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First Commonwealth Bank Recognized for Prioritizing Customers’ Financial Goals in the Western Pennsylvania and Ohio Markets

First Commonwealth Bank Honored for Prioritizing Customers’ Goals

In a Nutshell: With locations across Western Pennsylvania and  throughout Ohio, First Commonwealth Bank strives to improve the financial lives of the people, businesses, and communities it... read more »
By: Matt Walker, 10/30/2018
Nadex: The First U.S.-Based Exchange to Offer Binary Trading Opportunities in 29 Global Markets

Nadex Offers Binary Trading Opportunities in 29 Global Markets

In a Nutshell: Nadex, short for the North American Derivative Exchange, provides simple and accessible trading options for individuals with all levels of experience. You can log in to your... read more »
By: Amber Brooks, 10/30/2018
First Citizens’ Federal Credit Union Caters to Member and Community Needs Through Convenient Banking Products and Volunteer Efforts

First Citizens' Federal Credit Union Caters to Members and Communities

In a Nutshell: Since its founding in 1937, First Citizens’ Federal Credit Union has grown to more than 80,000 members throughout Massachusetts and more than $700 million in assets. The... read more »
By: Adam West, 10/30/2018
India’s E-Commerce Future: How PromoCodeClub Became a Leader in a Quickly Expanding Market

PromoCodeClub: A Leader in India’s Expanding E-Commerce Market

In a Nutshell: India’s e-commerce marketplace is exploding. In 2016, it was worth $15 billion. By 2026, that number is expected to reach $200 billion — a growth rate of more than 1,200%. The... read more »
By: Lauren Keys, 10/29/2018
TFS Scholarships Maintains an Extensive Database to Help Students Access $41 Billion Worth of Funding

TFS Scholarships Connects Students to $41 Billion in Funds

In a Nutshell: Springing from an idea by a high school principal, TFS Scholarships was developed to connect high school and college students to scholarship opportunities they might otherwise... read more »
By: Matt Walker, 10/26/2018
Orange County’s Credit Union Helps First-Time Homebuyers with Market-Specific Products and Personal Guidance

OCCU Helps First-Time Homebuyers with Market-Specific Products

In a Nutshell: In Orange County, California, rising property values have made it difficult to purchase a home for many prospective homebuyers — especially those without perfect credit or the... read more »
By: Jon McDonald, 10/26/2018
Intuit’s Recently Updated Mint App for iOS Provides Users a Holistic View of Their Finances with Personalized, Actionable Tips

Intuit’s Updated Mint App Provides Users with a Holistic Financial View

In a Nutshell: Backed by Intuit, Mint is the free personal finance application that lets users track their spending, monitor account balances, know when bills are due, and even check their... read more »
By: Adam West, 10/25/2018
On the Issues Presents Political Candidates’ Stances Without Commentary so Voters Can Decide for Themselves

On the Issues: Political Candidates’ Stances Without Commentary

In a Nutshell: US politics is surrounded by an influx of voices espousing every opinion on countless issues — it can be overwhelming. Thankfully, On the Issues offers voters straightforward... read more »
By: Matt Walker, 10/25/2018
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