The Ultimate Guide to Credit Cards
Saturday, November 26, 2022
Sean Roderick
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As a full-time contributor to, Sean brings years of experience copyediting and providing constructive feedback on complex corporate financial documents. His primary areas of expertise include eCommerce, corporate investment, and consumer financial literacy. He believes everyone, regardless of current credit status, can benefit from expanding their financial knowledge.

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United Plant Savers Promotes Conservation of Native Medicinal Herbs and How Cardholders Can Help

United Plant Savers Promotes Stewardship of Wild Herbs

As over-harvesting and habitat loss put many vital medicinal plant varieties in... read more »

Sean Roderick 11/22/2022
Finix Offers World-Class Payment Processing to Help Software Platforms Grow Revenue

Finix Provides Payment Tech to Software Clients

Businesses that require APIs for payment processing tend to enlist providers that... read more »

Sean Roderick 11/10/2022
FICO Tackles a Recent Rise in Card Skimming Fraud and Suggests How Banks Can Mitigate Disruptions

FICO Tackles a Recent Rise in Card Skimming Fraud

Cases of card skimming are on the upswing at ever-increasing rates. Skimming is one... read more »

Sean Roderick 11/8/2022
FV Bank Aims to Bridge the Traditional Finance Gap for Fintechs and Digital Asset Companies

FV Bank Connects Traditional Banking with Crypto

FV Bank is promoting greater accessibility among channels in the divide between... read more »

Sean Roderick 11/1/2022
Defiance Curates Thematic ETFs to Help Investors Take Advantage of Next-Generation Trends

Defiance: Thematic ETFs Aimed at Emerging Trends

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are a popular form of investment consisting of... read more »

Sean Roderick 11/1/2022
Flexxbuy Drives Sales for Businesses of All Sizes Through Consumer Financing Solutions

Flexxbuy Financing Solutions Drive Sales for Businesses

Customer financing can be a challenge for businesses both large and small. Flexxbuy... read more »

Sean Roderick 10/26/2022
SA Expeditions Offers Private Tours For Travelers Desiring One-of-a-Kind Experiences

SA Expeditions Offers Unique Private Tour Experiences

SA Expeditions provides a travel experience that is both transformational and... read more »

Sean Roderick 10/20/2022
Raisin Bank Breaks Into the Payments Industry with Acquisition from Bankhaus August Lenz

Raisin Bank Enters Payment Industry after Acquisition

Raisin Bank is not only a fronting and service bank with a full banking license but... read more »

Sean Roderick 9/15/2022
Wild Terrains Supports Women-Owned Businesses in Local Economies Through Its Women-Only Group Tours

Women-Only Wild Terrains Supports Local Economies

Women-only group tours are gaining popularity, but many of them are prepackaged and... read more »

Sean Roderick 9/14/2022
Addition Financial Credit Union Elevates Financial Literacy Through Its Community Outreach

Addition Financial Elevates Finlit within Communities

Addition Financial Credit Union is a member-owned cooperative and one of the... read more »

Sean Roderick 8/29/2022
Impulse Curates Impactful Tours and Experiences to Help Card Rewards Travelers Discover Colombia

Impulse Offers Travelers Impactful Colombia Tours

Although Colombia has been mired in internal conflicts for decades, the tourism... read more »

Sean Roderick 8/23/2022
Creative Juice Provides Online Banking, Financing, and Business Tools for Content Creators

Creative Juice Provides Finance Solutions for Creators

Most people who earn a living through content creation, such as on YouTube and... read more »

Sean Roderick 8/18/2022
Responsible Student Loan Repayment Can Be an Effective Strategy for Building a Strong Credit Profile

How Student Loans Can Help Build a Strong Credit Profile

For several years, the student loan crisis in the US, caused by rising tuition... read more »

Sean Roderick 8/17/2022
Thanx Offers Brick-and-Mortar Stores Better Customer Analysis With Enhanced, Data-Driven Engagement

Thanx Drives Customer Loyalty for Brick-and-Mortars

Thanx is a loyalty and guest engagement platform for restaurants and... read more »

Sean Roderick 8/16/2022
Patelco Credit Union Promotes Financial Wellness Through Education Resources and Its ScoreUp™ Credit Builder Loan

Patelco Credit Union Focuses on Financial Well-Being

Patelco Credit Union is a not-for-profit organization operating in Northern... read more »

Sean Roderick 8/16/2022
Diamond Credit Union Promotes Financial Learning with Social Events and an Engaging App Partnership

Diamond Credit Union Fosters Finlit with Engaging Activities

Diamond Credit Union has a long-standing history of providing excellent membership... read more »

Sean Roderick 8/8/2022
Kinly is Looking to Uplift Black Communities through Financial Education and Beneficial Banking Products

Kinly Strives to Uplift Black Communities through Banking

Kinly provides a banking platform dedicated to helping Black communities grow... read more »

Sean Roderick 8/4/2022
C2FO Launches CashFlow+ Card to Help Businesses Earn Rewards For Getting Invoices Paid Faster

C2FO CashFlow+ Card Helps Businesses Get Paid Faster

C2FO is the world’s largest working capital platform that helps companies... read more »

Sean Roderick 8/3/2022
How Card Donations Help the Freedom House Museum Shine a Light on Alexandria’s History of Slavery

How Card Donations Support Freedom House Museum

Freedom House, located in Alexandria, Virginia, began as a holding pen for enslaved... read more »

Sean Roderick 8/3/2022
Patronicity Promotes Transforming Communities Through Its Credit Card ‘Crowdgranting’ Platform

Patronicity Helps Transform Communities Via Granting

Patronicity is a crowdfunding platform dedicated to beautifying outdoor spaces in... read more »

Sean Roderick 8/1/2022