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Keap Creates Complete Business Automation and Payment Tools to Empower Employees and Wow Clients

Keap Complete Business Automation Tools Wow Clients
Mike Senecal

Written by: Mike Senecal

Mike Senecal
Mike Senecal

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In a Nutshell: Outsizing the competition is the name of the game for small businesses. Growth-minded entrepreneurs seek management tools to support their creativity and drive and get the most out of their teams. But tacking on one specialized tool after another can create redundancy and inefficiency. Keap has leveraged integration to become a leading CRM and automation platform for small businesses. With Keap Pay for integrated payment processing, Keap combines marketing, sales, service, and operations automation to help small business owners and managers maximize their potential.

Digital transformation allows small business owners and managers to leverage automation where it works best while maximizing the energy and intention behind the human element.

Keap is a leading small business growth platform integrating marketing, sales, service, and operations automation in a package that has evolved over 20 years to become a market leader.

More than 200,000 growth-minded entrepreneurs have trusted Keap to simplify their paths to success. Integrations and partnerships through Keap help entrepreneurs bring more operations under one umbrella. Keap helps entrepreneurs save time, generate actionable insights, and iterate efficiently to meet future challenges. And that makes for a more delightful customer experience.

Keap logo

With Keap Pay, Keap extends its commitment to payments. Keap Pay streamlines payments by tracking, reporting, and troubleshooting transactions. It also automates payment-related follow-up for deeper insights.

Instead of outsourcing payment support, Keap makes it a part of the seamless service it already provides. Director of Payments Danny Diede said Keap Pay builds on the power of automation to transform payments into a growth engine.

“Your data is inside Keap so that you can see all your payments, deposits, and other information,” Diede said. “You can connect the dots between your business inputs and the actual dollars in your bank account and make those two things work best for your business.”

That’s on top of the already elite-level contributions Keap makes as a sales and marketing CRM with the sensitivity to understand contexts for authentic automation versus human customer and partner interaction.

“Entrepreneurs turn to Keap to make their businesses into something more,” Diede said. “We offer the full gamut of what a business needs to be successful.”

Authenticity Across the Customer Journey

The goal is to keep small businesses serving customers and growing. Small business owners often sacrifice personal time to build from the ground up. Diede said there comes a point where Keap becomes indispensable for future growth.

“Especially in the beginning, you make hard choices and decisions repeatedly,” Diede said. “With Keap, entrepreneurs gain tools and automation to streamline decision-making.”

Sales and marketing automation through Keap begins with its CRM, an all-in-one tool to manage contact details and interactions to generate sales and increase retention.

Keap automates lead capture and helps convert leads through automated follow-up, allowing customers to choose prebuilt templates or build custom solutions. Users control when automated actions begin and end and when humans enter the process.

Keap CRM
Keap is an all-in-one tool to manage contact details and interactions to generate sales and increase retention.

Sales teams close more sales with pipeline management, tracking hot prospects with lead scoring. Analytics provide visibility into sales and marketing performance. Consistency motivates customers to generate referrals, reviews, and repeat business.

Diede said a common concern among small-business entrepreneurs considering Keap is that automation may appear inauthentic or robotic. Keap allows businesses to retain a natural flow across the customer journey. Customers can decide when they think human interaction is warranted, but they can also enable Keap to be the judge.

The ability to take an initial lead through to conversions and repeat business without intervening products or unnecessary human interaction helps the puzzle pieces fit together.

“Our product starts with human interaction when you want it and can replicate it when you don’t, but you want that feeling,” Diede said. “It doesn’t matter where you are in the customer journey when using Keap — you can have those interactions when needed.”

Keap Pay Streamlines the Payment Experience

The Keap CRM includes eCommerce and invoicing solutions. Promo codes leverage platform intelligence to drive new and repeat business with the right offer at the right time. Upsells can increase average order value to maximize revenue.

“Order and checkout forms allow folks to set up a specific buying experience,” Diede said. “Time-specific promo codes enable additional purchasing opportunities to create excitement and drive loyalty.”

Keap also integrates with popular payment processing platforms and more than 5,000 apps via Zapier. Businesses can maintain working connections or connect with a Keap Certified Developer Partner to create custom integrations.

Keap Pay logo

Keap supports the OpenAPI protocol to enable custom integrations beyond the Zapier platform. Many larger Keap customers use OpenAPI to maintain unique niche connections essential to operations.

“It allows them to get even more value from our product,” Diede said.

Diede said the most efficient way to work is to adopt Keap Pay and make payment processing part of the platform. Keap Pay enables businesses to allow their customers to pay on one screen without logging into another provider’s platform.

Financial dashboards track bank deposits, and the platform provides real-time financial reporting on lead-source ROI, sales forecasts, and revenue.

Automation enables follow-up regarding quotes, invoices, and failed payments. Businesses can notify customers about credit card expirations and upcoming payments and instigate campaigns based on payment behavior and abandoned carts.

Payments connect to marketing campaigns to measure effectiveness. Each contact record has an attached payment history. Payments can have segmentation and reporting tags that reveal revenue successes and growth opportunities.

Diede said Keap Pay enables customizable payment plans with financing rates that allow businesses to provide a buy now, pay later experience without negatively impacting revenue generation.

“It allows businesses to offer the same packages for one-time purchases, payment plans, and subscriptions while giving customers the flexibility to buy however they want,” Diede said.

Maximizing the Potential of Business Interactions

Diede said Keap automation is a powerful tool for ensuring small-business owners focus on the right thing at the right time. When processes emerge that seem to need automation, they probably do. A Keap business audit can be a positive first step toward gaining efficiencies through reprioritized workflows.

“We do well with businesses that have a little bit of capital to invest so they can continue to grow and get help when needed,” Diede said.

Danny Diede
Danny Diede is Director of Payments at Keap.

Businesses can choose between various platform functions, but Diede said a piecemeal approach usually leaves potential on the table. Embracing intelligent automation gives entrepreneurs more time to follow their passions and what got them into business in the first place.

“I don’t see us as something that can replace all employees,” Diede said. But we allow you to be more diligent with hiring, value employees more highly, and get the most value out of every dollar you spend.”

That said, repeatable functions and redundancies add up, not just in numbers but management distractions. Reducing noise betters the bottom line and drives innovation.

“Once you get the new automation paths grooved in and working well, you suddenly have time to create new products or maybe a second business,” Diede said.

Diede said Keap works with too many different types of businesses to compute ROI for average implementations. The platform’s flexibility allows entrepreneurs to leverage it in many ways.

Keap Pay improves the likelihood of positive results. Integrated payment processing puts all the tools in one toolbox, creating synergies that a piecemeal approach can’t match.

“When you know what you want the most as a business owner, you can grab that with Keap,” Diede said.