Maurices Credit Card Review (2018)

By: Brittney Mayer • 4/20/2018

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A common sight in malls across the country, Maurices is a women's clothing retailer with a long history of providing small towns with big fashion. The brand was established in the city of Duluth, Minnesota in 1931, and has since expanded into over 1,000 stores in the US and Canada. Maurices is perhaps best known for its wide range of clothing sizes, providing affordable fashion in sizes from 0 to 26.

While the mymaurices VIP Credit Card has been through some changes over the last few years — most notably switching from being backed by Comenity Bank to Capital One — those changes have seemed to be for the better. Offering exclusive discounts and bonus rewards, regular shoppers can get a lot out of their mymaurices VIP Credit Card — so long as they don't carry a balance.

Maurices Card Overall Rating: 4.0/5.0

While the mymaurices VIP Credit Card's 27.99% APR is almost competitive for a store card (or a subprime one), it's barely in the range for your typical prime credit card. It also makes carrying a balance on your mymaurices card a big no-no. On the bright side, the mymaurices VIP Credit Card does come with a slew of perks that can make it worthwhile, so long as you pay it off each month.

The main draw of the mymaurices VIP Credit Card is its awesome cardholder discount, which provides 10% off every day when you use your card. Even better, your 10% discount will stack with sales prices and Maurices coupons. Plus, mymaurices VIP cardholders also enjoy free shipping on every order made with their card.

Maurices Credit Card

  • APR: 27.99% as of Apr 2018
  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Rewards: Earn 10% off every Maurices purchase

Another key benefit of the mymaurices VIP Credit Card is the ability to augment your mymaurices rewards earnings via exclusive double points offers, including double points weekends once a month. Since every 100 mymaurices points equal a $5 reward, the points boost can be quite lucrative for big spenders.

All in all, the biggest downfall of the mymaurices VIP Credit Card — beyond its giant APR — is its limit usability. Not only do most reviewers report small credit limits, but as a closed-loop store credit card, you can only use your mymaurices VIP Credit Card to make Maurices purchases, whether in-store or online.

Approval Requirements & Application

While store credit cards tend to have more flexible credit requirements than other unsecured credit cards, reviews indicate you'll likely want at least fair credit to qualify for the mymaurices VIP Credit Card. To apply, head into your local Maurices store or fill out the application online using the link below.

Better Cards to Use at Maurices

With a massive 10% discount and free shipping, the mymaurices VIP Credit Card has a lot to offer loyal Maurices shoppers. But for anyone not mad about Maurices, the mymaurices VIP card will simply take up room better filled by a more functional open-loop credit card that can be used to make purchases anywhere — and at a better rate.

Cash Back

While few cash back cards on the market can compete with the 10% discount offered by the mymaurices VIP Credit Card, the fact that you can only earn that 10% on Maurices purchases limits its value fairly significantly. Instead, you can find a number of cards offering cash back rewards on every purchase — some ranging as high as 5% — helping you earn (and save) on gas and groceries, as well as blouses and tees.

0% APR

Although your typical fashionista likely loves a good shopping spree, few shoppers love paying more for their purchases due to credit card interest fees stacking up. However, the mymaurices VIP Credit Card's high APR will mean just that if you carry a balance. With the right intro-APR credit card offer, however, you can eliminate pricey interest fees for 12 months or more, enjoying interest-free financing on just about everything, including the latest line from Maurices.

Travel Rewards

Maurices may house many of the latest trends, but wouldn't it be nice to shop your way to the next fall fashion show and check out the trends firsthand? With a quality travel rewards card in your wallet, every sweater, scarf, and slip-on can mean points or miles good toward free flights and hotel stays. Add in a killer signup bonus, and you could be next to the runway in no time.

Few credit cards — store cards or otherwise — can beat the mymaurices VIP Credit Card when it comes to saving on your next Maurices shopping trip, but no shopper can survive on Maurices alone. So, unless you shop the retailer on a regular basis, the card's bevy of benefits will likely fall a little flat, and you'll see much more lucrative perks from a quality cash back, travel, or intro-APR credit card deal.

What Others Say About the Maurices Credit Card

Overall, it seems that regular shoppers are huge fans of the mymaurices VIP Credit Card, and the internet abounds with happy reviewers. Of the nay-sayers, most dislike the card's closed-loop limitations. Though a few also report having trouble paying their bills online, these reviews seem to predate the switch to Capital One.

A review from says:

Although the interest rate is kind of high for a store card, I find that the deals outweigh them. I love Maurices and shop there at least once a month. Being a Maurices credit card holder helps me to get monthly savings and deals that I wouldn't get if I wasn't one. I get multiple coupons in the mail and use them on top of my discounts to earn even more savings. The application process was simple, and I highly recommend any Maurices customer to sign up!! The card is in their system, so even if you don't have the card on you, you can still use it! I love that. Very pleased with this service offered by Maurices. —

A review from says:

Maurice’s does offer advantages to shoppers through their branded credit card, like discounts and special offers. There’s no fee to use the card, either. But that’s about the extent of what the card can offer you — and you’re limited in that you can only use the card at the store. Combine that with the fact that the interest rate on the card is high, the credit limit can be extremely low, and there’s no way to earn reward points or rebates and Maurice’s credit card looks like a pretty raw deal even for loyal shoppers. Before taking out a line of credit with Maurice’s, consider some credit card alternatives that can help you make the most of your spending. —

A review from says:

I normally do a lot of shopping at this store, so getting a card just seemed like the sensible thing to do. Even though the interest rate is high (27.99%) as with any store card, I feel that the deals the store offers outweigh the APR. Plus, I try to keep my spending limit at only $200 a month so that I don't carry a huge balance over. I also get a whole bunch of coupons in the mail since I signed up for this card. —


Is the Maurices Card Right for You?

If you're an avid Maurices shopaholic and already a member of the mymaurices program, you may get a lot of savings out of the mymaurices VIP Credit Card. On the other hand, the card's high APR and closed-loop restrictions mean those deals are limited.

In other words? Unless you spend enough time at Maurices that you're on a first-name basis with Maurice himself, chances are good you'll get better value out of a more usable card that provides benefits you can reap wherever you shop.

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