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Thursday, May 26, 2022
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Rho Offers Growing Businesses a One-Stop Platform For Cards, Banking, and Accounts Payable

Rho: Card and Banking Solutions For Businesses

Rho is a modern business banking solution that lets companies view their banking, accounts... read more »
Jon McDonald 10/27/2021
TROOP’s Corporate Travel App Helps Consumers Maximize the Value of Credit Card Rewards

TROOP Maximizes the Value of Card Rewards Travel

In a nutshell: Planning corporate meetings and events can be a costly, time-consuming prospect... read more »
Adam West 10/21/2021 Weekly Credit Card Update — October 21, 2021

Weekly Credit Card Update — October 21, 2021

For media inquiries on these stories and more, contact credit card expert and industry analyst... read more »
Bill Hardekopf 10/21/2021
Kikoff Helps Consumers With Limited Credit Learn Financial Skills to Boost Their Scores

Kikoff Helps Consumers Learn Skills and Build Credit

Credit scores are crucial to financial well-being in the modern world, but a significant number... read more »
Adam West 10/19/2021 Weekly Credit Card Update — October 15, 2021

Weekly Credit Card Update — October 15, 2021

For media inquiries on these stories and more, contact credit card expert and industry analyst... read more »
Bill Hardekopf 10/15/2021
OnPoint Community Credit Union Delivers Personal Service and Financial Education to Communities

OnPoint Community CU: Service & Financial Education

OnPoint Community Credit Union is the largest credit union in Oregon. However, its size doesn’t... read more »
Adam West 10/14/2021
Acre Resort: Earthy Authenticity and Grounded Luxury Allow Card Rewards Travelers to Connect and Celebrate

Acre Resort: Outdoor Luxury For Card Rewards Travelers

After developers Cameron Watt and Stuart McPherson experienced the vibrancy of San José del... read more »
Adam West 10/13/2021
The Temenos Infinity Platform Empowers Banks and Credit Unions with Cutting-Edge Fintech Solutions

Temenos Infinity Brings Fintech to Banks and Credit Unions

The Temenos Infinity platform provides out-of-the-box digital banking solutions for financial... read more »
Jon McDonald 10/13/2021
Rustic Pathways: Students Can Earn Card Rewards During Travel Experiences that Support Local Development

Rustic Pathways: Students Earn Rewards While Traveling

Today, colleges and universities seek students who are well-rounded individuals with... read more »
Jon McDonald 10/12/2021
Seven Corners: Service-Focused Medical and Trip Insurance Solutions to Help Protect Card Rewards Travelers

Seven Corners: Insurance For Card Rewards Travelers

The world is ready to travel again, but the COVID-19 pandemic seems likely to disrupt... read more »
Adam West 10/11/2021 Weekly Credit Card Update — October 8, 2021 Weekly Credit Card Update — October 8, 2021

For media inquiries on these stories and more, contact credit card expert and industry analyst... read more »
Bill Hardekopf 10/8/2021
Till Financial: A Debit Card and App That Helps Prepare Kids for Brighter Financial Futures

Till Financial Card and App Help Kids Learn About Money

Till Financial is a collaborative family banking app and debit card designed to help kids... read more »
Jon McDonald 10/6/2021
Positive Coaching Alliance: Card Reward Donations Can Support Positive Youth Sports Experiences

Positive Coaching Alliance Supports Youth Athletics

Positive Coaching Alliance provides resources and guidance to youth athletic coaches. The... read more »
Jon McDonald 10/5/2021
BigTime Software Provides Convenient Credit Card Processing Solutions and Project Management Tools

BigTime: Card Processing and Project Management Tools

BigTime software allows firms to easily invoice their customers and quickly collect digital... read more »
Adam West 10/5/2021
OUR Credit Union Offers Products and Support to Help Members and Communities Reach Their Goals

OUR Credit Union Serves Members and Communities

OUR Credit Union has made it its mission to benefit Michigan communities with its products and... read more »
Jon McDonald 10/4/2021 Weekly Credit Card Update — October 1, 2021 Weekly Credit Card Update — October 1, 2021

For media inquiries on these stories and more, contact credit card expert and industry analyst... read more »
Bill Hardekopf 10/1/2021
Freedom First Credit Union Offers Something For Everyone With Beneficial Checking and Credit Products

Freedom First Credit Union Helps Low-Income Members

Freedom First Credit Union is a Community Development Financial Institution committed to the... read more »
Jon McDonald 9/30/2021
The Strawhecker Group: Data and Market Intelligence Drive Insights In the Card Payments Acceptance Industry

The Strawhecker Group: Data Insights For Card Payments

The competition and shifting roles in the card payments industry has put a premium on data... read more »
Jon McDonald 9/30/2021
Penfold Digital Pension App Helps Workers Maximize Retirement Savings and Plan for a Positive Credit Future

Penfold: Retirement Planning for a Positive Credit Future

Many workers in the UK aren’t on track to have enough money saved for retirement, with as many... read more »
Adam West 9/29/2021
Billd Credit Solutions Help Construction Contractors Boost Efficiency By Improving Control and Cash Flow

Billd Helps Contractors Manage Cash Flow and Credit

Construction subcontractors are generally not in the driver’s seat when it comes to cash flow... read more »
Adam West 9/28/2021
Georgia’s Own Credit Union Offers Flexible, Competitive Products and Accessible Financial Education

Georgia’s Own CU: Flexible Credit Products & Education

Georgia’s Own Credit Union has a long and storied history, but rather than letting its... read more »
Jon McDonald 9/28/2021
Lunch Money Makes Managing Finances and Avoiding Credit Pitfalls Possible Without Compromising Privacy

Lunch Money: A Fresh Take on Managing Credit & Finances

Lunch Money has entered the world of personal finance apps with a fresh and friendlier take on... read more »
Jon McDonald 9/27/2021
TrueCommerce Nexternal Platform Simplifies Ordering, Mobile POS, and Card Processing For B2B and B2C Clients

TrueCommerce Nexternal Simplifies Card Processing

The Nexternal Platform from TrueCommerce connects merchants with both their B2B and B2C... read more »
Adam West 9/27/2021
Global Payments Card Issuing Solutions Help Financial Institutions, Neobanks, Fintechs, and Retailers Deliver Better Customer Experiences

Global Payments: Flexible Omnichannel Card Solutions

Global Payments delivers omnichannel payment integrations to merchants of all sizes. It also... read more »
Jon McDonald 9/27/2021