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Thursday, May 26, 2022
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Payactiv Card Offers Workers Fast Access to Earnings and Savings on Everyday Necessities

Payactiv Offers Fast Access to Paychecks via Prepaid Card

When workers can access their paychecks faster, they can often avoid payday loans, overdraft... read more »
Adam West 6/14/2021
EBANX Card and Cash Voucher Solutions Connect Underbanked Consumers to the Global Marketplace

EBANX Offers Card and Cash Voucher Solutions

Credit products can be elusive and expensive in Latin America, and many underbanked consumers... read more »
Adam West 6/11/2021 Weekly Credit Card Update — June 11, 2021

Weekly Credit Card Update — June 11, 2021

For media inquiries on these stories and more, contact credit card expert and industry analyst... read more »
Bill Hardekopf 6/11/2021
Hotel Valencia Offers Credit Card Rewards Travelers a Combination of Old-World Style and Modern Service

Hotel Valencia: A Getaway for Card Rewards Travelers

Credit card rewards travelers often enjoy finding new, interesting experiences. That’s why the... read more »
Adam West 6/10/2021
How IATA is Making International Travel Easier in the COVID Era for Credit Card Rewards Enthusiasts

How IATA’s Travel Pass Eases International Travel Woes

While the COVID-19 pandemic landed a huge blow across all parts of the hospitality industry... read more »
Matt Walker 6/9/2021
Aspiration: A Financial Institution Fighting Climate Change via Bank Accounts and Cards

Aspiration Fights Climate Change Via Cards

Customers open checking or savings accounts, apply for credit cards, and take out loans with... read more »
Matt Walker 6/7/2021
SumUp: Easy-to-Use Card Readers and Apps That Help SMBs Manage Payments and Invoicing

SumUp Offers Card Payment and Invoicing Solutions

In today’s economy, startups and small businesses need to accept credit cards and digital... read more »
Adam West 6/7/2021
Collectable: Fractional Shares of Sports Collectibles to Help Investors Generate Cash and Lessen Credit Reliance

Collectable: Accessible Sports Memorabilia Investments

It doesn’t take a lot of money to become a sports fan, but until a few years ago there was no... read more »
Adam West 6/4/2021
The Retirement Answer Man® Roger Whitney: Professional Reputations are Like Credit Scores for Careers

Roger Whitney Offers Advice and Resources for Retirement

As the recent pandemic shows, life can turn on a dime — and that makes planning for retirement... read more »
Adam West 6/4/2021 Weekly Credit Card Update — June 4, 2021 Weekly Credit Card Update — June 4, 2021

For media inquiries on these stories and more, contact credit card expert and industry analyst... read more »
Bill Hardekopf 6/4/2021
One Mile at a Time: An Independent Guide Covering the Best Credit Card Miles Programs and Travel Experiences

One Mile at a Time: Travel Credit Card Tips and Reviews

While worldwide health challenges have temporarily grounded many travel buffs and frequent... read more »
Adam West 6/2/2021
Sherpa Partners with Travel Providers to Help Card Rewards Enthusiasts Manage Documents

Sherpa: Management Tools for Card Rewards Travelers

Visa and entry requirements have always been a factor in travel, but as the world emerges into... read more »
Adam West 6/1/2021 Weekly Credit Card Update — May 28, 2021

Weekly Credit Card Update — May 28, 2021

For media inquiries on these stories and more, contact credit card expert and industry analyst... read more »
Bill Hardekopf 5/28/2021
Cashing in Card Rewards to Soak Up Automobile History at America’s Packard Museum

Credit Cards Rewards and America’s Packard Museum

Credit card reward enthusiasts looking for a way to leverage their points for a novel... read more »
Matt Walker 5/27/2021
Tango Card Helps Businesses Drive Consumer and Employee Engagement with Gift Cards

Tango Card Drives Engagement via Gift Cards

People like to feel appreciated, whether it’s for a job well done or for being a valued... read more »
Matt Walker 5/26/2021
Merchant Cost Consulting Helps Businesses Navigate the World of Credit Card Processing

Merchant Cost Consulting Lowers Card Processing Fees

Maintaining the services of a credit card payments processor is essential for businesses in... read more »
Matt Walker 5/26/2021
Stone Hill Inn: An Elegant Year-round Bed and Breakfast for Credit Card Rewards Fans

Stone Hill Inn: An Elegant Couples-Friendly Destination

Vermont’s Green Mountains are a wonderful place for contemplation — and that’s where Stone Hill... read more »
Adam West 5/25/2021
StackSource’s Commercial Real Estate Credit Portal Connects Buyers with Lenders for the Best Rates and Terms

StackSource for Commercial Real Estate Buyers & Lenders

When it comes to technology adoption, the relationship-based commercial real estate space is... read more »
Adam West 5/24/2021
Leveraging Credit Card Rewards to Make a Positive Impact via Pets for Patriots

Credit Card Rewards and Pets for Patriots

Cashing in credit card rewards to score a big discount on travel or redeem a hot ticket item... read more »
Matt Walker 5/21/2021 Weekly Credit Card Update — May 21, 2021

Weekly Credit Card Update — May 21, 2021

For media inquiries on these stories and more, contact credit card expert and industry analyst... read more »
Bill Hardekopf 5/21/2021
SentiLink Earns Recognition for Tools That Protect Card Issuers and Lenders from Fraud and Identity Theft

SentiLink Helps Protect Card Issuers from Fraud

Identity fraud costs card issuers and lenders billions a year, but not all fraud is the same... read more »
Adam West 5/20/2021
TurboTenant: Convenient Management Software that Allows Independent Landlords to Accept Cards

TurboTenant Allows Landlords to Easily Accept Credit Cards

Renting out properties as an independent landlord can be a challenging process, from... read more »
Matt Walker 5/20/2021
How Social Media Petitions and Credit Card Rewards Can Come Together to Create Positive Change

Using Credit Card Rewards to Deliver Positive Change

Credit card rewards are a great way to grab discounts and earn cash back. But they can also be... read more »
Matt Walker 5/19/2021
MOVO® Helps Move Money Fast with Its Innovative Technology and App-Based Debit Card

MOVO: Moving Money with an App-Based Card

The finance sector continues to evolve thanks to rapid developments in new technologies... read more »
Matt Walker 5/18/2021