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10 Best Apps for Managing Card Rewards in 2023

10 Best Apps For Managing Card Rewards In 2023
Mike Senecal

Written by: Mike Senecal

Mike Senecal
Mike Senecal

Mike Senecal draws on more than 20 years of editorial experience to update readers on industry trends, business news, and best practices in budgeting and credit use. Mike has worked for decades in academic and trade publishing, including roles as managing editor and technical editor at the University of Florida and as contributor to finance industry publications, including Surety Bond Quarterly and Independent Agent, among others. Mike holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of South Carolina, and he enjoys bringing his years of academic and industry expertise online to help consumers of diverse financial backgrounds.

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Edited by: Lillian Guevara-Castro

Lillian Guevara-Castro
Lillian Guevara-Castro

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Editor's Best Apps for Managing Card Rewards

In the right consumer’s hands, card rewards can contribute substantial extra funds and perks to make life — wait for it — more rewarding.

But it’s hard to take advantage of what you have coming to you if you’re managing several reward programs and constantly questioning which card is the best to use in a given situation.

We compiled this merit-based list of the 10 best apps for managing card rewards to help. There are tools here to fit many priorities and styles, so dig in and find the one that’s right for you.


#1 App for Managing Rewards

MaxRewards logo

MaxRewards tracks card, airline, and hotel rewards in a stylish, easy-to-use package. It’s a great time- and stress-saver when your goal is to get the maximum value from your cards.

It automatically activates cash back offers, rewards, and quarterly bonus categories and intelligently recommends the best card for nearby merchants.

Why We Love MaxRewards

When you’re on a small screen, you can easily lose track of what you’re doing. We love that MaxRewards creates a seamless view of rewards, offers, balances, limits, scores, and utilizations.

Since the aim is to simplify, we appreciate that MaxRewards goes out of its way to do just that.

Key Stats

  • # Android reviews: 1.6K
  • Average Android rating: 3.8
  • # iOS reviews: 10.6K
  • Average iOS rating: 4.6


#1 App for Auto-Activated Offers

Uthrive logo

Uthrive works as an app and browser extension, so it’s as flexible as you need it to be when managing card rewards.

It’s easy to track rewards and cash back and find the next card to use at millions of local and national merchants.

Why We Love Uthrive

Uthrive’s not-so-secret sauce is auto-activation, which pushes statement credits and cash back directly into your accounts as you make purchases.

It’s a convenient implementation of technology to help shoppers do what they do best while saving significant amounts of money.

Key Stats

  • # Android reviews: 215
  • Average Android rating: 4.0
  • # iOS reviews: 170
  • Average iOS rating: 4.6

Travel Freely

#1 App for Travel Points and Miles

Travel Freely logo

Travel points and miles are like a universe of savings, but managing when trying to have fun is challenging.

Travel Freely is all about using your cards to get where you want to go in style. It has a free guide to maximize points and miles and offers personalized rewards credit card recommendations.

Why We Love Travel Freely

One of the coolest things about the app is it lets you set travel goals and informs you about available rewards card opportunities.

You can go out and get those rewards and still take the journey you want to take.

Key Stats

  • # Android reviews: 514
  • Average Android rating: 4.9
  • # iOS reviews: 2.2K
  • Average iOS rating: 5.0


#1 App for Managing Loyalty Programs

AwardWallet logo

Once you start getting into rewards and loyalty programs, the benefits are apparent, but so are the challenges. AwardWallet is excellent at pulling everything together in one place.

The app will let you manage travel plans, better understand your card spending, learn which cards work best with which merchants, and monitor points transfers from bank to airline accounts.

Why We Love AwardWallet

AwardWallet works with more than 660 loyalty programs, covering all the bases and juggling all the balls.

We can count on the app to stay abreast of the ever-changing world of loyalty programs and keep our saving goals in mind.

Key Stats

  • # Android reviews: 2.04K
  • Average Android rating: 4.2
  • # iOS reviews: 2.6K
  • Average iOS rating: 4.8


#1 App for Power Users


CardPointers+ is pretty darn close to having a human card rewards guide in your pocket. For example, an AutoPilot feature uses location services to show you the best cards and offers at nearby stores.

You can even point your camera at a store and learn about the rewards and offers inside. That’s pretty cool!

Why We Love CardPointers

The app also lets you browse nearby stores and prospect for rewards, search for the best cards and offers, and use Ask Siri to investigate opportunities when you’re curious.

Many other features make this app a go-to if a big part of the fun of shopping is saving through earning rewards.

Key Stats

  • # Android reviews: 292
  • Average Android rating: 4.6
  • # iOS reviews: 4,700
  • Average iOS rating: 4.7


#1 App for Automated Advice


Waly is relatively new on the scene, but it packs some great features and includes a browser extension for when you’re not on your phone.

For example, when you enable location services in the app, it automatically identifies the right card to use wherever you happen to be.

Why We Love Waly

Part of the challenge of rewards is that card issuers and loyalty providers are constantly changing the rules of the game.

Waly uses advanced artificial intelligence to keep users up to date with the latest and greatest offers.

Key Stats

  • # Android reviews: n/a
  • Average Android rating: n/a
  • # iOS reviews: 21
  • Average iOS rating: 4.4


#1 App for Rewarding Timely Payments

Tally logo

You need to achieve a few milestones before you get to the level where you’re successfully managing card rewards, and one of them is building a history of on-time, interest-free payments.

Otherwise, you’re spinning your wheels in the savings and earnings game. Tally lets you do both simultaneously by setting you up with a lower-APR credit line to pay off higher-interest cards.

Why We Love Tally

It’s a recipe for rewards success when you have Tally working for you as an organizer. It monitors balances, interest rates, and due dates and makes the right payments at the right time.

Saving while putting yourself in a position to succeed further down the road is a win-win.

Key Stats

  • # Android reviews: 5.96K
  • Average Android rating: 3.2
  • # iOS reviews: 19.8K
  • Average iOS rating: 4.5

TripIt Pro

#1 App for Travel Rewards


Saving on travel is the ultimate goal for many who pursue card rewards, and TripIt Pro is an ideal tool to combine a love of travel with a love of saving money.

It contains all the great travel features of the basic app, such as cross-device itineraries and travel document storage, plus a points tracker for monitoring and deploying rewards.

Why We Love TripIt Pro

Many details are involved in turning a booking experience into lasting travel memories. TripIt Pro reduces the chance that something unexpected will happen to spoil your journey.

Plus, it keeps you in the loop regarding the advantages your card rewards strategy brings. It’s a two-for-one deal.

Key Stats

  • # Android reviews: 76.9K
  • Average Android rating: 4.7
  • # iOS reviews: 10.6K
  • Average iOS rating: 4.6

Kudos Boost

#1 App for Multiplying Rewards


Kudos matches card rewards and points to purchasing opportunities, and with Kudos Boost, users gain 2X rewards at participating merchants.

Whether you’re using the iOS app or the Chrome browser extension, Kudos Boost turns enticing rewards offers into significant extra cash.

Why We Love Kudos Boost

Boost makes earning extra cash easy by using location services to automatically notify users when 2X earnings are available.

Users may also browse Kudos Boost partners within the app or extension to target savings. Imagine turning a 3% reward into a 6% payout, and you’ll understand why the app is well worth your attention.

Key Stats

  • # Chrome reviews: 264
  • Average Chrome rating: 4.8
  • # iOS reviews: ‎1,018
  • Average iOS rating: 4.5


#1 App for Budgeting with Rewards


YNAB (You Need a Budget) is a leading app that helps discipline spending. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to understand a disciplined budget is necessary to take full advantage of card rewards.

YNAB is a superior budgeting app for rewards buffs because it incorporates routines to handle statement credits, refunds, and cash back rewards as part of the budgeting process.

Why We Love YNAB

The app understands the significance of cash back rewards by treating them as new income to spend as you see fit. Statement credits, on the other hand, reduce the amount you owe.

Great apps do several things simultaneously without confusing users, and YNAB easily handles the complexities of integrating rewards into budgets.

Key Stats

  • # Android reviews: 15.8K
  • Average Android rating: 4.7
  • # iOS reviews: 47.2K
  • Average iOS rating: 4.8

Rewards express the desire of card companies to do business with you. If you play your “cards” right, substantial money and perks are right around the corner.

We’re glad we can help with this handy 10-best list of great rewards apps.