12 Best Credit Card Deals (Airline, Travel, Transfer, 0% APR & More)

By: Brittney Mayer • 7/17/2018

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The search for the best deal is an age-old art, one likely practiced by buyers for centuries. I can imagine ancient shoppers going from camel salesman to camel salesman, looking for a bargain on their new ride.

For the modern consumer, finding the best deal is easier than ever, with most of the hard work being done by search engines and other online tools. The search for the best credit card deal is no exception, and deals abound for just about any kind of card.

In many ways, the biggest problem in finding the best credit card deal is often narrowing down the type of card you need. To help in your search, we’ve compiled the top credit card deals across 12 categories. Browse the sections below to determine which card is the best for you.

Airline | Travel | Gas | Points | Cash Back | Balance Transfer | 0% APR
Business | Student | Good Credit | Fair Credit | Limited Credit

Best “Airline Rewards” Credit Card Deal

Airline miles are one of the best ways to make traveling more affordable — they can turn that daydream of a someday vacation into a now reality. Top airline rewards cards not only let you rack up miles to pay for your next flight, but many come with extra perks, such as free in-flight Wi-Fi or a free checked bag.

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Best “Travel Rewards” Credit Card Deal

Travel rewards cards are a good option for those who want to use the same rewards card to purchase their hotel accommodations as they do their airline tickets. The best travel rewards cards on the market offer sizeable signup bonuses that could have you on your way to the beaches or slopes in no time. Keep an eye on minimum spending requirements, though, as they will need to be met before you are eligible for the bonus.

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Best “Gas Rebates” Credit Card Deal

Whether you are planning the Great American Road Trip, or simply need to keep a gas-guzzling SUV on the roads, a gas rebate or rewards card can go a long way toward keeping your tank full — without draining your wallet. Look for quarterly rewards bonuses to multiply your gas rewards.

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Best “Rewards Points” Credit Card Deal

Rewards points can be used for almost anything — from electronics to flights, or even gift cards — and the signup bonus offers for points cards can be huge. Many of the top cards offer bonus points in certain categories, so make sure to know the best places to cash in. Just as with travel cards, the signup bonus may have a spending requirement.

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Best “Cash Back” Credit Card Deal

If you like the idea of walking around with a coupon that’s good on all of your purchases, you want a cash back credit card. A cash back rewards card offers a set percentage back, in cash, on everything you purchase with your card. The best deals will come with a cash signup bonus (check spending requirement), and let you redeem your cash back at any time.

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Best “Balance Transfer” Credit Card Deal

The best way to beat a high interest rate may just be the balance transfer. If you carry a balance that’s being bogged down by a high interest rate, try finding a good balance transfer card. The best deals offer a no-fee transfer of your current balance from another card, as well as providing 0% APR on your transferred balance for an initial period of time.

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Best “0% Intro APR” Credit Card Deal

When you know you have a large purchase coming up, a good 0% Intro APR credit card deal can be a great way to buy without having to shell out a lot of cash up front. Term lengths will vary by offer, but the best usually have an introductory period of at least 12-15 months, during which time you’ll pay no interest on new purchases.

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Best “Business” Credit Card Deal

Running a business comes with a lot of expenses, but the right business credit card will make those expenses a little more affordable. The top business cards come with cash back rewards that let you keep more of your money in your business, as well as offering signup bonuses to those who can meet the spending requirements.

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Best “Student” Credit Card Deal

Most students have trouble finding a good credit card deal because they have yet to really establish themselves in the credit world. Take advantage of a student credit card, specially designed for students just getting started. The best offer cash back on your purchases, and student-centered perks such as an annual statement credit for good grades.

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Best “Good/Excellent” Credit Card Deal (700+ Credit Score)

When you have an excellent credit score, you have a veritable credit card deal buffet from which to choose. For you, the best deal will be the card that complements your buying habits, such as one that offers bonus rewards in categories that are important to you. You can look forward to low interest rates and the best signup bonus offers.

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Best “Fair Credit” Credit Card Deal (650-700 Credit Score)

Whether you’ve improved your credit after a period of rebuilding, or have just started cleaning up after a recent misstep, the world of fair credit cards is still full of great deals. The cream of the deal crop will offer a low or 0% introductory APR and cash back rewards. Also look for fun perks, like discounts when you use your card to make travel purchases.

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Best “Limited/No Credit” Credit Card Deal

Those who are just beginning their credit journey may find fewer deals than their more established peers, but there are still some great cards to be had. The best card deals will come with no annual fee and offer credit score tracking so you can keep an eye on your growing credit.

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Use Your Credit Cards Wisely

Unlike ancients shopping for a new camel, modern credit card shoppers looking for a deal have it easy. Finding a deal on a credit card is as simple as knowing what type of card you need and applying for it. (Plus, credit cards don’t spit.)

Regardless of which type of credit card deal you choose, you will want to avoid late or missing payments. Not only do late payments usually come with some hefty fees, but they’re like leeches draining your credit score. Use automatic bill paying services to automate your finances and avoid late payments.

Additionally, never forget that credit cards are a form of debt. Always pay off your credit card balance, in full, each month to avoid paying interest fees or accruing an unmanageable debt. At the end of the day, the best credit card deal will be the one that you can use responsibly.

Editorial Note: Opinions expressed here are the author's alone, not those of any bank, credit card issuer, airline or hotel chain, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities.

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