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MoneyCoach Offers Intelligent Features and Personalization to Simplify Finances for Apple Users

Moneycoach Simplifies Finances For Apple Users
Mike Senecal

Written by: Mike Senecal

Mike Senecal
Mike Senecal

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In a Nutshell: Everyone loves money, but financial management is a stressful chore. MoneyCoach is a popular financial management app that makes budgeting, cash tracking, and goal-setting easy. Available on all Apple platforms, including the recently released Apple Vision Pro, MoneyCoach packs intelligent features in a customizable package that suits all financial stages. Users manage multiple accounts, convert global currencies, and transact within a daily limit to monitor real-time net worth. Millions count on MoneyCoach to help them build healthy financial habits and reduce the stress associated with money.

The best business ideas solve a problem the founder experienced personally. That’s how MoneyCoach came to be. MoneyCoach is a personal finance app developer Perjan Duro built to manage family finances as he and his soon-to-be wife adjusted to life in a new country.

That’s only the beginning of the story. Duro released the first version of the app in 2014. MoneyCoach is available exclusively on Apple platforms, including the Apple Watch and the recently released Apple Vision Pro. Continual iteration and innovation make it a perennial App Store favorite and a fit for millions.

The modern version of the app combines powerful financial management and goal-setting tools in an easy-to-use yet customizable package. It does it all without getting in the way thanks to its sharing, budgeting, tracking, multicurrency support, and interactive widgets.

Duro’s problem arose when he and his partner moved from Albania to Germany with no credit score. The couple took on significant debt to make the move. It was a financial and a psychological burden.

MoneyCoach logo

Duro searched the App Store in vain for software to integrate and convert accounts in multiple currencies and countries, and display his net worth. He went to work.

“The easiest thing was to build a solution with the help of a computer,” Duro said. “So that’s what I did.”

We might not be telling this story today if Duro had stopped at version one. But the project took on a life of its own, with Duro frequently adding new features and responding to user requests.

That caught the attention of the App Store, which began promoting the product through rankings. Soon, users flocked to what was swiftly becoming a go-to financial app in the massive Apple community.

“It’s amazing to see what came out of those long nights of coding,” Duro said.

Simple Personal and Family Money Management

The imperative to keep the updates flowing led Duro to invite his brother, Krist, to join the team in 2017. Krist oversees design, marketing, and quality assurance, while Perjan handles strategy, product, and partnerships.

There have been times when the team has been larger, but maintaining a lean-and-mean two-person operation has usually been the default state.

“We are a bootstrap company,” Duro said. “We don’t have any venture capital money to throw at problems, so we have to be creative.”

Perjan and Krist Duro
Founder Perjan Duro (left) and his brother, Krist, comprise the two-person team behind MoneyCoach.

It works. Step-by-step onboarding sets the tone for a frictionless modern app experience. A relatively new feature uses the shortcut automations Apple introduced in iOS 17 to configure automatic data syncing between the app and Apple Wallet.

“You don’t even have to log in your bank credentials,” Duro said. “MoneyCoaches just receives and parses the latest transaction data as it happens.”

That’s what keeps users coming back. Duro said one of the app’s most popular features is its clean overview, which can be customized for various use cases. Students, newly employed individuals, and families can configure the overview to suit their needs by sorting, switching, and toggling cards on the overview.

Users also appreciate the app’s attention to detail, which is very much in the Apple spirit. For example, MoneyCoach makes changing themes and colors to match individualized computing environments easy.

Family Sync allows multiple users with different Apple IDs to share accounts, budgets, goals, transactions, and categories in MoneyCoach.

“Just like you share notes and files using iCloud Drive, we use the same technologies to share data with your partner or family,” Duro said.

Customize Tracking, Budgeting, and Goals

Family Sync is a premium feature. In addition to Family Sync, premium subscribers receive unlimited accounts and budgets, multicurrency support, and other perks. Free users can link  up to three accounts and many essential functions, making the app extremely helpful as a mainstream financial manager.

Widely popular practical features include the daily limit, which caps daily spending but rolls savings to the next day to incentivize frugality and create financial flexibility. Another — which brought Duro to his MoneyCoach journey — is multicurrency support.

“You can convert different currencies in real-time and have a perfect overview of your net worth,” Duro said.

Personalized budgeting
Personalized budgeting encourages savings.

Tracking and managing credit cards is a feature both free and premium users find valuable. Importing a card reveals transaction history and sets up bill pay to avoid interest overcharges.

Tapping on credit card details displays actual and available balances, billing cycle details, statement balances, and due dates. It’s easy to pay within the app.

Other popular features include personalized budgeting and customizable smart goals.

Creating a budget in MoneyCoach is about selecting categories and subcategories. Logging expenses to categories will impact the overall budget.

MoneyCoach’s budgeting tool fixes the budget amount every period and does not roll over. It works like the daily limit feature described above to encourage savings.

Customizable smart goals add to the app’s savings incentives. Users enter the goal name, amount, and due date, and MoneyCoach draws on artificial intelligence functionality to compute daily savings. “Smart Goals are a really powerful tool that will help you motivate to save more and achieve your dreams,” the MoneyCoach website states.

A demo mode the brothers were working on before this article went to press in April 2024 adds to the app’s convenience.

“You can experience the full potential of this application, including its financial reports,” Duro said.

Cutting-Edge Features Empower Users

MoneyCoach syncs everywhere within the Apple ecosystem, from Mac desktops and laptops to the iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and the new Apple Vision Pro.

“We’re on every Apple form factor and device, and we’re looking forward to extending to Siri in the future,” Duro said.

That’s a hallmark of Duro’s approach and a personal passion. He strives to incorporate innovations quickly to leverage the full power of the Apple ecosystem.

The app’s typical users appreciate that. MoneyCoach appeals to those who focus on financial goals, love Apple products, and always want the latest OS features on day one. An example of MoneyCoach’s commitment to bringing those features to users is interactive widgets, which Apple introduced in iOS 16.

Apple Vision Pro implementation
Integration with Apple Vision Pro continues MoneyCoach’s commitment to interoperability within the Apple universe.

MoneyCoach was ready at introduction with one of the most complex implementations in the market: a mini-app residing within the interactive widget that allowed users to transact without opening the entire app.

Interactive widgets are convenient for consumers who make frequent, consistent small purchases (for example, at Starbucks for morning coffee). It’s a function that makes the way Apple and MoneyCoach work together delightful.

“Why not?” Duro said. “People use and love it, and it makes me happy.”

That’s the story of the integration with Apple Vision Pro, Apple’s sophisticated spatial computing device, introduced in 2023. Most users access MoneyCoach through the iPhone, with smaller percentages using desktops, Macbooks, and the Apple Watch. But MoneyCoach is everywhere Apple wants it to be.

Duro and MoneyCoach’s users appreciate that. The app stays vital as the future approaches.

“I’m proud to say we were one of 103 apps that released worldwide on the Apple Vision Pro on day one,” Duro said. “We’ve put that kind of logic and passion behind MoneyCoach all these years.”