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CareerArc: How Retailers are Recruiting New Employees and Transitioning Seasonal Hires in the Modern, Connected Economy

CareerArc: How Retailers Recruit and Transition Employees Today

In a Nutshell: Talent acquisition and retention present challenges for the retail industry especially with its high turnover, seasonal hiring, and competition for technically skilled... read more »
By: Ashley Dull, 10/11/2018
Actual Tools: Simplifying Multiple-Monitor Windows Environments for Businesses to Boost Employee Productivity

Actual Tools: Simplifying Multiple-Monitor Windows Environments

In a Nutshell: Businesses will do just about anything to boost productivity, but many don’t bother to improve the small details that can add up to significant gains in production.... read more »
By: Ashley Dull, 10/11/2018
ResellerRatings: Brand and Product Reviews That You Can Integrate Into Your Site and Ad Campaigns to Boost Conversions

ResellerRatings: Reviews That Integrate Into Your Site and Ad Campaigns

In a Nutshell: Businesses understand the importance of collecting reviews, but how they leverage them is just as vital. With ResellerRatings, a company can obtain scores of reviews and... read more »
By: Ashley Dull, 10/11/2018
Connex Credit Union’s Coins-for-Change Program, People-Focused Philosophy & Charitable Contributions Benefit the New Haven Area

Connex Credit Union’s Coins-for-Change Benefits New Haven

In a Nutshell: Connex Credit Union’s Coins-for-Change program takes the fees charged by its coin-cashing machines and donates them to nonprofit organizations in the four counties Connex... read more »
By: Matt Walker, 10/11/2018
Cariloha’s Bamboo-Based Apparel and Home Goods Connect with Today’s Aspirational Consumers, Driving Physical Store Expansion

Cariloha: Bamboo-Based Goods that Connect with Consumers

In a Nutshell: By transforming sustainable bamboo fiber into soft viscose fabric, Cariloha produces an eco-friendly line of luxe apparel, bedding, and bath goods that align with aspirational... read more »
By: Adam West, 10/11/2018
Avoid Zero-Day Attacks: Check Point® Software Prevents Security Threats Before They Become Exploited Vulnerabilities

Check Point® Prevents Threats From Becoming Exploited Vulnerabilities

In a Nutshell: With millions of cyberattacks aimed at retailers every day, simply detecting malicious software is no longer enough to protect a network. Check Point Software Technologies is... read more »
By: Ashley Dull, 10/11/2018
Living Rich With Coupons: Teaching Readers to Make the Most of Their Budgets so They Live a Life of Plenty

Living Rich With Coupons: Teaching Readers to Make the Most of Budgets

In a Nutshell: Living Rich With Coupons was founded by Cindy Livesey in 2009 after her husband lost his job, and her family found itself on a tight budget. Within the first year of using... read more »
By: Lauren Keys, 10/11/2018
How ecoATM Gazelle Extends the Consumer-Device Lifecycle Through Convenient Kiosks and Secure ReCommerce

ecoATM Gazelle Extends the Device Lifecycle Through ReCommerce

The Crunch: The yearly release of high-tech devices means consumers rush to trade in the old for the new. This trend has led to explosive growth in the electronic resale market. That is why... read more »
By: Ashley Dull, 10/11/2018
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