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Saturday, January 18, 2020
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Stronghold’s Blockchain-Based Ecosystem Broadens Access to Financial Services by Making Payments Stable and Efficient

Stronghold's Blockchain Ecosystem Makes Payments More Efficient

The financial services networks typically used for cross-border payments and currency exchanges... read more »
Adam West 9/16/2019
TripLingo: An International Travel App that Helps People Communicate, Stay Safe, and Save Money While Visiting Other Countries

TripLingo App: Valuable Resources for International Travelers

Thanks to smartphones and widespread internet access, traveling abroad has become less... read more »
Matt Walker 9/13/2019
Roofstock Offers Analytics, Consultation, and Education to Simplify Remote Rental Investments for Buyers and Sellers

Roofstock Simplifies Remote Home Investing for Buyers and Sellers

Roofstock is revolutionizing the process of buying and selling rental homes — allowing buyers... read more »
Adam West 9/13/2019
East Idaho Credit Union Earns Recognition for Taking a Personal Approach to Service That Helps Members and Communities

East Idaho CU Helps Members and Communities

East Idaho Credit Union (EICU) has cared for the people in the Idaho communities it serves for... read more »
Adam West 9/12/2019
A Recent Study Highlights How Predictive Analytics Can Help Consumers Avoid Overdraft Issues While Curbing Attrition for Banks

Study Reveals Predictive Analytics Helps Consumers Avoid Overdrafts

In 2017, Americans paid around $34 billion in overdraft fees. The hefty fees often hit... read more »
Matt Walker 9/11/2019
Delancey Street is an Alternative Lender That Offers a Wide Range of Loans, Including Small Business, Hard Money, and Lawsuit Funding

Delancey Street: An Alternative Lender Offering a Range of Loans

Being denied a loan can be a difficult experience for business owners and entrepreneurs trying... read more »
Matt Walker 9/10/2019
CertiK Formal Verifications Leverage Mathematical Logic to Secure Blockchain Systems and Accelerate Mainstream Adoption

CertiK Formal Verifications Enhance Blockchain Security

Security is critical in any blockchain network, but vulnerabilities can go undetected until... read more »
Adam West 9/10/2019
GetFriday Allows Customers to Focus on Larger Goals with Virtual Assistance for Individuals and Business Support Services for Companies

GetFriday: Virtual Assistance and Business Support Services

Personal assistant services are no longer limited to the wealthy or powerful. GetFriday offers... read more »
Matt Walker 9/9/2019
Everex: A Blockchain-Based Payment Platform That Makes Both Domestic and International Money Transfers Fast, Efficient, and Accessible

Everex: Blockchain-Based Payments and Money Transfers

Everex is a blockchain-based platform for domestic and cross-border payments, which uses fiat... read more »
Adam West 9/6/2019
MoneyMagpie Uses an Educational Approach to Inform U.K. Readers on the Best Ways to Make, Save, and Manage Their Money

MoneyMagpie: Valuable Resources on How to Make, Save, & Manage Money

Jasmine Birtles was already a financial expert in the U.K., with several books to her name... read more »
Matt Walker 9/6/2019
Goalsetter Offers Unique Ways for Kids to Learn Financial Literacy Skills While Saving for their Future

Goalsetter Helps Kids Learn Financial Literacy While Saving

The Goalsetter app teaches children financial literacy skills through online games, quizzes... read more »
Adam West 9/5/2019
How TomoChain Conquers Scalability and Speed Challenges Faced by Other Blockchains, with Near-Zero Fees

TomoChain Conquers Blockchain Scalability and Speed Challenges

TomoChain is a new blockchain platform that resolves what CEO Long Vuong views as some of the... read more »
Matt Walker 9/4/2019
Moving Beyond Strips and Chips: Aite Group’s Tiffani Montez Weighs in on the Future of Contactless Credit Cards

Aite Group's Tiffani Montez on the Future of Contactless Credit Cards

In recent years, EMV chips in credit cards have replaced the familiar magnetic strips as the... read more »
Matt Walker 8/30/2019
DreamTeam Aims to Revolutionize the Esports and Gaming Industries with its Accessible, Blockchain-Based Team Management Platform

DreamTeam Revolutionizes Esports with Blockchain

DreamTeam is the first professional platform that connects esports gamers, team owners, and... read more »
Adam West 8/30/2019
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