The Ultimate Guide to Credit Cards
Monday, November 28, 2022
Adam West
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Adam corresponds with finance experts to publish industry news coverage related to helping consumers achieve greater financial literacy and improved credit. He has more than 12 years of storytelling, editing, and design experience in print and online journalism and is most knowledgeable in the areas of credit scores, financial products and services, and the banking industry.

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Fee-Free Pomelo App and Card for Remittances Help Users Build Credit When They Send Money Back Home

Pomelo Enables Free Money Exchange Via Credit Networks

The Philippines is a significant recipient of money transfers from the US, with... read more »

Adam West 11/21/2022
Alkami Develops Digital Platforms to Help Credit Unions and Banks Level the Playing Field

Alkami Develops Digital Platforms for CUs and Banks

Alkami creates customized digital platforms for credit unions and banks. The... read more »

Adam West 11/16/2022
TopCashback Extension and App Allows Members to Easily Earn Money for Everyday Online Purchases

TopCashback Allows Members to Earn Money for Purchases

TopCashback allows members to easily earn money on purchases they already make... read more »

Adam West 11/3/2022
How Having an 800+ Credit Score Impacts Card Interest Rates and Rewards

How an 800+ Credit Score Impacts Rates and Rewards

Only about 1 in 6 consumers have an 800+ credit score, making them the most... read more »

Adam West 11/2/2022
The American Society of Travel Advisors: Save and Access Perks by Working with a Certified Travel Professional

ASTA: A Trusted Partner for Travel Industry Professionals

When the American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA) was founded in 1931, the... read more »

Adam West 10/31/2022
Celero Commerce Streamlines Processing for Businesses and Builds Custom Solutions for Financial Institutions

Celero Streamlines Processing for Companies and FIs

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many small-to-medium businesses, especially in... read more »

Adam West 10/27/2022
Alexandria: A Historic Virginia City with Contemporary Appeal Earns Recognition as a Top US Travel Destination

Alexandria, Virginia: A Top US Travel Destination

As the only city in northern Virginia connected to Washington, D.C., and Maryland... read more »

Adam West 10/20/2022
Fortis Earns Recognition for Custom Payment Processing Solutions That Help Businesses Scale

Fortis Payment Integrations Match Business Needs

Businesses of all sizes need seamless payment processing solutions to reinforce the... read more »

Adam West 10/17/2022
PayPal Payment Tools Braintree and Hyperwallet Help Ecommerce Merchants Drive Conversions

Braintree and Hyperwallet Help Merchants Drive Conversions

Together, Braintree and Hyperwallet offer a complete payments solution backed by... read more »

Adam West 10/13/2022
Dakota Community Bank & Trust Helps Community Members Secure Mortgages and Agricultural Loans

Dakota Community Bank & Trust Supports Member Goals

Dakota Community Bank & Trust has 12 branches that serve mostly rural communities... read more »

Adam West 10/13/2022
Vesta Accelerates Natural Coastal Weathering Processes to Remove Carbon Dioxide from Oceans

Vesta Accelerates Natural Processes to Remove CO2

Oceans have become increasingly acidic due to rising levels of human-created carbon... read more »

Adam West 10/12/2022
Sunflower of Peace Offers Donation and Volunteer Opportunities for Americans to Help Ukrainians

Sunflower of Peace Helps Americans Aid Ukrainians

Since 2014, Sunflower of Peace has been providing financial resources for... read more »

Adam West 10/12/2022
Percent Provides Users With the Tools They Need to Enter the Alternative Investment Space

Percent Provides Tools for Alternative Investing

Private credit investments give investors opportunities to diversify their... read more »

Adam West 10/11/2022
Ent Credit Union Leverages Its Large Footprint to Improve Financial Products and Serve Its Communities

Ent Credit Union Educates and Serves Communities

Ent Credit Union is the largest credit union in Colorado with nearly 500,000... read more »

Adam West 10/6/2022
Corpay Digital Solutions Help Companies Modernize Their Invoicing, Billing, and Payments

Corpay Upgrades Invoicing & Payments for Companies

Corpay offers full-service accounts payable solutions for companies. Specifically... read more »

Adam West 10/5/2022
Bumped: A Stock Rewards Platform That Helps Brands and Banks Encourage Consumers to Invest

Bumped Rewards Platform Encourages Investment

Many Americans don’t invest, and a significant number of those who do have small... read more »

Adam West 10/4/2022
Lofty Broadens Access to Real Estate Investing Through Accessible, Low-Cost Fractional Shares

Lofty Marketplace Makes Real Estate Investing Accessible

Real estate is an ideal asset class for investment diversification, but purchasing... read more »

Adam West 10/4/2022
Axos Bank Combines Digital Efficiency with Customer and Community Commitment

Axos Bank: A Digital Bank with a Focus on the Future

As digital transformation drives the financial industry, Axos Bank stands out as a... read more »

Adam West 9/26/2022
Taxhub: Reap the Financial Benefits of Convenient Online Tax Filing With Top-Tier In-House CPAs

TaxHub Offers Convenient & Affordable Online Tax Prep

Taxhub stands out in the online tax preparation market because it functions as if... read more »

Adam West 9/21/2022
Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge Allows Card Rewards Travelers to Experience Luxurious Natural Adventure

Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge Offers Luxurious Adventures

Set among old-growth forests in a pristine Canadian Pacific environment, the... read more »

Adam West 9/19/2022