The Ultimate Guide to Credit Cards
Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Brandon Rossman
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Brandon has covered all corners of the finance industry as a multimedia reporter for news outlets such as WUFT and WINK News. Early in his television news career, Brandon developed a reputation for leading interviews with financial portfolio managers, investment bankers, and venture capitalists, among other industry leaders. He writes with a journalistic hunger for the truth.

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Dreamfield Helps Brands Facilitate Marketing Partnerships and Payments with College Athletes

Dreamfield Helps Brands with NIL Deals and Payments

July 2021 marked a new era in college sports – the era of the name, image, and... read more »

Brandon Rossman 11/22/2022
WiV Increases Accessibility to and Modernizes Fine Wine Investing with Blockchain Technology

WiV Modernizes Wine Investing with the Blockchain

WiV makes fine wine investing easier and more accessible to regular investors... read more »

Brandon Rossman 11/15/2022
AudaCity Capital Trains Traders to Become Successful on the Foreign Exchange Market

AudaCity Capital Helps Forex Traders Become Successful

AudaCity Capital puts forex traders on a pathway to success with its training... read more »

Brandon Rossman 11/9/2022
Tipalti Automates Long and Strenuous Payment Processes So Companies Can Focus on Growth

Tipalti Helps Companies Grow With its Automated Payments

Tipalti provides automated payment systems to up-and-coming businesses that spend... read more »

Brandon Rossman 11/7/2022
Parafin Provides Marketplace Platforms a Financing Solution to Offer Sellers Up to $10 Million in Capital

Parafin Offers Marketplace Platforms Financing Solutions

Parafin is a fintech company that allows marketplace platforms to install a... read more »

Brandon Rossman 10/19/2022
LimeWire Allows Musicians to Connect With Fans in New Ways With its Simplified NFT Marketplace

LimeWire Connects Artists and Fans With NFT Marketplace

LimeWire continues to find innovative ways to connect music artists with their fans... read more »

Brandon Rossman 10/18/2022
Centier Bank Emphasizes Community Support in Every Transaction and Financial Product

Centier Bank Emphasizes Community Support

For more than 125 years, Centier Bank has served communities in Indiana. The family... read more »

Brandon Rossman 10/18/2022
Develop For Good Uses Card Donations to Match Technology Volunteers With Nonprofit Organizations

Develop For Good Matches Tech Volunteers to Nonprofits

Develop For Good provides opportunities for technology students and volunteers to... read more »

Brandon Rossman 10/11/2022
Aspen Funds Allows Accredited Investors to Diversify Their Portfolios With Alternative Investments

Diversify Portfolios With Aspen Funds Investments

Aspen Funds is a private fund for accredited investors who want to diversify their... read more »

Brandon Rossman 10/11/2022
Buckingham Strategic Wealth Helps Same-Sex Couples Prepare Their Financial Futures

Buckingham Strategic Wealth Prepares LGBTQ Couples

Securing your financial assets and those of your partner is never more important... read more »

Brandon Rossman 10/10/2022
Colibra Brings Buy Now, Pay Later to Booking Flights and Hotels with Its ‘Pay if OK’ Policy 

Colibra Compensates You for Delayed or Canceled Flights

Only one-third of three-hour flight delays are eligible for compensation under... read more »

Brandon Rossman 10/6/2022
Vint Allows Investors to Enter the Rare Wine and Spirit Market, Adding Diversity to Their Portfolios

Vint Allows Investors to Own a Piece of Rare Wines & Spirits

Vint is an alternative asset platform that allows investors to purchase shares of... read more »

Brandon Rossman 10/5/2022
Recognizing Paysafe for its Secure Payment Services Tailored to Every Small and Medium-Sized Business

Recognizing Paysafe for its Secure Payment Services

Paysafe provides an accessible and secure payments platform for the small and... read more »

Brandon Rossman 10/3/2022
Recognizing Synovus for its Commitment to Teaching Financial Wellness in Communities It Serves

Recognizing Synovus for Teaching Financial Wellness

Synovus banking services maintain the community banking approach the company... read more »

Brandon Rossman 9/22/2022
Recognizing JPMorgan Chase for Its Four-Pillared Approach Toward Improving Racial Equity

Recognizing JPMorgan Chase for Its Racial Equity Efforts

JPMorgan Chase is making a commitment toward helping often-neglected minorities in... read more »

Brandon Rossman 9/7/2022
Walletmor Payment Microchip Implants Bring Convenience to Contactless Checkout Experiences<strong>&nbsp;</strong>

Walletmor Payment Implants Add Convenience to Checkout

Walletmor brings 22nd-century technology to the present day with its implant... read more »

Brandon Rossman 8/30/2022
Centris Federal Credit Union Invests in Education to Help Members Build Better Financial Futures

Centris FCU Helps Members Build Better Financial Futures

Centris Federal Credit Union uses its resources to position members to build wealth... read more »

Brandon Rossman 8/4/2022
How Credit Card Donations Support Big Cat Rescue&#8217;s Mission to Further Protect, Treat, and Research Cats

Big Cat Rescue: Donations Help Protect and Heal Cats

Big Cat Rescue provides big cats a safe space and advocates for the end of... read more »

Brandon Rossman 7/26/2022
DailyPay Allows Employers to Provide Instant, Transparent Payments to Their Workers

DailyPay Allows Employers to Provide Instant Payments

Millions of American hourly workers have to wait between paychecks to receive the... read more »

Brandon Rossman 7/11/2022
Buy Nothing Project Aims to Reduce Waste Through Donations and Community Building

Buy Nothing Project Inspires Communities to Reduce Waste

The Buy Nothing Project creates communities of people who transfer unwanted goods... read more »

Brandon Rossman 6/21/2022