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Pinnacle Credit Repair Rapidly Optimizes Scores Through Its Advanced AI System

Pinnacle Credit Repair Rapidly Optimizes Scores Through Its Advanced Ai System
Sean Roderick

Written by: Sean Roderick

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In a Nutshell: Many credit score businesses offer quick processing times, but few are as effective as Pinnacle Credit Repair. The company offers two service options — Fast Track Elite or personally contracting Pinnacle’s CEO, Andre Nguyen. Both programs provide above average credit services, and Fast Track Elite offers an average 40% deletion ratio within the first 15 days of service — outpacing most industry competitors. Pinnacle also offers the unique feature of including a credit monitoring service with its programs. And customers are provided multiple lender connections through the company’s credit mentors.

When it comes to credit repair and credit building, many companies offer similar guarantees, but few can fully deliver on those promises or stand out among the crowd. For most customers, timing is critical to their credit disputes and they need services that are fully reliable.

One of the few companies that outperforms its competitors in a number of categories is Pinnacle Credit Repair. And its Founder and CEO, Andre Nguyen, understands what customers care about the most.

Pinnacle Credit Repair logo banner

Nguyen started out as a web designer and marketer, and one of his clients worked in the credit repair industry. When dissatisfied customers of that company approached Nguyen for help directly, Nguyen took the opportunity to solve their issues and began to learn about best practices for credit repair.

Once Nguyen started Pinnacle Credit Repair in 2010, the business took off rapidly, and after pivoting from a brick-and-mortar business to working exclusively online, operations have been very successful. “We’ve pretty much perfected the process of credit repair,” said Nguyen.

As part of its marketing strategy, Pinnacle is primarily focused on working with clients who have urgent, time-limited goals.

Nguyen said that in the credit repair industry, there are arbitrages that only want to get customers to pay small monthly fees. In doing so, they operate at a slower pace, which inevitably increases payments over time.

“We wanted to focus on the most difficult of files to work on and work with people that have serious goals,” said Nguyen.

That approach has taken away from the company’s opportunity to gain exposure on social media. But even though Pinnacle Credit Repair is smaller than its competitors, Nguyen said its quality of services is quicker and more effective.

A Fast, Efficient Way to Repair Credit

Pinnacle’s major advantage over other credit repair companies is that it uses a proprietary artificial intelligence software program to analyze disputes and find solutions quickly and efficiently.

“We’ll never share our methods on how it really works. But essentially, it just looks at all the public, private, and internal data that we have of strategies that have worked and are effective,” said Nguyen.

The company has two main pricing options. Customers can either choose Fast Track Elite, or contract Nguyen to personally handle their credit issues.

Fast Track Elite is priced at $299 for enrollment and $99 per month until reports are fully cleaned up. This program has an average 40% deletion ratio within the first 15 days and a 120-day satisfaction guarantee.

Fast Track Elite uses A.C.A.T. (Automatic Credit Analytic Technology), which employs the company’s proprietary AI, and will dispute every credit repair round immediately to get fast results. The service also includes a mentorship credit builder course to help clients protect their credit.

For clients who wish to personally hire Nguyen, quotes range from a one-time payment of between $1,000 and $3,000. This is a better option for those with many negative items who need rapid results. By working directly with Nguyen, clients typically see an 80% deletion of negative items within their first month.

Engaging Nguyen’s personal service means he writes all the disputes himself and sends them using Pinnacle’s A.C.A.T. system to dispute every negative account until each one is written off.

Nguyen also said that Pinnacle is much faster than its competitors because they typically make dispute submissions to the credit bureaus by mail, whereas Pinnacle has direct online links with the bureaus to cut down on the process time. “We have connections with the bureaus that can basically prioritize these disputes using our experience and our technology,” said Nguyen.

What Clients Can Typically Expect

Pinnacle Credit Report takes a traditional approach to onboard clients. “We don’t have a sales team. I don’t believe in selling people,” said Nguyen.

The company doesn’t do cold calls or take incoming calls. If a prospective client calls the company phone number, it will redirect them to an automated response system. Nguyen said some people may criticize him for that, but he said it is just his style of operating the business.

“That could hinder the onboarding process because we’re not eager to close and sell people. But we leave it to them to make their decision. So the onboarding process would be through the website,” said Nguyen.

Photo of Pinnacle Credit Repair Founder and CEO, Andre Nguyen
Andre Nguyen, Founder and CEO of Pinnacle Credit Repair

People simply need to go to the website and submit their information. Then a copy of their report will automatically go into A.C.A.T. and instantly create a winning dispute for them. And the whole process takes a little under a minute to complete.

If a client were to hire Nguyen, he would directly communicate with them and discuss their credit issues over the phone. Using his expertise and the A.C.A.T. system, Nguyen would then finish the processing himself.

At Pinnacle, the typical client is someone who is dealing with a serious dispute and needs results as fast as possible. Those going through a divorce, an accident of some kind, or who have to refinance a mortgage are common examples.

“Typically it’s definitely goal oriented because that is the heart of our businesses — time. Time is of the essence,” said Nguyen. “They’re looking to get something done quick, and there’s always a good reason why.”

“They have a goal, and they’re looking to get stuff done yesterday.”

Helping Customers Understand the Bureaus

What Nguyen would like to help clients understand is that the credit bureaus operate on a different level than those trying to repair their credit. And even though Pinnacle Credit Repair offers a very effective service, it doesn’t stop the bureaus from delaying the processing of disputes.

For Nguyen, it’s a constant battle to give clients the service they deserve and get disputes corrected with the bureaus with as little friction as possible.

“During our dispute process, there’s going to be a threshold where things aren’t really moving, and the type of feedback we would get from the bureaus is counterintuitive and to what we know here internally,” said Nguyen.

He said this tactic can, understandably, scare clients because they may call Nguyen when a dispute is not going through. They tell him that a dispute was required to go through a third party, and when the client calls the third party for verification, nothing happens.

Nguyen said that is just a way to discourage people from repairing their credit, and it happens all the time.

“It’s a machine that’s so archaic that it takes the dispute and just marks it as frivolous, erroneous, or (an) unauthorized third party,” said Nguyen. “It’s a vetting mechanism, and the government does it too.”

Nguyen said that if someone were to dispute directly and make a complaint against a creditor for some financial crime, the same derailment would essentially occur.