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Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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Electroneum: A Blockchain-Based Digital Payments System Designed with the World’s Unbanked Populations in Mind

Electroneum: A Digital Ecosystem for the Unbanked

While some cryptocurrencies claim to democratize the world of payments, many are not truly... read more »
Matt Walker 4/22/2020
Newton Federal Bank: Enriching Georgia Communities Through Education and Charitable Involvement

Newton Federal Bank Enriches Georgia Communities

Newton Federal Bank is located in scenic Covington, Georgia, known to some as the... read more »
Ashley Dull 4/20/2020
Crypto Fund Research: Market Intelligence That Helps Investors Navigate Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds and Venture Capital Opportunities

Crypto Fund Research: Market Data on Crypto Investments

While traditional hedge funds have a long and storied history, players in the world of crypto... read more »
Adam West 4/17/2020
Rios Tropicales: Nature Lovers Can Cash in Credit Card Rewards for Thrilling Hiking and River Eco-Adventures in Costa Rica

Rios Tropicales: Cost Rica Hiking & River Adventures

Much of the world is on pause right now due to the coronavirus epidemic, but we remain hopeful... read more »
Matt Walker 4/15/2020
Iconic Lab: A Global Accelerator and Venture Capital Firm that Prepares Promising Blockchain and Crypto Startups for Growth

Iconic Lab Helps Blockchain Startups Grow

Most technologists are aware of blockchain’s potential, but it’s an open question... read more »
Adam West 4/14/2020
It’s Easy Helps Travelers Get Passports and Travel Visas Fast to Anywhere in the U.S.

It’s Easy Helps People get Passports & Travel Visas

Anybody who has traveled abroad likely remembers feeling some stress around the passport... read more »
Matt Walker 4/10/2020
BANKEX: A Social Commerce Platform for Businesses, Facilitating Payments via Messengers and Social Media

BANKEX: Payments via Messengers & Social Apps

More consumers today spend both work and free time on social media and in messaging apps than... read more »
Matt Walker 4/10/2020
Bidroom: A Membership-Based Hotel Booking Platform that Helps Users See Big Discounts While Traveling

Bidroom Offers Members Big Hotel Discounts & More

The travel industry has evolved along with the rapid pace of technology in recent decades, but... read more »
Matt Walker 4/9/2020
The BookMyForex Marketplace and Prepaid Cards Help Travelers Secure the Best Deals on Foreign Currency Exchange in India

BookMyForex: Currency Exchange for Indian Travelers

BookMyForex has emerged as India’s most innovative foreign currency exchange service. The... read more »
Adam West 4/8/2020
Uphold: The Digital Money Platform’s New Mastercard Debit Card Maximizes Interchangeability Between Fiat and Cryptocurrencies

Uphold’s New Mastercard: Crypto or Fiat Spending

While cryptocurrencies are enjoying more mainstream success than they did in previous years... read more »
Matt Walker 4/7/2020
Reality Tours & Travel Allows Visitors to Experience Authentic India through Slum Tours While Pouring Profits Back into the Community

Reality Tours & Travel Offers Authentic Indian Experiences

India has so much to see — natural and cultural wonders, of course — but above all... read more »
Adam West 4/7/2020
Nuveen and CEFConnect Help Investors Achieve a Stable Retirement through Consistent, Tax-Advantaged Income

Nuveen and CEFConnect Help Investors Achieve Retirement

Although less common than mutual funds and ETFs, CEFs are a powerful tool for retirement... read more »
Adam West 4/6/2020
Travelers Can Cash In Their Credit Card Rewards to Explore Historic Oregon City and the End of the Oregon Trail

Explore the End of the Oregon Trail in Historic Oregon City

As credit card enthusiasts, we love being able to cash in travel rewards to save money on... read more »
Matt Walker 4/6/2020
NuoDB’s Cloud-Native Distributed Database Helps Enterprise Financial Providers Scale for Evolving Customer Demand

NuoDB Optimizes Cloud Delivery for Financial Services

When you’re casually consuming content on your phone, an occasional data hiccup is no big... read more »
Adam West 4/3/2020