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Sunday, July 14, 2024

10 Best Up-and-Coming Finance Bloggers for 2024

10 Best Up And Coming Finance Bloggers For 2024
Andrew Allen

Written by: Andrew Allen

Andrew Allen
Andrew Allen

For nearly 20 years, Andrew has worked for financial institutions ranging from regional investment organizations to some of the largest banks in the world. At Wells Fargo, Andrew was a Consultant within the Insight and Innovation division. A graduate of the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business, Andrew’s goal has been promoting personal financial wellness and solid money decisions. As a Staff Writer for CardRates, Andrew seeks to inform readers of solutions to help them on their path to financial freedom.

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Edited by: Lillian Guevara-Castro

Lillian Guevara-Castro
Lillian Guevara-Castro

Lillian Guevara-Castro brings more than 30 years of editing and journalism experience to the CardRates team. She has written and edited for major news organizations, including The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the New York Times, and she previously served as an adjunct journalism instructor at the University of Florida. Today, Lillian edits all CardRates content for clarity, accuracy, and reader engagement.

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Reaching your financial goals is possible without winning the lottery or inventing the next must-have app. By practicing sound financial habits, you can take steps today to build a financially healthy future.

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Learning personal finance skills takes time and effort, but it’s worth it. We all hope to retire one day, and researching how to manage our money helps make goals such as retirement attainable. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to learn personal finance on your own. The internet contains an abundance of financial advice that can steer you in the right direction. This list of the 10 best up-and-coming finance bloggers highlights names to keep an eye on for personal finance advice and education. 

Katie Gatti Tassin from Money with Katie

#1 Blog for Financial Independence

Katie Gatti Tassin’s obsession with personal finance led her to leave her job in corporate America to devote herself full time to her money management blog, Money with Katie.

Money with Katie logo

Katie’s blog covers various personal finance topics, and she also hosts a weekly podcast devoted to money concerns. Katie sends a weekly financial newsletter to her more than 170,000 subscribers.

Why We Love Katie

Personal finance can be a dry topic, but Katie covers complicated subject matter with a spirit of whimsy that makes her blog a joy to read.

Katie and her team update the blog weekly to keep timely advice in front of readers. Katie’s fans can look forward to her upcoming book, “Rise of the Rich Girls,” which will examine the relationship between women and money.

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Ed from Educator FI

#1 Blog for Educators

Educator FI logo

You don’t have to work around the clock or limit yourself to professional opportunities that pay six-figure salaries to achieve financial independence. Ed from Educator FI forged his path to financial freedom while working as a public educator.

Ed’s blog aims to show others how they can build wealth while working in careers that are meaningful to them. Educators can also access tips for advancing their careers from Educator FI.

Why We Love Ed

Some personal finance experts tout a strategy focused on earning as much as you can as fast as possible. It’s refreshing to learn that you don’t have to forsake a career dedicated to helping others to become financially independent.

Educator FI also features stories from other educators detailing their financial and professional experiences.

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Anna Barker from Logical Dollar

#1 Blog for Side Hustles

If you love your work but your salary doesn’t allow you to reach your financial goals, don’t quit your job just yet. Anna Barker’s blog, Logical Dollar, details side hustles you can pursue to earn extra cash in your downtime.

Logical Dollar logo

Anna writes about side hustles to suit various interests, including ways to earn money traveling or while lounging on your couch.

Why We Love Anna

Anna practices what she preaches. She graduated from law school with $60,000 of debt but used her financial know-how to grow a sizable investment portfolio and become debt-free by her early 30s.

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Martina Allen from Stack Your Dollars

#1 Blog for Budgeting

Stack Your Dollars logo

The best offense is often a good defense. Though most frequently used in relation to football, this adage also applies to personal finance. It doesn’t matter how much money you make if you haven’t learned how to hang on to it.

Martina Allen writes about budgeting tips on her blog, Stack Your Dollars, to help readers grow and defend their net worth from frivolous spending and financial miscues.

Why We Love Martina

Martina is a financial coach and an innovator saver. She saved more than $10,000 in two years from the money she earned while working her first part-time job.

Martina’s practical tips cover life’s unique challenges, including saving money while living in a city with a high cost of living.

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Maria from Handful of Thoughts

#1 Blog for Moms

New mothers can feel pressed for time. Life doesn’t slow down just because you have a newborn baby to take care of. But Maria from Handful of Thoughts and a mother herself helps women with children adopt financial practices that can save them time and money.

Handful of Thoughts logo

Maria delves into the psychological aspects of personal finance to help mothers make money decisions that work for them and their children.

Why We Love Maria

Maria helps women with children understand the power of being debt-free. Maria used a systemic approach to pay her mortgage in full in less than five years.

Maria’s blog also features stories about motherhood, which she describes as the best job in the world.

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Christopher Alarcon from Financially Well Off

#1 Blog for Building Wealth

If you think the only way to achieve financial independence is to eat ramen noodles by candlelight for the rest of your life, you should check out Christoper Alarcon’s blog, Financially Well Off.

Financially Well Off logo

Christopher started Financially Well Off in 2023 to help others learn how to build wealth while living a fulfilling life. 

Why We Love Christopher

Christopher’s blog highlights ways to become affluent. Christopher tackles unique topics, including tips for becoming a millionaire and passive ways to build wealth, that are attractive to those who appreciate the finer things in life.

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Rebecca Hunter from The Loaded Pig

#1 Blog for Money Management

The Loaded Pig logo

Rebecca Hunter started The Loaded Pig in her mid-20s after realizing how reluctant people can be to talk about their personal financial situations. The Loaded Pig takes a comprehensive approach to addressing sound money management practices. The site’s content is helpful to money novices and experts alike.

Why We Love Rebecca

Rebecca uses relatable language to cover complex topics and offers guides to those at the outset of their journey to better money management. 

The Loaded Pig also features tales of financial regret, allowing readers to learn from the mistakes of others.

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Bella Wanana

#1 Blog for Frugal Living

If you equate frugality with a lack of fun, consider reading Bella Wanana’s blog. Bella uses ingenuity to detail for readers how frugal living can be fun and adventurous.

Bella Wanana logo

Bella’s blog outlines how readers can exercise frugality while pursuing various activities and interests, including healthy eating, enjoying a summer day, and even planning a wedding.

Why We Love Bella

Bella is a Chartered Professional Accountant, so she knows how the numbers work. In addition to sharing how readers can have fun while saving money, Bella engages with her readers through entertaining financial topics such as analyzing celebrities’ net worths.

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Jonathan Sanchez from Parent Portfolio

#1 Blog for Parents

Parent Portfolio logo

Building wealth isn’t just about stockpiling enough money to do whatever you want in life; it can also be about leaving an inheritance for your children. Jonathan Sanchez and his wife, Jacqueline, run the Parent Portfolio blog for readers interested in building generational wealth by investing in real estate.

Why We Love Jonathan

Jonathan and Jacqueline are parents and successful real estate investors. They share their experiences to help readers acquire the mindset necessary for building wealth.

The Parent Portfolio also offers a course for parents interested in bolstering their family’s financial future via real estate investing. 

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The Money Sloth

#1 Blog for Economic Insights

An anonymous economist with a background advising Congressional and White House staff is behind The Money Sloth, a blog devoted to personal finance. 

The Money Sloth logo

In addition to drilling down into common money topics such as saving and investing, The Money Sloth educates readers on topical economic issues. The Money Sloth incorporates graphs and charts into educational posts to help make complex topics easily understandable.

Why We Love The Money Sloth

The economist running The Money Sloth is transparent about their journey to financial freedom, and they regularly post updates on their financial status.

The Money Sloth’s founder grew their net worth by more than $160,000 from July 2020 through December 2023.

Key Stats

Whether you consider yourself a personal finance expert or you’re just getting started on acquiring financial knowledge, it can help to lean on the wisdom of others.

This list of up-and-coming finance bloggers includes money gurus from various backgrounds and financial situations. Each blog provides advice that can position you for financial success. Explore these resources and find one that suits you, or better yet, take some advice from each one!