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Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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<strong>How Donations Help Pacoima Beautiful Promote Environmental Justice In An Underserved Community</strong>

Pacoima Beautiful Donations Support Environmental Justice

Los Angeles neighborhood Pacoima has been subjected to pollution from nearby airports, freeways, and power plants for many... read more »
Adam West 3/16/2023
Teampay Offers a Scalable Automation Platform to Optimize Company Spend and Card Management

Teampay Platform Optimizes Spend Management

Corporate purchasing workflows don’t have to look like random scribbles. With Teampay, firms in growth mode can quickly get... read more »
Mike Senecal 3/15/2023
Cajun Cuisine Tops the Menus as Lafayette, Louisiana, is Recognized as a Top Foodie Travel Destination

Lafayette Recognized as a Top Foodie Travel Destination

Many travel spots describe themselves as cultural melting pots. But in Louisiana, the city of Lafayette is more like the... read more »
Mike Senecal 3/9/2023
TruWest Credit Union Recognized for Exceptional Member and Community Service

TruWest CU Recognized for Community Service

As member-owned financial institutions, credit unions gain their purpose in service. TruWest Credit Union, based in Arizona... read more »
Mike Senecal 3/8/2023
Expensify Streamlines Expense Reporting Through SmartScan Technology and Corporate Credit Cards

Expensify Enables Simplified Expense Reporting

Expensify is a software company that develops an expense management system for personal and business use. Expensify also... read more »
Sean Roderick 3/8/2023
Quantcha Incorporates Market Analytics to Offer  Investors Robust Tools for Informed Options Trading

Quantcha Offers Robust Tools for Informed Options Trading

Like many options traders in the early 2010s, Ed Kaim started by tracking trades on a spreadsheet. But as his strategies grew... read more »
Mike Senecal 3/7/2023
CoreLogic Chief Economist Selma Hepp: Housing Data Pinpoints Price, Inventory Trends

CoreLogic Housing Data Pinpoints Market Trends

The COVID-19 economic downturn added fresh impetus to the long-standing price appreciation trend in single-family housing... read more »
Mike Senecal 3/7/2023
Brandwatch Consumer Insights Help Financial Brands Optimize Social Media Engagement

Brandwatch Helps Financial Brands Optimize Engagement

Consumers are talking about brands and products more than ever across social media and influencer channels. Brandwatch... read more »
Mike Senecal 3/6/2023
<strong>Lake City, South Carolina, Offers Rewards Travelers Exciting Cultural Events and an Emerging Downtown</strong>

Lake City, SC, Offers Events and an Emerging Downtown

In the early 2000s, billionaire investor Darla Moore moved back to her hometown of Lake City, South Carolina, with... read more »
Adam West 3/6/2023
Mercury Financial Offers Near-Prime Borrowers Credit Access with a Prime-Level Experience

Mercury Financial: Credit for Near-Prime Consumers

In the highly competitive fintech credit space, Mercury Financial reaches out to a near-prime audience with prime-level... read more »
Mike Senecal 3/2/2023
Grain Links Debit to Credit Lines and Monitors Spending to Help Users Build a Positive Credit History

Grain: Virtual Credit Cards Based on Spending Patterns

When consumers start their credit journey from scratch or need to rebuild after a setback, achieving a good score is a... read more »
Jon McDonald 2/28/2023
SurvivorCorps: Worldwide Post-COVID-19 Care Centers Support Long COVID Research and Advocacy

SurvivorCorps Donations Support Long COVID Research

As the COVID-19 pandemic progressed from its initial phase into peaks and valleys of transmission and hospitalization... read more »
Adam West 2/27/2023
UPTIQ Broadens Access To Financial Intelligence and Loan Products For Wealth Managers and Advisors

UPTIQ Connects Wealth Managers to Loan Products

UPTIQ connects wealth advisors and their clients to a complete set of financial services products, providing greater access... read more »
Sean Roderick 2/23/2023
Yubi Offers A Debt Marketplace To Free The Financial Flow Between Borrowers, Lenders, And Investors

Yubi Encourages Growth for Borrowers and Lenders

As the business market continues to expand, the demand for funding becomes hard to ignore. Yubi is on a mission to build a... read more »
Sean Roderick 2/22/2023
PayTabs: Flexible Digital Payment Solutions That Address eCommerce Market Needs

PayTabs Addresses Payment Needs in eCommerce Markets

A Saudi eCommerce entrepreneur started PayTabs in 2014 when he could not find a bank to work with him on payments. With... read more »
Mike Senecal 2/16/2023
Human Interest Helps SMBs Attract and Retain Talent with User-Friendly, Affordable Retirement Plans

Human Interest Helps SMBs Provide Retirement Plans

Businesses often struggle to provide retirement benefits to employees, especially when legacy providers lack transparency in... read more »
Sean Roderick 2/15/2023
LoanPro’s Innovative Tech Helps Lenders Improve Performance and Consumers Gain Access

LoanPro’s Winning Tech Aids Both Lenders and Consumers

LoanPro is a loan servicing, management, and collections software company that enhances lender capability through advanced... read more »
Sean Roderick 2/14/2023
<strong>Space for Humanity Uses Donations to Fund Space Flights and Provide Perspective on Earth’s Issues</strong>

Space for Humanity Funds Space Flights for Perspective

Space for Humanity wants to help mission-driven world leaders see Earth’s issues from a new perspective: above the earth’s... read more »
Adam West 2/13/2023
Service Credit Union Recognized for Promoting Financial Wellness and Energizing Communities

Service Credit Union Honored for Energizing Communities

Service Credit Union offers competitive credit and loan products to meet everyday needs and earn rewards. But it also lives... read more »
Mike Senecal 2/9/2023
<strong>Part-Time Money’s Philip Taylor Offers Tips on Building Wealth Through Side Hustles and Passive Income</strong>

Part-Time Money Suggests Side Hustles to Build Wealth

Philip Taylor, CPA, started his blog Part-Time Money as a side hustle he’d pursue after finishing his corporate accounting... read more »
Adam West 2/9/2023
Global Anti-Scam Organization Raises the Alarm on Pig-Butchering Scams and How To Avoid Online Threats

Global Anti-Scam Org Warns Of Online Scamming Trends

Online activity is rife with criminal scams that are becoming more deceptive and pervasive. The Global Anti-Scam Organization... read more »
Sean Roderick 2/8/2023
Mind Money Balance Helps Consumers Forge a Healthier Relationship With Money Through Coaching and Therapy

Mind Money Balance Fosters a Healthy Approach to Money

Unlike traditional therapy, financial therapy targets problems associated with money matters. Lindsay Bryan-Podvin is a... read more »
Sean Roderick 2/6/2023
Credit Union 1 Recognized for Diversifying Its Membership Base Through University Partnerships

Credit Union 1 Recognized for Its University Partnerships

Credit Union 1 is one of the top-ranked financial cooperatives in the nation. Through its partnerships with universities, CU1... read more »
Sean Roderick 2/1/2023
Opportunity Finance Network Connects Corporate Investors With CDFIs to Narrow the Racial Wealth Gap

Opportunity Finance Network is Closing Racial Wealth Gaps

Opportunity Finance Network provides capital to community development financial institutions (CDFIs) working to close the... read more »
Brandon Rossman 1/31/2023

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