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EBizCharge Recognized for Pioneering Embedded Payment Solutions

Ebizcharge Recognized For Tailored Payments Solutions
Andrew Allen

Written by: Andrew Allen

Andrew Allen
Andrew Allen

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In a Nutshell:  EBizCharge is more than a provider of payments solutions; it listens to businesses to understand their aspirations, challenges, and workflows. EBizCharge’s practice of learning what customers need positions it to recommend products and services that help its customers succeed. Its integration capabilities enable seamless payments processing. CardRates is recognizing EBizCharge with our Editor’s Choice™ Award for its leading payments solution.

EBizCharge is a payment processing application that makes accepting payments more efficient, secure, and affordable for small, mid-size, and enterprise-level businesses. 

Since 2004, EBizCharge has fine-tuned and expanded its payment solutions and services in response to customer feedback, challenges, and unique workflows. 

“When this company was getting started, no one was listening to the payment needs of businesses,” said Steven Wolfson, Vice President of Sales at EBizCharge. “The backbone of EBizCharge is not only listening to merchants and learning what they are struggling with, but then forming solutions to address those problems.” 

EBizCharge now works with the vast majority of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and accounting platforms, as well as customer relationship management (CRM) systems and eCommerce shopping carts.

EBizCharge logo

EBizCharge is known for its award-winning payment software that is developed in-house with no third-party involvement. EBizCharge is heavily invested in UI/UX and is known as an innovator in the payment processing industry. It’s constantly raising the bar with new products, integrations, collection tools, and ways to simplify merchant payments.

In addition to its forward-thinking approach and customized payment integrations, EBizCharge is known for its competitive pricing structure, advanced security enhancements, and in-house support.

“We provide competitive pricing, the highest levels of tokenization and payments security, and world-class customer support,” he added. “But we truly pride ourselves on thinking outside the box of what a traditional credit card processing company can bring to the table. Our mission is to make our customers’ processes more efficient and really add value.”

Customers enjoy working with EBizCharge because they’ve come to appreciate the quality solutions it offers and the expertise and experience it provides, Wolfson said.

Flexibility to Grow Alongside Merchants

Competition was leaner for EBizCharge when the business started in 2004, according to Wolfson. He referred to this period as an empty landscape for companies offering similar services. However, the industry has experienced rapid growth through the first two decades of the 21st century in terms of technological innovations and the capabilities customers began to seek.

EBizCharge has expanded and updated its product offerings and integrated payments suite to service small, mid-size, and enterprise-level businesses to match this growth.

EBizCharge is now one of the largest integrated payment suites on the market in Northern America and Canada, with payment solutions to accounting, ERP, CRM, and eCommerce platforms. Wolfson said EBizCharge has expanded its integration capabilities and now integrates with more than 100 solutions.

Steven Wolfson
Steven Wolfson is EBizCharge’s Vice President of Sales.

EBizCharge has also undergone rigorous qualifications to earn certifications from major ERPs, including Microsoft Dynamics, SAP Business One, Acumatica, and Oracle. To earn these certifications, EBizCharge underwent assessments and quality checks to ensure it fully integrates with and supports the relevant software.

EBizCharge primarily focuses on the business-to-business space and regularly works with manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers, and distributors.

“Our customers are involved in various types of businesses, from automotive companies to medical-supply providers,” Wolfson explained. “We work with any type of business and strive to get to know them and what makes them unique. We find out what their workflow looks like and research trends in their industry. As we learn about their processes, we become better equipped to suggest the services and solutions that will give them the best value.”

Wolfson cautioned that businesses shopping for a payments solutions provider should evaluate the full scope of the provider’s services. Some providers offer one-size-fits-all solutions that may hinder a business’s growth. A business may not currently need comprehensive and sophisticated payments services, but as a business grows, those needs can quickly change.

The sheer number of integrated solutions EBizCharge offers gives its customers the confidence that EBizCharge can provide the payments products necessary to facilitate their growth.

“If you’re a merchant and you’re evaluating companies that provide integrated payments solutions, it’s not just about what you need today,” Wolfson said. “We make it easier for merchants to have flexibility in how they run their business. And we give them flexibility in terms of what types of systems they may move to in the future. EBizCharge is a partner they can grow with.”

Due Diligence Leads to a Better Experience

Wolfson said helping businesses grow and providing their cardholders with solutions they can’t develop independently is what gets him out of bed in the morning.

EBizCharge has a streamlined onboarding process for businesses that need to establish their ability to accept credit card payments quickly. 

“Onboarding times can vary depending on the business’s situation,” he said. “But, for businesses who need to move quickly, we can expedite the process. After going through initial discovery, showing the business the product, and talking through exactly what the relationship between us will look like, we can get them up and running on the program and have it installed and processing payments the next day.”

EBizCharge interface
EBizCharge offers streamlined onboarding processes.

EBizCharge is committed to meeting business needs quickly and accurately. Wolfson said companies with more complex payment processing needs may require more time to establish their services with EBizCharge. The due diligence EBizCharge performs to onboard a new business often leads to a smoother day-to-day experience over the life of the relationship. EBizCharge’s process may take longer than what it takes competitors, Wolfson said, but he believes those efforts will pay dividends for years to come.

“One of the major pain points businesses can experience with their payment processors is that the processors don’t understand them or take the time to get to know them and their business,” Wolfson said. “When a chargeback or dispute inevitably occurs, other payment processors don’t grasp the subtleties of the issue, which can lead to funds being held for days or weeks. EBizCharge is primed to be able to quickly put the merchant in as favorable a position as possible.”

Wolfson’s involvement in several industry-specific associations exemplifies EBizCharge’s belief in understanding its customers. 

Wolfson said many banks and processors don’t understand how companies operate. His position on these boards is simply another way EBizCharge stays current on events and business trends that have the potential to impact its customers’ clientele.

EBizCharge Continues to Expand into New Markets

For many years, most EBizCharge customers were small businesses or professionals looking to streamline payment collections. Wolfson said many of these customers had a lot on their plate, so EBizCharge ensured that payments processing wasn’t another area for them to be concerned with.

“We’ve broken a lot of ground by offering really convenient online billpay solutions,” Wolfson said. “And these are white-label products that the businesses can brand as their own. For businesses that don’t have the resources of larger corporations, this helps them keep pace.”

EBizCharge’s future plans include working on automation that further streamlines workflows and improves eCommerce solutions. It’s also working to build platforms that provide improved cardholder validation, so when cardholders make an online transaction, the risk for fraud is severely reduced or eliminated, Wolfson said.

EBizCharge also prides itself on its robust security solutions that help prevent fraud. It puts the power in the hands of the merchants to determine how strict their security controls should be. Wolfson said businesses can be confident that EBizCharge provides the most secure solutions in the marketplace. It will review the risks and rewards of different levels of security with the business and make recommendations.

Thanks to its customer-focused business model, EBizCharge prioritizes customer feedback and a knowledge of its customers’ businesses and processes to inform future product developments and enhancements.

“When we survey our customers, the one piece of feedback we almost universally receive is that our people are wonderful to work with, from the salespeople to technical support,” Wolfson said. “We’ve done a really good job of designing solutions that bring value to our customers. That approach has served our customers and ourselves very well, and we look to continue that same level of service as we move forward.”

With its revolutionary payment software and unmatched integrated payment suite, EBizCharge continues to enhance and customize invoice collections to transform how merchants accept and process payments.