The Ultimate Guide to Credit Cards
Sunday, May 26, 2024
Sean Roderick
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As a full-time contributor to, Sean brought years of experience copyediting and providing constructive feedback on complex corporate financial documents. His primary areas of expertise include eCommerce, corporate investment, and consumer financial literacy. He believes everyone, regardless of current credit status, can benefit from expanding their financial knowledge.

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Jeenie Language Interpretation App Revolutionizes Business Travel With On-Demand Access

Jeenie Language Interpreters Aid With Business Travel

When travelers need to communicate in a foreign language, they usually rely on... read more »

Sean Roderick 5/24/2023
Fundid Helps Underserved Businesses Achieve Growth With Grant and Capital Opportunities

Fundid Helps Underserved Businesses Find Funding

Many small businesses, especially female-owned operations, have difficulty with... read more »

Sean Roderick 5/1/2023
Sezzle Helps Empower Consumers with Buy Now Pay Later Capability and Credit-Building Features

Sezzle Offers Split Payments and Credit Building

Sezzle is a fintech company that offers Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) and... read more »

Sean Roderick 4/24/2023
Young Americans Center for Financial Education Gives Youths Real-Life Experiences In Banking

Young Americans Center Offers Youth Finance Training

Parents looking for an immersive introduction into banking and finance for their... read more »

Sean Roderick 4/17/2023
In The Midst Of Revitalization, Texas Memorial Museum Relies on Card Donations For Support

Texas Memorial Museum Supported By Card Donations

The Texas Memorial Museum is a great destination for those who want to learn about... read more »

Sean Roderick 4/12/2023
Choice Bank Puts People First By Prioritizing Financial Education and Community Outreach Programs

Choice Bank Puts People First By Prioritizing Outreach

Choice Bank is a community bank striving to help others through community outreach... read more »

Sean Roderick 4/5/2023
SoloSuit Helps Clients Respond To and Settle Debt Lawsuits by Using Automated Tools and Resources

SoloSuit Simplifies the Response to Debt Lawsuits

Millions of Americans face debt collection lawsuits every year and are summoned to... read more »

Sean Roderick 3/29/2023
Juno Negotiates Group Lending To Help Students Save Money On Private College Loans

Juno Uses Groups to Negotiate Lower Private Student Loans

As rates for student loans continue to rise, many are discovering how difficult it... read more »

Sean Roderick 3/28/2023
FutureCard Offers Debit Card That Rewards Green Spending and Helps Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

FutureCard Offers Debit Card For Green Initiatives

Some reward cards offer incentives to consume more goods that contribute to climate... read more »

Sean Roderick 3/21/2023
Expensify Streamlines Expense Reporting Through SmartScan Technology and Corporate Credit Cards

Expensify Enables Simplified Expense Reporting

Expensify is a software company that develops an expense management system for... read more »

Sean Roderick 3/8/2023
UPTIQ Broadens Access To Financial Intelligence and Loan Products For Wealth Managers and Advisors

UPTIQ Connects Wealth Managers to Loan Products

UPTIQ connects wealth advisors and their clients to a complete set of financial... read more »

Sean Roderick 2/23/2023
Yubi Offers A Debt Marketplace To Free The Financial Flow Between Borrowers, Lenders, And Investors

Yubi Encourages Growth for Borrowers and Lenders

As the business market continues to expand, the demand for funding becomes hard to... read more »

Sean Roderick 2/22/2023
Human Interest Helps SMBs Attract and Retain Talent with User-Friendly, Affordable Retirement Plans

Human Interest Helps SMBs Provide Retirement Plans

Businesses often struggle to provide retirement benefits to employees, especially... read more »

Sean Roderick 2/15/2023
LoanPro’s Innovative Tech Helps Lenders Improve Performance and Consumers Gain Access

LoanPro’s Winning Tech Aids Both Lenders and Consumers

LoanPro is a loan servicing, management, and collections software company that... read more »

Sean Roderick 2/14/2023
Global Anti-Scam Organization Raises the Alarm on Pig-Butchering Scams and How To Avoid Online Threats

Global Anti-Scam Org Warns Of Online Scamming Trends

Online activity is rife with criminal scams that are becoming more deceptive and... read more »

Sean Roderick 2/8/2023
Mind Money Balance Helps Consumers Forge a Healthier Relationship With Money Through Coaching and Therapy

Mind Money Balance Fosters a Healthy Approach to Money

Unlike traditional therapy, financial therapy targets problems associated with... read more »

Sean Roderick 2/6/2023
Credit Union 1 Recognized for Diversifying Its Membership Base Through University Partnerships

Credit Union 1 Recognized for Its University Partnerships

Credit Union 1 is one of the top-ranked financial cooperatives in the nation... read more »

Sean Roderick 2/1/2023
Smarter Loans Helps Borrowers Make More Informed Decisions Through Reputable Lending Options

Smarter Loans Surfaces Reputable Lending Options

Smarter Loans is an independent lender comparison website that compiles verified... read more »

Sean Roderick 1/30/2023
City National Bank Supports Financial Education Through Engaging Initiatives and Volunteerism

City National Bank Supports Financial Education Initiatives

City National Bank is on a mission not just to provide banking services to its... read more »

Sean Roderick 1/26/2023
Dynamo Software Provides an End-to-End, Configurable Cloud Platform for Alternative Investment Management

Dynamo Software Provides B2B Alt Investing Platform

Dynamo Software is a technology service company that provides a configurable... read more »

Sean Roderick 1/26/2023