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Friday, July 3, 2020
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Timvi Launches One-Stop-Shop DeFi Market That Allows Users to Maximize Profits and Minimize Security Risks

Timvi Launches Next-Generation DeFi Market

Timvi launched its Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Market in December 2019 to rave reviews and... read more »
Ashley Dull 5/11/2020
Merrchant Delivers a Complete Cloud-Based Solution to Perform and Simplify Operations for All Types of Businesses

Merrchant Delivers a Complete Business Software Solution

Merrchant is an all-in-one, cloud-based software solution that runs general business functions... read more »
Eric Bank 5/11/2020
PiixPay Allows Customers to Conveniently Use Cryptocurrency to Handle Bills and Recurring Payments

PiixPay: Conveniently Pay Bills with Cryptocurrency

PiixPay is a fintech platform that allows users to easily pay bills using cryptocurrency. The... read more »
Matt Walker 5/8/2020
AE Ventures Fuels Promising æternity Blockchain Startups Through its Starfleet Accelerator and Ongoing Financial and Advisory Support

AE Ventures Supports æternity Blockchain Startups

AE Ventures is the investment arm of the æternity blockchain, and it is on a mission to... read more »
Adam West 5/7/2020
Gift of College: On a Mission to Increase Awareness and Growth of 529 Plans to Help the Next Generation Avoid Student Loan Debt

Gift of College: Increasing Awareness & Growth of 529s

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Gift of College is an innovative platform that enables... read more »
Eric Bank 5/7/2020
Frontier Community Credit Union Demonstrates Strong Charitable Giving, Volunteering, and Educational Efforts to Benefit Kansas Communities

Frontier Community CU Supports KS Communities

Frontier Community Credit Union in Leavenworth, Kansas, has maintained a commitment to serving... read more »
Matt Walker 5/6/2020
TripActions: A Business Travel Platform That Saves Companies Money and Increases Traveler Satisfaction

TripActions Saves Companies Money, Increases Satisfaction

In a Nutshell:  TripActions is a comprehensive business travel management platform that... read more »
Adam West 5/5/2020
Earth League International: How to Support an Intelligence Agency That Protects Wildlife from Damaging and Criminal Actions

Earth League International Protects Wildlife

Illegal wildlife networks operate around the world right under our noses. They not only... read more »
Matt Walker 5/5/2020
60+ Million Micro-Merchants in India Have Limited or No Access to Capital — ftcash is Changing That

ftcash Offers Loans to India's Underserved Micro-Merchants

Micro-merchants in India turn to ftcash for business loans of between $1,500 and $15,000... read more »
Ashley Dull 5/5/2020
Sweden’s Disgusting Food Museum Offers a Taste of the Terrible While Raising Ideas About Sustainability and Unity Through Food

The Disgusting Food Museum Challenges Food Notions

While vacations may be temporarily halted by the COVID-19 pandemic, we at CardRates daydream... read more »
Matt Walker 5/5/2020
WiFi Map is the Crowdsourced App that Helps Users Find Free, Secure Internet Connectivity Around the World

WiFi Map: An App to Find Free Internet Around the World

Wifi access for people working on the go is vital in today’s society, but costly plans... read more »
Matt Walker 5/4/2020
Ember Fund: A Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund Platform that Brings Enterprise-Level Management and Expertise to a Global User Base

Ember Fund Offers Access to Crypto Hedge Funds

When Alex Wang and his friends learned that they couldn’t invest in cryptocurrency hedge... read more »
Adam West 5/1/2020
STACS: A Fintech Firm That Empowers Financial Institutions to Enter the Digital Market by Building Enterprise Blockchains

STACS: Enterprise Blockchains for Finance

While many tech startups have embraced blockchain technology from the start, traditional... read more »
Matt Walker 4/30/2020
ZenLedger Tames Messy Tax Reporting for Cross-Platform Cryptocurrency Trading

ZenLedger Tames Messy Crypto Tax Reporting

Seattle-based ZenLedger offers tax reporting software as a service (SAAS) for... read more »
Eric Bank 4/30/2020