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Microsoft Dynamics 365™ Integrations Help Merchants Bypass Payment Terminals & Simplify Credit Card Processing

Microsoft Dynamics 365™ Helps Merchants Simplify Payment Processing

In a Nutshell: Today’s consumers can purchase products from anywhere with internet access, and companies looking to thrive in this environment can no longer rely on traditional payment... read more »
By: Ashley Dull, 12/14/2016
350.org Discusses the Banks Funding the Dakota Access Pipeline & How Consumers Can Help Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground

350.org Discusses the Banks Funding the Dakota Access Pipeline

In a Nutshell: In just one year, the U.S. consumed more than 1.1 billion metric tons of petroleum products. That’s billions of barrels of oil and other dangerous fossil fuels burned... read more »
By: Brittney Mayer, 12/12/2016
How Mindjet™ Mind Mapping Software Can Help You Improve Your Budget, Manage Projects & Simplify Business Planning

Improve Your Budget & Simplify Business Planning with Mindjet™

In a Nutshell: The mind is a messy place, and no two are quite alike. While great for invention and creativity, the differences in the way we think can make it difficult to communicate,... read more »
By: Adam West, 12/7/2016
GovTrack.us Provides Fact-Based Information on the Latest Legislation That’s Free from Outside Financial Influence

GovTrack.us: Information on Legislation that's Free from Financial Influence

In a Nutshell: While lawyers generate many mixed emotions, most people can agree they have at least one important purpose: translating the combination of extinct Latin phrases and complex... read more »
By: Brittney Mayer, 12/7/2016
How The “Experts Behind the Experts” at the H&R Block Tax Institute Support the World’s Largest Consumer Tax Services Provider

The "Experts Behind the Experts" at the H&R Block Tax Institute

In a Nutshell: With the somewhat innocuous official designation of “U.S. Code: Title 26 – Internal Revenue Code,” the American tax code is likely one of the most poorly... read more »
By: Brittney Mayer, 12/1/2016
Full-Featured Trading at Discount-Broker Pricing: TradeKing LIVE Makes It Easy & Affordable to Start Investing

TradeKing Offers Full-Featured Trading at Discount-Broker Pricing

In a Nutshell: In my experience, the average person is more inclined to think of investing as something out of their reach than within it, be it because of a lack of education or a lack of... read more »
By: Brittney Mayer, 11/29/2016
GOBankingRates™ — Changing the Way People Think About Money Through Diverse Content & Enhanced Online Experiences

GOBankingRates: Changing the Way People Think About Money

In a Nutshell: Few things are as interwoven with our everyday lives as money; from food to travel, and everything in between, our finances impact just about every other aspect of life. At... read more »
By: Brittney Mayer, 11/28/2016
Barry Ritholtz Focuses on the “Big Picture” With Data-Driven Wealth Management Tools

Ritholtz Focuses on the "Big Picture" With Data-Driven Financial Tools

In a Nutshell: Barry Ritholtz utilizes data-driven strategies to help investors grow wealth over the long-term through his financial planning and asset management firm Ritholtz Wealth... read more »
By: Ashley Dull, 11/18/2016
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