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10 Best Credit Unions in New York for 2023

10 Best Credit Unions In New York For 2023
Mike Senecal

Written by: Mike Senecal

Mike Senecal
Mike Senecal

Mike Senecal draws on more than 20 years of editorial experience to update readers on industry trends, business news, and best practices in budgeting and credit use. Mike has worked for decades in academic and trade publishing, including roles as managing editor and technical editor at the University of Florida and as contributor to finance industry publications, including Surety Bond Quarterly and Independent Agent, among others. Mike holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of South Carolina, and he enjoys bringing his years of academic and industry expertise online to help consumers of diverse financial backgrounds.

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Lillian Guevara-Castro

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Best Credit Unions in New York

As the fourth most populous US state, New York State houses one of America’s most energetic citizenries with varied financial priorities. Many choose to bank with credit unions, member-owned institutions that place people over profit, offer competitively priced products and services, and provide a community focus.

New York credit unions run the gamut from very large to locally based, in keeping with the state’s urban-rural diversity. If you live, work, worship, or study in New York or have a family or occupational relationship with the state, there’s a great chance you’ll find a credit union in our list of the 10 best in New York that caters to your financial priorities.

Note: America’s credit unions have various membership requirements, but membership is more widely available than ever. Please refer to each credit union website to check for eligibility.

Corning Credit Union

#1 Credit Union for In-School Financial Literacy

Corning Federal Credit Union logo

Offering financial education and literacy resources online is a great way to reach more members and the general community of consumers.

Online financial education can be entertaining and productive. But there’s nothing quite like teaching students of all ages face-to-face about financial responsibility, and Corning-based Corning Credit Union excels at that.

Why We Love Corning Credit Union

Corning has shown over a quarter of a century of strong, safe, continued growth with recognition as one of America’s financially strongest credit unions.

Its in-school financial programs include reality fairs, job shadowing opportunities, student-run branches, and in-class education.

Key Stats

  • Year opened: 1941
  • Current members: 158,520
  • Full-time employees: 396
  • Assets: $2.36 billion

Bethpage Federal Credit Union

#1 Credit Union for Home Lending

Bethpage Federal Credit Union logo

Bethpage Federal Credit Union, based in the city of Bethpage, is New York’s largest member-owned financial institution, with more than $13 billion in assets under management.

It offers state-of-the-art products, services, and tools to make banking a pleasure.

That extends to home lending, where the credit union excels with low rates and service.

Why We Love Bethpage Federal Credit Union

Bethpage’s Home Equity Line of Credit offers extremely competitive 12-month APRs.

Its website includes mortgage rates and calculators to help members make informed homebuying decisions.

Key Stats

  • Year opened: 1941
  • Current members: 455,751
  • Full-time employees: 758
  • Assets: $13.01 billion

Quorum Federal Credit Union

#1 Credit Union for High-Yield Savings

Quorum Federal Credit Union logo

There’s a lot to be said for investing funds that might otherwise stay parked in a low-interest savings account or certificate of deposit.

But at Quorum Federal Credit Union, based in the aptly-named city of Purchase, members can grow money easily and securely with a flexible, high-earning term savings account.

Why We Love Quorum Federal Credit Union

Quorum has a dedicated webpage that reports market-leading rates for term savings, IRA term savings, savings accounts, and loans. Rate information is also available for money management accounts, IRA savings accounts, checking accounts, and credit card accounts.

It also has a Knowledge Base to make finding answers easy.

Key Stats

  • Year opened: 1977
  • Current members: 68,419
  • Full-time employees: 135
  • Assets: $1.13 billion

Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union

#1 Credit Union for Member Financial Guidance

Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union logo

Based in the city of Kingston, Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union offers a full suite of competitively priced products that nearly 100,000 member-owners turn to to reach their financial goals.

The credit union prides itself on meeting members where they are on their financial journey and doing whatever it takes to help them get to the next level.

Why We Love Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union

Mid-Hudson Valley offers unlimited access to financial education tools from a trusted local source in formats that suit multiple learning styles.

Plus, it provides financial coaching through the BALANCE financial empowerment organization.

Key Stats

  • Year opened: 1963
  • Current members: 91,660
  • Full-time employees: 240
  • Assets: $1.44 billion

Teachers Federal Credit Union

#1 Credit Union for High-Yield Checking

Teachers Federal Credit Union logo

It’s in the name. Smithtown-based Teachers Federal Credit Union started as an institution for teachers, offering some of the most effective financial education resources you’ll find anywhere.

As a credit union open to members from all walks of life, it doesn’t forget the importance of competitive products such as Teachers High-Yield Smart Checking, which is designed to meet your needs by offering 3.00% APY on balances up to $15,000.

Why We Love Teachers Federal Credit Union

The APY on a Teachers High-Yield Smart Checking account is about 18 times higher than the national average.

To help members and consumers make the most of their finances, Teachers financial education initiatives include bank-at-school programs, ongoing financial education efforts in schools, and communicating with members about the importance of money management.

Key Stats

  • Year opened: 1952
  • Current members: 463,125
  • Full-time employees: 853
  • Assets: $9.67 billion

ESL Federal Credit Union

#1 Credit Union for Educators

ESL Federal Credit Union logo

Among the many credit unions that promote their connection to schools and teachers in their service area, Rochester-based ESL Federal Credit Union stands out for its ESL/MCC Scholars Program.

The program is a partnership with Monroe Community College to offer a college scholarship, expose students to banking industry careers and professional development.

Why We Love ESL Federal Credit Union

ESL offers real-time credit score tracking on the web and through its mobile app.

It also offers an Owners’ Dividend program, which pays members based on monthly average balances, Visa card transactions, and wealth management relationships.

Key Stats

  • Year opened: 1995
  • Current members: 421,054
  • Full-time employees: 870
  • Assets: $9.10 billion

Visions Federal Credit Union

#1 Credit Union for Fraud Protection

Visions Federal Credit Union logo

Based in Endicott, Visions Federal Credit Union is a full-service personal and business credit union with a plethora of products and services for a diverse membership base.

It stands out for many reasons, including its emphasis on helping members overcome security and fraud issues rampant in today’s digitized financial marketplace.

Why We Love Visions Federal Credit Union

Visions offers a dedicated phone line for members to receive help if they think they’ve received a suspicious message.

Its website includes an up-to-date section on security presenting copious tips and tricks for staying safe online.

Key Stats

  • Year opened: 1966
  • Current members: 252,427
  • Full-time employees: 791
  • Assets: $5.70 billion

Broadview Federal Credit Union

#1 Credit Union for Card Rewards

Broadview Federal Credit Union logo

Albany-based Broadview Federal Credit Union is all about members getting more “bank” for their buck.

One of the many ways it strives to accomplish that is through a card program that offers consistent points rewards without much hassle.

The Broadview Lightening Mastercard offers 3X points on groceries, 2X points on online purchases, and 1X points on all other purchases.

Why We Love Broadview Federal Credit Union

Points earned through the card rewards program give access to exclusive offers on travel and time-saving products and services.

Members receive free budgeting tools and access to education workshops and friendly financial coaches.

Key Stats

  • Year opened: 1934
  • Current members: 474,982
  • Full-time employees: 1,491
  • Assets: $8.41 billion

Sunmark Credit Union

#1 Credit Union for Member Support

Sunmark Credit Union logo

Sunmark Credit Union, based in Latham, bills itself as the bright way to bank, and its Sunmark 360 email newsletter bears that out.

As a full-service institution emphasizing fraud protection, it ticks many boxes for members, but Sunmark 360 informs members about bank offers while looking at money management through the lens of health, lifestyle, and family.

Why We Love Sunmark Credit Union

Sunmark informs members that it will never ask for their personal or account information, including passwords, via email, text message, or phone call.

The Sunmark 360 newsletter includes tips and tricks for combating scammers and safeguarding sensitive information.

Key Stats

  • Year opened: 1937
  • Current members: 89,944
  • Full-time employees: 257
  • Assets: $1.14 billion

AmeriCU Credit Union

#1 Credit Union for Military Members

AmeriCU Credit Union logo

AmeriCU Credit Union is based in Rome (New York, not Italy) near Griffiss Air Force Base.

It originally served civilians employed at the base, but now it includes servicemembers and families.

Enhanced benefits for military members include credit card preapprovals, tailored mortgage products, and early direct deposit for military and Department of Defense employees.

Why We Love AmeriCU Credit Union

The First Responder and Military Loan Discount program helps military members save on home improvement and personal loans.

Plus, AmeriCU prides itself on being there for all members whether in-person or online.

Key Stats

  • Year opened: 1978
  • Current members: 161,320
  • Full-time employees: 386
  • Assets: $2.70 billion

America’s credit unions are advocates of financial fairness where members come first, and New York’s excel in that regard. If you aim to bank in an institution where assets stay in the community and contribute to competitively priced financial products and services, there’s a New York-based credit union for you.