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Accept Credit Cards Provides Low-Cost Card Processing Services With Live, U.S.-Based Support

Accept Credit Cards Provides Low Cost Processing Services
Mike Senecal

Written by: Mike Senecal

Mike Senecal
Mike Senecal

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In a Nutshell: Credit card processors may struggle to differentiate themselves in a constantly evolving marketplace. Yet Accept Credit Cards appeals to merchants nationwide with its low prices, robust technology, and live U.S.-based customer support. Merchants appreciate the firm’s emphasis on personalized onboarding, cost savings, problem-solving, and PCI compliance to keep payment systems serving customers. Steadfast top-to-bottom customer service makes Accept Credit Cards an industry leader and a seamless choice for growth-minded merchants interested in maintaining stable card-processing relationships.

Although holdouts still exist, most merchants acknowledge the advantages of accepting credit cards. Sure, card networks live off the interchange fees merchants ultimately pay, but there’s little argument against respecting consumers’ preferred payment methods.

Anything merchants can do to reduce friction at the point of sale is good, and that includes accepting credit cards.

Problems arise when it’s time for merchants to choose among many possible card processing solutions. Digital transformation has undoubtedly impacted the transaction process, and options abound.

Accept Credit Cards logo

That’s what makes Accept Credit Cards a breath of fresh air in the card processing industry. Nationwide, small-business merchants in retail, mobile, medical, and other sectors consider Accept Credit Cards a go-to solution in a crowded marketplace.

Accept Credit Cards cuts through the clutter with a straightforward approach to sales and service that builds trust and keeps systems doing what they’re supposed to do. Merchants can go back to doing what they do best when they make the executive decision to welcome the Accept Credit Cards team to their team.

“Our customer service is all U.S.-based and live, seven days a week — we don’t let outside companies do our service for us,” said Brian Danzig, President of Accept Credit Cards. “What sets us apart is we handle everything in-house, from onboarding to programming, installation, and customer service.”

Support is always just a phone call away. Cost is always a factor, and Accept Credit Cards doesn’t disappoint there, either.

“If you’re already accepting credit cards, you’ll save when you go with us,” Danzig said.

Onboarding Emphasizes Personalization and Savings

Unlike card processing companies that seem to disappear once a client has signed the contract, Accept Credit Cards is always in it for the long haul. The company started in 1988. Danzig and his colleague, Matt Hartley, took over from the original owner in 2020. With Hartley in the CEO role managing product and Danzig in the president’s chair in charge of sales and marketing, it’s been full steam ahead at Accept Credit Cards ever since.

“We’re based in the DC metro area, but we serve merchants in every state,” Danzig said.

Each one gets the team’s full attention. Onboarding conversations start with an investigation. Reps at Accept Credit Cards query prospects about how they envision their card processing solution working in the field.

Accept Credit Cards retail customers
Retails turn to Accept Credit Cards to expand the payment types they can accept.

That’s an especially creative process when the merchant is new to credit card processing. But Accept Credit Cards brings an innovative spirit to conversations even when prospects have  accepted cards for years or decades.

The Accept Credit Cards store presents popular hardware and software options for card processing retail, mobile, medical, and other transactions. Onboarding conversations extend to financial understanding and cost considerations.

“We try to save customers at least 10% of what they’re currently paying,” Danzig said.

The application process can occur entirely online, with the Accept Credit Cards rep emailing an agreement, obtaining specs, sending out hardware, and following up for setup and testing. The key to successful onboarding is getting customers up and running seamlessly and being there to walk them through any pain points. Card processing isn’t a solution if it causes problems.

“We help them get everything set up, go through all the instructions on how to use it, test it with them, and then go from there,” Danzig said.

Service and Solutions Provide Continuity and Quality

About 100 reps at Accept Credit Cards are out in the field making their case on any given day. Onboarding often signals the beginning of an ongoing business connection. Accept Credit Cards encourages stable service relationships.

“It’s perfectly fine with us when a customer wants to continue working with the rep who brought them on board,” Danzig said. “We want to make them comfortable.”

The same is true in the opposite direction. For example, customers receive a referral opportunity when they bring new business to Accept Credit Cards. Customers earn $50 for every company they refer that begins using Accept Credit Cards as a processing service.

Accept Credit Cards mobile solutions
Mobile solutions provide flexibility at the point of sale.

Security and compliance are priorities. Merchants who fail to nail down their annual PCI compliance check risk losing business. Accept Credit Cards reps keep customers informed about that annual obligation, which the company performs for free.

Hardware and software solutions run the gamut but concentrate on quality. Accept Credit Cards deploys many PAX products, including the PAX S80 EMV + NFC, an innovative EMV- and NFC-capable card terminal focused on reliability and speed.

Mobile solutions include the Clover® Flex, which can process EMV, magstripe, and contactless payments. Restaurant customers often prefer Clover products. Accept Credit Cards prefers NMI and as gateways for website and virtual payments. Onboarding conversations drill down to the right solutions mix from a cost/benefit and ROI perspective.

Pricing then becomes about ensuring a fit on both sides. Accept Credit Cards helps customers gain comfort through tiered and various pass-through pricing solutions.

“We have a variety of pricing programs,” Danzig said. “We’re always looking for the best way to save customers money.”

Ongoing Relationships in a Dynamic Industry

Merchant tools on the Accept Credit Cards website include a virtual terminal for in-person and key-entered transactions, recurring billing, electronic invoicing, and integrations with hundreds of third-party shopping carts and software systems.

Customers receive free and secure access to statements, batch and transaction information, and other metrics. The company provides login access to various dashboards and gateway portals.

Site resources include FAQs, customer testimonials, training materials, and other valuable tools and information. Accept Credit Cards produces a blog and maintains a glossary. The team is always available to provide insights and support in these and many other ways.

Price stability is a tradition at Accept Credit Cards. The company hasn’t raised rates in years. Danzig said customers can be sure that reps won’t try to pull the pricing rug out from under them.

Accept Credit Cards medical solutions
Solutions for medical businesses can include automatic billing.

“Quiet price increases are widespread in our industry — in fact, I think most processors tend to do that,” Danzig said. “It’s not a good look when merchants find out they’ve been taken advantage of.”

Live U.S.-based support is the trump card, however. Many card processors outsource support to vendors, which means different levels of commitment depending on the approach they take to customer service. That creates an inconsistency that doesn’t build trust.

As any customer would expect, Accept Credit Cards works closely with its vendors to ensure product mastery. It also forges industry partnerships to bring the best possible experience to customers.

But when someone picks up the phone on the other end of the line, customers know that person receives a paycheck from Accept Credit Cards. The bottom-line is that Accept Credit Cards builds relationships busy small-business merchants can count on in an industry characterized by ongoing change.

“We want our customers to think of us as their partner in their business,” Danzig said. “We’re here to make things easier and help them grow.”