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Saturday, January 18, 2020
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The Markle Foundation’s Rework America and Skillful Initiatives are Promoting Adoption of Skills Necessary for the Workforce to Thrive in a Digital Economy

Markle’s Rework America & Skillful Prepare Workers for Tomorrow

For nearly 100 years, the Markle Foundation has sought to improve the lives of Americans by... read more »
Matt Walker 8/7/2019
Citizens State Bank is Recognized for Its Efforts to Give Back to Indiana Communities Through Volunteerism and Financial Education

Citizens State Bank Recognized for Community Service in Indiana

Citizens State Bank in Indiana goes above and beyond to support and give back to the... read more »
Matt Walker 8/6/2019
One Day’s Wages Proves That Donations of All Sizes Can Make a Major Impact in Communities Around the Globe

One Day’s Wages: Donations Make a Big Impact

One Day’s Wages is a grassroots movement that encourages people to donate a day’s worth of... read more »
Adam West 8/6/2019
Fetch.AI: Leveraging AI and Machine Learning to Decentralize IoT Connections and Put Consumers in Control of Transactions

Fetch.AI Decentralizes Transactions to Deliver Personalized Experiences

The world is projected to have 20 billion internet-connected devices by 2020, and smartphones... read more »
Adam West 8/5/2019
Crowdholding Empowers Blockchain Enterprises to Leverage Microtasks to Connect with and Reward Consumers

Crowdholding Connects Blockchain Enterprises With Consumers

Startups often face an uphill battle to reach their target market and publicize their... read more »
Adam West 8/2/2019
Cornerstone Bank Fosters Financial Literacy Among Students and Supports Community Service in North Dakota and South Dakota

Cornerstone Bank Promotes Financial Literacy & Service

Cornerstone Bank has roots in North Dakota dating back to 1936. The community bank demonstrates... read more »
Matt Walker 8/1/2019
FintruX Network: A Smart Contract to Build Stronger B2B Relationships and Empower SMEs to Grow Globally

FintruX Helps SMBs Build Global Credit Reputations

Building trust with suppliers and financiers is an essential task for all businesses, but it is... read more »
Adam West 8/1/2019
Follow Successful Crypto Traders: eToro Delivers the Company’s Social Trading Approach to the World of Digital Currency

eToro Continues to Make Trading Accessible with Crypto Additions

Since its inception, eToro has offered unique services in the trading and investment ecosystem... read more »
Matt Walker 7/31/2019
Toptal Streamlines Remote Hiring by Connecting Financial Service Companies with a Global Network of Expert Freelance Talent

Toptal Connects Finance Companies with Talent

Businesses often have a hard time finding highly qualified workers that meet both their project... read more »
Adam West 7/29/2019
How Karma Facilitates P2P Loans on a Global Scale with Appealing Benefits for Both Investors and SMEs

Karma Facilitates P2P Loans to Benefit Investors & SMEs

Since the early 2000s, P2P lending platforms have been offering SMEs funding generated by... read more »
Matt Walker 7/25/2019
CreditStacks: A Premium Card Created for Professionals Relocating to the U.S. Without a Credit History

CreditStacks: A Card Created for Professionals Moving to the U.S.

For professionals moving to the U.S. from other countries, establishing and building credit can... read more »
Matt Walker 7/25/2019
Australia’s ME Bank Recognized for Its No-Frills, Low-Rate Frank Credit Card

Australia’s ME Bank Recognized for Its No-Frills, Low-Rate Frank Card

Credit card options can be overwhelming thanks to the numerous rewards and perks programs... read more »
Matt Walker 7/23/2019
University of Nebraska Federal Credit Union Earns Recognition for Providing Financial Education and Support to Communities

NUFCU: Dedicated to Community Support

In the vibrant university town of Lincoln, the University of Nebraska Federal Credit Union... read more »
Adam West 7/18/2019
XinFin: An Enterprise-Ready Hybrid Blockchain Platform That Delivers Secure and Efficient International Transactions

XinFin Blockchain Delivers International Transactions

Blockchain technology allows parties to transact seamlessly and securely anywhere in the world... read more »
Adam West 7/17/2019
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