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Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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Prioritizing Safety, Solo Female Travelers Continues to Build Its Community Through Curated Group Trips

Solo Female Travelers Club Expands with Group Trips

Solo Female Travelers started as a small Facebook club and expanded into a business and... read more »
Sean Roderick 7/7/2022
4 Pillars Offers Debt and Credit Education to Help Consumers Rebuild Their Financial Lives

4 Pillars: Consumer-Focused Debt and Credit Education

4 Pillars has provided solutions to Canadians to find the best solution to deal with their debt... read more »
Jon McDonald 7/5/2022
VizyPay Empowers Small Businesses Through Simplified, Transparent Payment Processing Solutions

VizyPay Empowers SMBs by Simplifying Processing

Inexperienced small businesses can often be subject to hidden fees and billing expenses when... read more »
Sean Roderick 6/29/2022
MoneyMade: Research Alternative Assets and Manage Investments on 200+ Platforms

MoneyMade: Understand and Manage Alternative Assets

Traditionally, only accredited investors and high-net-worth individuals invested in alternative... read more »
Adam West 6/28/2022
Marriott Bonvoy Boutiques Drives Loyalty for Cardholders and Helps Create Hotel Experiences at Home

Marriott Bonvoy Boutiques Drives Loyalty for Cardholders

Through its online store, Marriott Bonvoy Boutiques sells hotel items many of its guests love... read more »
Sean Roderick 6/28/2022
The Credit Pros Offers a Comprehensive, Educational Approach to Helping Consumers Repair Credit Profiles

Credit Pros Offer Innovative Approach to Credit Repair

The Credit Pros started out as a small team helping people with their mortgages. They soon... read more »
Sean Roderick 6/27/2022
How Credit Cards Can Support MEANS Database Reduce Food Waste and Facilitate Donations

How Credit Cards Support MEANS in Reducing Waste

Unused edible food is often thrown away in large quantities in the United States. Many... read more »
Sean Roderick 6/23/2022
Entrust Delivers on Card Issuance and Digital Protection Following The Great Payments Disruption

Entrust Weighs in on ‘The Great Payments Disruption’

Entrust is a leading force in providing technologies to establish trusted identities and... read more »
Sean Roderick 6/22/2022
Buy Nothing Project Aims to Reduce Waste Through Donations and Community Building

Buy Nothing Project Inspires Communities to Reduce Waste

The Buy Nothing Project creates communities of people who transfer unwanted goods to those who... read more »
Brandon Rossman 6/21/2022
PAAY Enables Merchants to Safeguard Payments Through Its Advanced 3-D Secure Authentication

PAAY Enables Merchants to Safeguard Payments

Digitalization of payment processing has seen an increased wave of payment fraud in recent... read more »
Sean Roderick 6/20/2022
Revuto Virtual Debit Cards Give Users and Businesses Greater Control Over Subscription Payments

Revuto Virtual Debit Cards Provide Subscription Control

For those plagued by the over-saturation of subscription services like Netflix and others... read more »
Sean Roderick 6/14/2022
First Entertainment Credit Union Gives Creative Professionals the Red-Carpet Treatment in Banking

First Entertainment Members Receive Red-Carpet Banking

For many working in the entertainment industry and living in L.A. County, First Entertainment... read more »
Sean Roderick 6/13/2022
Using Credit Cards and Rewards to Support ICAN’s Women-Led Peacebuilding Efforts Around the Globe

Using Card Rewards Supports ICAN’s Peacebuilding Efforts

ICAN is a non-government organization focused on resolving conflicts and political strife by... read more »
Sean Roderick 6/13/2022
Dwolla Offers Real-Time Payments and Open-Banking Enabled Products Through Its Innovative Platform

Dwolla Provides Real-Time Payments With Open Banking

The Dwolla payments platform aims to cut out all intermediaries to easily send funds between... read more »
Brandon Rossman 6/8/2022
Contour’s Decentralized Network Streamlines Global Trade Finance by Digitizing Letters of Credit

Contour Makes International Trade Efficient and Accessible

The $18 trillion-plus global trade market is one of the last holdouts to digital transformation... read more »
Jon McDonald 6/2/2022
Gentreo Leverages Technology and Collaboration to Simplify Financial Transitions in Estate Planning

Gentreo Simplifies Financial Transitions in Estate Planning

While it is a subject many prefer to avoid, estate planning is an important part of financial... read more »
Sean Roderick 6/1/2022
Alts Provides Informative Content on Unique Investment Strategies to Help Diversify Portfolios

Alts Sheds Light on Unique Investments Strategies

In the world of alternative investments, there is a traditionally wide authority gap due to the... read more »
Sean Roderick 5/25/2022
Rares Allows Consumers to Invest in Iconic Sneakers Through More Accessible Fractional Shares

Rares Offers Fractional Investment in Beloved Sneakers

Rares provides investment opportunities in the collectible sneakers category. The company... read more »
Brandon Rossman 5/23/2022
Cardless Drives Loyalty Through Digital-First, Branded Cards and Unique Customer Experiences

Cardless Drives Loyalty Via Digital-First, Branded Cards

Cardless is an evolution to how we see credit cards. The company works with some of the biggest... read more »
Brandon Rossman 5/19/2022
Family Trust Emphasizes Community with its Credit Products and Financial Wellness Services

Family Trust Puts Members First with its Credit Products

Family Trust treats its members like family because, to the credit union, members are family... read more »
Brandon Rossman 5/17/2022
Russell Center Gives Black Entrepreneurs a Path to Business Success with Mentorship and Access to Credit

RICE Helps Black Business Leaders Gain Access to Credit

The Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs (RICE) invests in and teaches Black... read more »
Brandon Rossman 5/16/2022
CircleUp Goes the Extra Mile to Offer Loans to Small Businesses with Growth Potential

CircleUp Goes the Extra Mile to Offer Loans to SMBs

Before a business shows consistent positive cash flow, it often needs support that traditional... read more »
Adam West 5/12/2022
Financial Plus Credit Union Takes an Innovative Approach to Designing Member-Focused Products

Financial Plus Credit Union is Innovating Credit Products

Financial Plus Credit Union is a rapidly expanding credit union in Michigan. The credit union... read more »
Brandon Rossman 5/11/2022
Capitalize Brings New Life to Forgotten 401(k)s by Rolling Over Accounts from Previous Jobs into IRAs

Capitalize Rolls Over Old Retirement Accounts into IRAs

Capitalize turns forgotten 401(k)s into new opportunities for saving for retirement. The... read more »
Brandon Rossman 5/10/2022