMBs Succeed

Commercial Bank of California (CBC) is the third largest bank headquartered in... read more »

Andrew Allen 12/5/2023
25 Fascinating Credit Card vs. Cash Spending Statistics (2023)

25 Credit Card vs. Cash Spending Stats

Credit cards and cash are two of the most popular payment methods consumers use to... read more »

Andrew Allen 12/4/2023
OneAmerica Teams With Plan Sponsors and Advisors to Provide Retirement Tools for Participants

OneAmerica Provides Retirement Tools and Guidance

A financially healthy retirement requires careful planning and discipline... read more »

Andrew Allen 11/30/2023
Cardholders Can Support CORE In Its Mission To Help Marginalized Communities In the Wake of Disasters

Donations Help CORE Aid Marginalized Communities

Recovering from natural disasters and crises can be difficult for any community... read more »

Andrew Allen 11/28/2023
Gateway Bank Works Closely With Small Businesses To Support and Guide Them Toward Success

Gateway Bank Guides Small Businesses Toward Success

Entrepreneurs may face many challenges while seeking to establish and grow their... read more »

Andrew Allen 11/9/2023
ScoreSense Has Insights and Tools To Help Consumers Understand Their Credit Reports and Scores

ScoreSense Helps Consumers Understand Credit Reports

Regularly reviewing credit reports is widely considered to be a necessary practice... read more »

Andrew Allen 11/7/2023
IntraFi Provides Additional Deposit Insurance, Helping Financial Institutions Keep Assets Within Communities

IntraFi Helps Banks Keep Assets Within Their Communities

Recent bank failures have highlighted the importance of deposit insurance. The FDIC... read more »

Andrew Allen 10/31/2023 Helps Fliers Save Time and Make Better Decisions with Their Credit Card Rewards Streamlines the Search for Award Flights

Planning the details of an international trip can be a time-consuming endeavor... read more »

Andrew Allen 10/27/2023
Cantaloupe Services the Self-Service Retail Industry with Innovative, Cashless Payments and Smart Solutions

Cantaloupe Offers Innovative Cashless Payment Solutions

The self-service retail industry has evolved in the 21st century. Think of all of... read more »

Andrew Allen 10/11/2023
InvestinGoal Connects Forex Traders With Expert Insights and Tools to Evaluate Brokers

InvestinGoal Connects Forex Traders With Expert Insights

Traders in the market for a forex broker may be overwhelmed by the plethora of... read more »

Andrew Allen 10/5/2023
Clara Provides Credit Cards and Payment Solutions That Position LATAM Businesses for Success

Clara Equips LATAM Businesses with Payment Solutions

Clara is the solution for businesses to make and manage all their payments. Clara... read more »

Andrew Allen 10/4/2023
Marquee Equity Uses Technology and Insights to Connect Fundraising Businesses With Investors

Marquee Equity Connects Businesses With Investors

Entrepreneurs often turn to investors to secure funding for their businesses. But... read more »

Andrew Allen 10/2/2023
Patriot Software Recognized for Simplifying Small Businesses’ Payroll and Accounting Processes

Patriot Software Recognized for Payroll Solutions

Patriot Software understands how difficult it can be to manage a small business’s... read more »

Andrew Allen 9/27/2023
FreshBooks Simplifies Invoicing and Accounting to Help Small Business Owners Focus on Their Passions

FreshBooks Simplifies Accounting for SMB Owners

To say small business owners are busy is an understatement. FreshBooks provides... read more »

Andrew Allen 9/25/2023
America’s Christian Credit Union Offers Financial Products and Services With a Faith-Based Approach

America’s Christian Serves as a Faith-Based Credit Union

America’s Christian Credit Union is a financial institution that follows biblical... read more »

Andrew Allen 9/25/2023
Purdue Federal Credit Union Recognized for Helping Its Members and Communities Achieve Financial Wellness

Purdue Federal Credit Union Recognized for Social Mission

 Purdue Federal Credit Union is committed to bettering the financial health of its... read more »

Andrew Allen 9/19/2023
Genesys Offers Cloud-Based Solutions and AI Tools To Help Banks Improve Customer Experience

Genesys Offers Cloud-Based Solutions and AI Tools for FIs

Customers hold financial institutions to high standards. Genesys helps banks to... read more »

Andrew Allen 9/7/2023
<strong>Small Business Majority Advocates for Entrepreneurs and Provides Connections to Financing</strong>

Small Business Majority Advocates for Entrepreneurs

Most businesses in the United States are small businesses. Small business owners... read more »

Andrew Allen 8/31/2023
<strong>Donations and Grassroots Support Help MEIC Preserve Montana’s Natural Beauty for Future Generations</strong>

Donations Help MEIC Preserve Montana’s Natural Beauty

Montana’s constitution guarantees Montanans the right to a clean and healthful... read more »

Andrew Allen 8/24/2023
SingleKey Offers Practical Tools to Landlords and Tenants That Mitigate the Risks of Renting

SingleKey Mitigates Risks Associated with Renting

Owning and renting out a residential property can help diversify an investment... read more »

Andrew Allen 8/22/2023