The Ultimate Guide to Credit Cards
Monday, March 4, 2024
Brittney Mayer
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Brittney is a Credit Strategist and Finance Expert who has spent years honing her knowledge of the credit industry both personally and professionally. Brittney applies her more than a decade of research experience to crafting in-depth consumer guides designed to help CardRates readers make better, more informed financial decisions.

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Chase Freedom vs. Discover it® Cards (March 2024)

Chase Freedom vs. Discover it® Card

In the modern consumer marketplace, many industries are often dominated by two... read more »

Brittney Mayer 3/31/2022
12 Best Credit Cards For Young Adults (March 2024)

12 Best Credit Cards For Young Adults

The best credit cards for young adults can make your financial life a whole lot... read more »

Brittney Mayer 3/14/2022
15 Easiest Credit Cards to Get (March 2024)

15 Easiest Credit Cards to Get

Asking the question, “What is the easiest credit card to get?” is a bit like... read more »

Brittney Mayer 3/3/2022
7 Easy-to-Get Store Credit Cards for Bad Credit (March 2024)

13 Store Credit Cards for Bad Credit

As someone who has been on both sides of the retail exchange, I know cashiers are... read more »

Brittney Mayer 2/10/2022
How to Get a Virtual Credit Card Number (March 2024)

How to Get a Virtual Credit Card Number

While the implementation of chipped EMV credit cards has eliminated a large portion... read more »

Brittney Mayer 2/9/2022
6 Best Prepaid Debit Cards with No Fees (March 2024)

16 Best Prepaid Debit Cards with No Fees

These days it can seem like you pay fees on your money no matter whether you’re... read more »

Brittney Mayer 1/25/2022
7 Business Credit Cards With & Without Personal Guarantee (March 2024)

Business Cards With & Without a Guarantee

Within the first year of business, roughly 20% of new small businesses will fail... read more »

Brittney Mayer 11/2/2020
5 Best Corporate Credit Cards (March 2024)

Best Small Business and Corporate Credit Cards

Although commonly thought of interchangeably, corporate credit cards are actually... read more »

Brittney Mayer 10/29/2020
8 Best Credit Cards for $200 to $500+ Bonuses (March 2024)

Best $500+ Credit Card Signup Bonuses

Not so long ago, opening a new bank account or credit card came with a small... read more »

Brittney Mayer 10/21/2020
8 Best Credit Cards for Students with No Credit (Feb. 2024)

8 Best Cards for Students with No Credit History

Given that few schools offer a comprehensive education in personal finance, it’s up... read more »

Brittney Mayer 5/30/2019
12 Best Credit Cards with No Spending Limit (March 2024)

Best Credit & Charge Cards with No Spending Limit

Although the average American has credit card limits in the $20,000 range, single... read more »

Brittney Mayer 5/28/2019
Capital One® Savor® Cash Rewards Credit Card Review: Credit Scores, Limits & Rewards (Feb. 2024)

Capital One Savor Credit Score, Limits & Rewards

The Capital One Savor family of cards was designed for consumers with active... read more »

Brittney Mayer 5/23/2019
13 Category Winners: Best Credit Card Offers (Feb. 2024)

The Best Credit Card Offers for 2024

Although a few exceptions may exist, the true value of most great deals or offers... read more »

Brittney Mayer 5/13/2019
13 Best No Interest Credit Cards (Feb. 2024)

Best Credit Cards for Paying No Interest

In the following article, we’ll present some of our experts’ top picks for the best... read more »

Brittney Mayer 4/22/2019
Chase Freedom Unlimited®: Review & Credit Score Needed(March 2024)

2024 Review of the Chase Freedom Unlimited®

When it comes to rewards credit cards, the average consumer has hundreds of... read more »

Brittney Mayer 4/15/2019
7 Best Personal Credit Cards (March 2024)

The Best Personal Credit Cards

Most Americans have at least one personal credit card, with the average adult... read more »

Brittney Mayer 4/1/2019
7 Best Credit Card Deals (March 2024)

The Best Credit Card Deals for 2024

Finding a great deal feels good — and not just for your pocketbook. Knowing you... read more »

Brittney Mayer 3/11/2019
6 Top Cards: Credit Score Needed for Wells Fargo (Feb. 2024)

What Score Is Required for a Wells Fargo Card?

With roots in the Wild West and the earliest days of US banking, Wells Fargo has a... read more »

Brittney Mayer 3/6/2019
16 High Limit Credit Cards for Excellent Credit (Feb. 2024)

Best High-Limit Credit Cards for Excellent Credit

Ah, the view from the top is lovely indeed. Excellent credit is an achievement that... read more »

Brittney Mayer 3/1/2019
Chase Sapphire Reserve®: Credit Score Needed for Approval (March 2024)

Credit Score Needed for the Chase Sapphire Reserve®

When it comes to the Chase Sapphire Reserve, the credit score needed may be higher... read more »

Brittney Mayer 2/25/2019