American Eagle Outfitters Credit Card Review (2018)

By: Ray FitzGerald • 12/6/2017

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Since 1977, American Eagle has been known for its selection of fashionable clothing and accessories at competitive prices. With nearly 1,000 stores worldwide, the company has expanded into nearly every major mall in America — and beyond.

Given the popularity of its line of low-rise jeans, polo shirts, and graphic tees for men and women, many consumers flock to the store each season to stay ahead of the fashion curve. If you're one of those shoppers who frequents the store for the latest threads, the AEO Connected Credit Card may be for you. The card offers a free pair of jeans or a bra for every five you purchase, as well as a $10 rewards credit for every $170 spent, making it one of the better store cards in the fashion industry.

American Eagle Outfitters Card Overall Rating: 4.0/5.0

The AEO Credit Card gives new cardholders 20% off of their first purchase, plus 15 rewards points for every dollar spent. A $10 reward is given for every 2,500 points, in addition to a 20% off birthday coupon and a coupon for a once-per-year personal shopping day.

The rewards of the card are clear if you make enough purchases over time. Just be sure to pay your balance in full to avoid any late fees or finance charges.

American Eagle Outfitters Credit Card

  • APR: 25.99% as of Dec 2017
  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Rewards: Take 20% off* your first purchase

If shopping at American Eagle is your thing, the AEO Connected Credit Card offers enough perks to keep your closet — and wallet — full through any season. Just remember that the “buy five, get one free” offer on jeans and bras is limited to the company brand only and does not count toward discounted or third-party items.

While the card offers great perks for members, it is limited in how those perks can be used. Redeemable only at American Eagle stores and on its website, the card’s might help keep you well-dressed — but that's about it.

Approval Requirements & Application

Like most store cards, relaxed acceptance policies put the card in the wallets of consumers with fair credit. While approval isn't uncommon for applicants in the mid-600s, credit limits that hover around $150 for those customers are the norm. That puts it just short of being able to earn you a reward coupon.

If you apply and are approved for the American Eagle Credit Card, check back after your first six months to see if you're eligible for a credit limit increase. With responsible usage, issuers are often willing to extend more credit.

Better Cards to Use at American Eagle Outfitters

The American Eagle Credit Card has many perks that stand out among its store card peers. With the ability to earn store credit, free clothes, and discounts on your purchases, it's got many clear benefits.

A major drawback is the limitation on its usage. As a closed-loop card, it can only be used in AEO stores and online at With a traditional rewards card, the benefits — and improved interest rate — make the ideal choice clear.

Cash Back

Rewards are good. AEO realizes this and tacked a generous amount onto its point structure. For every $170 you spend, a $10 rewards credit is given. At first, that may sound like a great deal, but a person can only use so many items of clothing. After a while, it gets superfluous.

With a cash back card, you can potentially earn unlimited cash rewards that can be used for any card purchase via a statement credit redemption. You can still make that purchase at American Eagle, but reward yourself afterward with a free coffee to relax after a hard day of shopping.

0% APR

Don't get tricked into thinking that 25.99% is a good interest rate because it's similar to other store card offerings. It's still much higher than the average APR. With a low-interest card, you may trade some of the rewards for the benefit of lower interest charges (though excellent credit can give you the best of both worlds).

Think of it this way: If your $170 purchase carries over into the next payment period on your AEO card, you'll accrue $3.68 in finance charges. Suddenly, that $10 rewards card isn't quite as valuable. With a low APR card, your existing balances and any you charge in the future won't sit as heavy on your bank account if you can't pay them all off instantly.
ff instantly.

Travel Rewards

With the American Eagle Credit Card, you can use your purchase of clothing to buy more clothing. With a travel rewards card, like the one shown below, you can use that purchase to get you closer to a trip that'll allow you to show off those new threads.

Many of our favorite travel cards provide flexible redemption options with no blackout dates or airline restrictions, meaning you can go where you want, when you want. Those new jeans would look really good on vacation.

If you have damaged credit and want to rebuild your profile, the AEO card is a solid option — assuming you're in the market for new clothes. To properly rebuild your history, though, you'll need regular purchases and payoffs. That makes this card very limited in terms of practicality.

With many rewards cards available for even fair or damaged credit, there are likely options that would serve you better — while still giving you the ability to make those American Eagle purchases.

What Others Say About the American Eagle Outfitters Credit Card

American Eagle's Credit Card offers in-store rewards equal to a 4% cash back card. While that's stellar within the space, cardholders are limited as to where and how they can use their bonus.

Atop those limitations are several complaints about customer service and the way transactions are processed through the card. Below are a sampling of the reviews we found.

A review from says:

I discovered an advertisement that said if I applied for their store credit card, I could get a discount on my order. Being a frugal guy, I applied for their credit card via their website only to discover that I had to make a phone call. I called the number provided and ended up waiting a long time until a person picked up and made me go through some nuisance security tests before I could finally get my darn credit card.But then I found out I wouldn't get to use my card until it was sent to me. They could've stated that in the banner ad. Instead of being vague, they should've put that out there in bold lettering. Other stores don't do this. Macy's doesn't do this. Best Buy doesn't do this. When you apply for a store credit card, you should have it INSTANTLY. So, thanks for dropping down my credit score and doing a hard check on my credit report.Once I got my credit card, I went back to the checkout only to find out that one of the items in my cart was out of stock. I had to find another item that was similar because I really wanted one and added it to my cart.After that whole fiasco was done, I finally tried to checkout again and paid via PayPal and everything went through. The next day, I woke up to an email saying that my order got canceled to a security issue. —

A review from says:

Unless you're hurting for credit, this card isn't worth it.You only earn points to get a $10 coupon to use in store. Other cards give better benefits. I'm only keeping mine open so I don't take a ding on my credit report.Customer service is great if you can get to them. Their automated line is complete crap and just keeps repeating itself. It takes at least five minutes with an automated voice to get transferred. —

A review from says:

The rewards and little 'extras' that you receive for being a cardholder are really good (including the birthday reward).It just seems that the interest rate is a little high. This card would really be perfect for somebody who, essentially, doesn't need a credit card- because you're going to want to pay the card off right away! —


Is the American Eagle Outfitters Card Right for You?

If you're a fan of American Eagle's jeans and other clothing items, you could accrue substantial savings with regular purchases through the AEO Connected Credit Card. If your closet is already pretty full and you plan to just buy a few items every now and then, you're likely better served with an open-loop card that can be used anywhere you shop and still offer you the perks you deserve for your purchasing power.

Applying for the card comes down to how often you plan on using it — and how quickly you'll be able to pay your balance in full. If you're not sure on either of those, your wallet will thank you for the addition of a different card.

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