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Wednesday, April 8, 2020
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Clarabridge: An AI-Based Platform that Helps Financial Services Teams Deliver the Best Possible Customer Experience and Boost Loyalty

Clarabridge: Customer Satisfaction in Finance

Traditionally, many businesses have gauged customer satisfaction based on data from random... read more »
Matt Walker 1/10/2020
Cryptoindex: An AI-Powered Cryptocurrency Index with Extensive Analytic Data to Give Investors Deep Insights into the Digital Market

Cryptoindex: A Trustworthy AI-Powered Crypto Index

Just as stock market investors turn to reliable sources such as the Nasdaq Composite or the Dow... read more »
Matt Walker 1/9/2020
Denarium: A Range of Eye-Catching Physical Bitcoins That Safely Store Your Digital Assets Inside and Away from Hackers

Denarium: Safely Store Digital Assets in Physical Bitcoins

Once someone purchases Bitcoin, they have to figure out how they want to store their new... read more »
Matt Walker 1/6/2020
First Interstate Bank Recognized for Outstanding Efforts in Giving Back to the Community and Promoting Financial Literacy in the West

First Interstate Bank Recognized for Giving Back

First Interstate Bank maintains more than 150 branches across six states in the Northwest, yet... read more »
Matt Walker 1/3/2020
Personetics: An AI-Powered Engagement Platform that Helps Banks Boost Customer Engagement and Product Adoption

Personetics Helps Banks Boost Customer Engagement

As the global financial industry navigates digital transformation, the problems of platform... read more »
Adam West 1/2/2020
Women’s Startup Lab: An Accelerator and Entrepreneurship Institute Taking an Inclusive Approach to Disrupting the Tech Innovation Ecosystem

Women's Startup Lab Disrupts the Tech Ecosystem

Access to capital is a fundamental aspect of success for startups across the tech landscape... read more »
Adam West 12/31/2019
Guarda is a Versatile Cryptocurrency Wallet that Allows Digital Currency Users to Buy, Sell, and Exchange Assets in a Single Place

Guarda: A Versatile Crypto Wallet for an Array of Uses

For cryptocurrency investors, purchasing their digital assets is just one component of the... read more »
Matt Walker 12/29/2019
WeTravel Provides a Convenient Platform to Organize Trips, Collect Payments, and Manage Important Trip Details

WeTravel: A Convenient Platform for Booking Trips

While certain areas within the travel industry have been quick to embrace new technology... read more »
Matt Walker 12/20/2019
ChainSecurity Audit and Verification Service Identifies Vulnerabilities and Certifies the Functional Correctness of Smart Contracts on the Blockchain

ChainSecurity Certifies Smart Contract Accuracy

As blockchain technology evolves to decentralize P2P transactions, smart contracts have emerged... read more »
Adam West 12/19/2019
With Student Loan Debt at an All-Time High, Proposed Solutions Range from Bankruptcy Code Changes to Forgiveness

Proposed Solutions to Address the Student Loan Debt Crisis

Total student loan debt in the U.S. has tripled since 2005 and currently stands at $1.6... read more »
Matt Walker 12/17/2019
Become a Citizen Scientist by Volunteering with Coral Cay Conservation to Collect Data and Protect Marine Ecosystems Around the World

Coral Cay Conservation Volunteers Protect Marine Life

With coral reefs dying at an alarming rate, Coral Cay Conservation is doing its part to sway... read more »
Matt Walker 12/16/2019
OptiToken Cryptocurrency Uses Algorithmic Trading and a Buyback Program to Increase Value and Drive Adoption

OptiToken Uses a Buyback Program to Increase Value

Miners who validate blockchain transactions earn cryptocurrency as a reward, meaning the number... read more »
Adam West 12/13/2019
Switcheo: A Trustless, Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange with a Focus on Delivering a World-Class Trading Experience

Switcheo: A Decentralized, Convenient Crypto Exchange

The Co-Founders of Switcheo began with a vision to offer cryptocurrency enthusiasts a... read more »
Matt Walker 12/12/2019
Financial Automation Platform ScaleFactor™ Introduces a Customizable Charge Card to Optimize Cash Flow Management for SMBs

ScaleFactor Optimizes Cash Flow Management for SMBs

When Kurt Rathmann, then a CFO, needed to run a forecasting scenario to evaluate a business... read more »
Adam West 12/11/2019