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Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Follow our latest personal finance studies, conducted through in-depth data analysis and nationwide surveys by our team of data analysts and research experts.


Our Team & Methodology

CardRates is committed to excellence in research. Our team of nationally recognized experts conducts and publishes industry-leading research on a variety of personal finance topics by conducting surveys and investigating published data sources.. Our areas of expertise include credit card usage, credit scores, consumer spending, and personal debt. Our Methodologies

To ensure our studies offer complete coverage of the industry and meet our rigorous editorial standards, we deploy a step-by-step methodology to each piece of research we publish.

1.  Trend Analysis

Our team meets weekly to review and discuss current trends in the finance marketplace. Our team chooses a topic worthy of further research.

2. Survey Commission

The team then commissions a national survey on the topic with a leading polling organization. We use large representative sample sizes to ensure the accuracy and dependability of results.

3. Analysis of Results

Survey results are then passed to our team of personal finance experts for analysis and commentary.

4. Publishing of Findings

Our team then writes about the research findings and passes it through a two-tiered review by our editors. The findings are typically published exclusively on

5. Public Release

Our team then notifies major media outlets and others in the finance industry as to the findings of our research.

6. Peer Review & Feedback

We integrate all feedback, questions, and commentary received from major media and external experts into our future research ideation, which provides our team new avenues to thoroughly cover the topics at hand.

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Buy Now, Pay Later: More than 1 in 4 Americans Currently Using BNPL Services

1 in 4 Americans Currently Using BNPL Services

Jon McDonald

By: Jon McDonald

Jon McDonald
Jon McDonald

Jon McDonald brings more than 15 years of journalism expertise to Informing financial consumers about emerging trends and companies making an impact in the industry, Jon is most knowledgeable in the areas of budgeting, credit card rewards, and responsible credit use; he strives to bring that experience to readers worldwide. Jon has a passion for writing and editing, and his articles have appeared in publications produced by The New York Times.

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Edited by: Ashley Fricker

Ashley Fricker
Ashley Fricker

Ashley Fricker has more than a decade of experience as a finance contributor and editor, and has specialized in the credit card industry since 2015. Her credit card commentary is featured on national media outlets that include CNBC, MarketWatch, Investopedia, and Reader's Digest, among many others. She has worked closely with the world’s largest banks and financial institutions, up-and-coming fintech companies, and press and news outlets to curate comprehensive content and media. Ashley holds a bachelor's degree in multimedia journalism from Florida Atlantic University.

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Reviewed by: Andrew Allen

Andrew Allen
Andrew Allen

For nearly 20 years, Andrew has worked for financial institutions ranging from regional investment organizations to some of the largest banks in the world. At Wells Fargo, Andrew was a Consultant within the Insight and Innovation division. A graduate of the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business, Andrew’s goal has been promoting personal financial wellness and solid money decisions.

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The growing popularity of Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) services has revolutionized online shopping. BNPL allows consumers to split the cost of a purchase into smaller installments, typically... read more »

99% of Consumers Rely on Online Reviews Before Making Purchases

99% of Consumers Read Online Reviews Before Purchasing

By: Jon McDonald 5/2/2024

As an online consumer, purchasing a product with so many similar options available in... read more »

7 in 10 Americans Believe the U.S. Is Becoming a Cashless Society

7 in 10 Believe America Is Becoming a Cashless Society

By: Jon McDonald 5/1/2024

Cash is king, as the age-old adage proclaims. Nothing beats cash in hand when it... read more »

54% of Americans Would Trade Digital Privacy for a Debt-Free Life

54% Would Trade Digital Privacy for a Debt-Free Life

By: Jon McDonald 4/30/2024

In an era where Americans face unprecedented credit card debt of $1.13 trillion, the... read more »

Survey: Americans Underestimate Their Credit Scores by 35 Points on Average 

Consumers Underestimate Credit Scores by 35 Points

By: Jon McDonald 3/29/2024

A recent survey conducted by has lifted the curtain on a stark reality:... read more »

About 20% of Americans Trust ChatGPT to Review Their Income Taxes

1 in 5 Americans Trust ChatGPT to Review Their Taxes

By: Jon McDonald 3/21/2024

Generative AI tools such as ChatGPT have created another means of obtaining financial... read more »

27% of Americans Plan to Open a New Credit Card This Year & Most Want Cash Back

27% of Americans Plan to Open a New Credit Card in 2024

By: Jon McDonald 2/15/2024

Nearly 600 million credit card accounts recorded in the US as 2023 closed, and the... read more »

Media Opportunities & Commentary

Our studies are covered regularly by major publications around the world. Contact our experts any time for media opportunities and additional commentary on any of our team's original research pieces.

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Over 130 Million Americans Suffer From Unmanageable Money Stress

130+ Million Americans Suffer From Money-Related Stress

By: Ashley Fricker 2/6/2024

In a groundbreaking survey conducted recently, we reached out to 3,000 Americans from... read more »

People in These 10 Cities Were Most Motivated to Pay Off Card Debt in 2023, According to Google

Cities Motivated to Pay Off Card Debt in 2023

By: Mike Senecal 12/8/2023

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s Q3 Household Debt and Credit Report found that... read more »

38% of Americans Expect to Carry Holiday Shopping Credit Card Debt into the New Year

38% of Americans Expect to Rack Up Holiday Card Debt

By: Ashley Fricker 11/17/2023

Of the survey participants who expect to carry card debt, 78% said they hope to pay... read more »

37% of Cardholders Have Recently Fallen Behind on Credit Card Payments, Survey Finds

Cardholders are Falling Behind on Payments

By: Marcie Geffner 11/1/2023

Making your credit card payment on time every month is one of the best things you can... read more »

58% of Parents Admit to Spending More on One Kid Than Their Other Children

2023 Holiday Shopping Survey Results

By: Ashley Fricker 10/27/2023’s annual holiday survey also finds that only 1 in 5 consumers say they... read more »

13 Underrated Travel Destinations to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

13 Underrated and Affordable Travel Destinations

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After enduring long and uncertain pandemic quarantines and shutdowns, Americans have... read more »