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SavingStar: Earn Cash Back on Groceries & Online Shopping — for FREE!

Savingstar Earn Cash Back On Groceries Online Shopping For Free

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By: Ashley Dull
Updated: October 19, 2020

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In a Nutshell: SavingStaris a brand that provides free digital offers on groceries, allows you to earn cash back at hundreds of online stores, and helps you save even more when you use the SavingStar American Express Card.

Buying groceries and online shopping burns a hole in your wallet. On top of that, using coupons is out of the question because somehow those little clippings get lost, or you forget to print out the week’s sales and deals.

Before throwing in the towel, there’s a free solution for you. SavingStar, a service that helps saves consumers at local grocery stores and more than 800 online stores, gives you access to hundreds of digital savings so you can earn cash back every time you shop. Now that’s what you call easy savings.

“Our mission is really to help anybody — families or individuals — save money on their groceries and now their online shopping as well,” said Josh Grossman, VP Acquisition of Marketing for SavingStar.

Whether you’re shopping for a big family or just yourself, SavingStar provides you with a smart and simple way of saving money and earning cash back, no matter what you’re buying.

SavingStar’s Mission: To Make Every Dollar Count

SavingStar emerged a few years ago from a company called UPromise, a service that helps families save money for college. SavingStar’s technology was actually developed at Upromise, until the company decided to spin out the technology as a separate company so that anybody could save not only for college but also for daily life.

“Anyone can sign up for a free account on or through our mobile app. To save on groceries, you can select any offer and we’ll link it to your store loyalty card for most stores, or you can take a picture of your receipt for select stores. You’ll earn cash back in your account when you purchase the product and redeem the offer,” Grossman said.

SavingStar works in just 3 steps: click, shop, and save!

SavingStar is easy to use: just click, shop and save!

For online shopping, SavingStar offers easy savings at your favorite stores.

“There’s over 800 different online stores in our Cash Back Mall, and we actually pass 100 percent of the commission that SavingStar earns back to our members,” Grossman said.

Through the Cash Back Mall, you can even earn double cash back at sites such as Groupon, Lands’ End and Proflowers every time you shop. Once you save a minimum of $5 in your SavingStar account, you can pick your payout and transfer the money to your bank accounts, PayPal accounts or gift cards.

Shoppers Can Become SavingStar Members For Free

With millions of members, SavingStar caters to individuals and families of all kinds to looking to save money. To register for savings, there’s no need to share your credit card number, and you’ll never be billed.

Signing up at SavingStar

With more than 5 million people, SavingStar caters to individuals and families of all kinds and helps them save money for free.

The benefits don’t stop there. You can also get a SavingStar American Express Card, which helps accelerate your earnings with 10 percent cash back on SavingStar grocery offers, 5 percent cash back on eligible online mall purchases and 1 percent cash back on all other purchases. Unlike other cards, there are no annual fees.

Consumers Save With the “Healthy Offer of the Week” & Freebies

SavingStar’s paperless savings have extensive benefits, including freebies and special weekly offers.

“SavingStar is really easy to use, and there are new grocery offers every week, including a produce offer that gives shoppers 20 percent cash back,” Grossman said. “This particular week it’s for tomatoes, but it could be anything from bananas to broccoli to grapefruit. It just depends on the week.”

SavingStar breaks down how its saving system works

SavingStar has extensive benefits, ranging from not only discounts and loyalty points but also to freebies and special weekly offers.

During each month, SavingStar also offers freebies that members can grab. Depending on what is available at any given time, members can receive anything from free dish liquid to candy bars to baking soda.

There’s A Future Filled With More Savings for Shoppers

SavingStar just introduced “Boost,” a new way for members to advance progress toward some of their goals, which is an extension of the company’s system called One or Many deals. One or Many allows shoppers to purchase products over one or many shopping trips at one or many retailers, and typically you need to spend a certain dollar amount in order to get a large cash back amount, as much as $10 when you buy the required number items. With Boost, you can get the savings faster.

For example, a summer program from Georgia Pacific has the follow offer: Save $5 when you spend $25 on any Dixie® Plates, Dixie Ultra® Plates and Bowls, Vanity Fair® Everyday Design Collection, Mezzetta® Peppers and Olives, Banana Boat® sun care product 3 oz. or larger and Wet Ones® Wipes.  And if you buy Dr. Pepper, you’ll a earn $5 Boost towards the $25 spend requirement.

A photo of how to use SavingStar

The new “boost” system from SavingStar is an extension of “One” or “Many,” which enables even more savings in a shorter period of time.

In essence, members spend a certain dollar amount in order to get a high value reward but can now advance toward that required threshold by buying certain current products. In the future, SavingStar members will also be able to meet their goals faster by watching videos or sharing an email address with a brand.

At SavingStar, it’s all about saving on groceries and retail, so check out weekly offers to cut down your monthly bills.

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