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Tuesday, April 7, 2020
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How Avalara’s Transactional Tax Automation Software is Saving Businesses Time and Money

How Tax Automation Through Avalara Saves Businesses Time & Money

For businesses both large and small, sales tax management is a murky undertaking. Wireless... read more »
Adam West 6/20/2017
How Malwarebytes Helps Major Financial Institutions Protect Your Money & Identity From Digital Security Threats

Malwarebytes Helps Major Financial Institutions Protect Your Money

Ripe with a variety of vital customer information, financial services organizations are often... read more »
Brittney Mayer 6/15/2017
K&L Gates: Counsel to the Global FinTech Industry

K&L Gates: Counsel to the Global FinTech Industry

In a Nutshell: Financial technology is evolving rapidly with innovation in virtually every... read more »
Adam West 6/12/2017
The Calculator Site Provides Free Financial Tools to Help 90K Daily Users Manage Personal Finances and Build Savings

The Calculator Site — Free Financial Tools to Manage Money and Save

Managing your money is key to achieving your financial goals, but it’s important to have... read more »
Adam West 6/12/2017
Fighting Fraud with Knowledge — How Western Union’s Fraud Education Resources Help Lower Consumer Money Transfer Fraud

How Western Union is Fighting Consumer Fraud with Knowledge

While modern technological advances have improved many aspects of our lives, they’ve also... read more »
Brittney Mayer 6/9/2017
Capture 5X More User Engagement with New Conversational Forms from QuestionPro — The Leader in Online Survey Software Trusted by the Biggest Financial Institutions

5X More Consumer Engagement with New QuestionPro Conversations

Despite the links to consumer surveys at the bottom of every receipt and customer-facing email... read more »
Brittney Mayer 6/7/2017
How Fidelity’s Planning & Guidance Tools Simplify Retirement Preparation to Help Americans Reach Financial Independence

Fidelity's Planning & Guidance Tools Simplify Retirement Preparation

Although most Americans know the importance of planning for retirement, the nuances of how... read more »
Brittney Mayer 6/1/2017
Blue Nile — How the Web’s First Diamond Retailer Keeps Prices Low While Maintaining Its High Quality and Ethical Standards

Blue Nile — How the Web’s First Diamond Retailer Keeps Prices Low

In a Nutshell: The first online retailer of diamonds, Blue Nile has been providing... read more »
Adam West 5/31/2017
Adventure Life Tours and Cruises Create Authentic Travel Experiences & Inspire Travelers to Give Back to Destination Communities

Adventure Life Experiences Inspire Travelers & Help Communities

Traveling the world is a dream many share, but not everyone’s idea of the dream travel... read more »
Brittney Mayer 5/30/2017
WE Day™ Empowers Youth in America, Canada, and the UK to Become “Agents of Change” and Create Sustainable Social Impacts Worldwide

WE Day™ Empowers Global Youth to Become Agents of Change

Creating positive social change around the world is something everyone wants, but nobody can... read more »
Adam West 5/23/2017
How MathWorks® Computing Software Powers Data Analysis & Modeling for Financial Decision-Makers Around the World

How MathWorks® Software Powers Financial Data Analysis & Modeling

Behind each important financial decision, risk assessment, and regulatory compliance report, is... read more »
Brittney Mayer 5/22/2017
Robert Half — A Nearly 70-Year Legacy as the Leading Accounting & Finance Professionals Staffing Agency

Robert Half — The Leading Staffing Agency for Accounting & Finance

In today’s job market, employers face fierce competition when it comes to hiring and... read more »
Adam West 5/19/2017
Exclusive Savings from Top-Reviewed Companies: Join Angie’s List for 10M+ Consumer Reviews & Members-Only Discounts on Hundreds of Services

Angie’s List: 10M+ Reviews & Discounts on Hundreds of Services

The importance of choosing the right service provider, be it for home care or health care, is a... read more »
Brittney Mayer 5/18/2017
CGI Helps Financial Companies Navigate the Modern Digital Landscape with a Suite of Dedicated IT Solutions

CGI Helps Financial Companies Navigate Modern Digital Landscapes

In the banking and financial worlds, evolving with customer trends and new technology is... read more »
Jon McDonald 5/11/2017