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Friday, July 3, 2020
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Save at the Pump: First Internet Bank Introduces an Attractive 3% Cash Back Rewards Card for Commuters

First Internet Bank’s Rewards Card Offers Year-Round Cash Back on Gas

First Internet Bank’s Cashback Card boasts an impressive 3% back on fuel purchases and 1%... read more »
Matt Walker 9/12/2018
BlueSnap Empowers Midmarket Merchants with a One-Click Checkout Experience that Rivals Major E-Commerce Players

BlueSnap Improves One-Click Checkouts for Midmarket Merchants

One of the major reasons midmarket merchants have had difficulty competing in the world of... read more »
Lauren Keys 9/12/2018
Fluctuating Rates Not Necessarily a Negative for Homebuyers

Fluctuating Rates Not Necessarily a Negative for Homebuyers

In today’s housing market, low inventory, lagging new home construction, rising prices... read more »
Ray FitzGerald 9/11/2018 A Valuable Resource to Track Campaign Finances this Election Season Helps Public Track Campaign Funds

With election season upon us, eligible voters can be inundated with information about political... read more »
Matt Walker 9/10/2018
New York Community Bank Gives Back by Hosting Free Financial Literacy Programs and Donating Millions to Nonprofits

NYCB Gives Back with Free Financial Literacy Programs

New York Community Bank maintains over $50 billion in assets over its five-state footprint, but... read more »
Ray FitzGerald 9/7/2018
USALLIANCE Financial Provides Members with Education, Guidance, and Three Credit Cards to Suit Individual Needs

USALLIANCE Financial Provides Credit Cards to Suit Individual Needs

While USALLIANCE Financial got its start in 1966 as IBM’s credit union, it has grown and... read more »
Brittney Mayer 9/7/2018
SELCO Community Credit Union Gives Homeowners Access to a Revolving Line of Credit Through Its Home Equity Visa® Card

SELCO’s Home Equity Visa® Gives Members Access to Revolving Credit

Traditional home equity loans pay out a percentage of a borrower’s equity in one lump... read more »
Brittney Mayer 9/6/2018
The MCU TRUE Rewards Cash Back Visa® Now Offers 1.5% Back and Intro Rates as Low as 0%

MCU TRUE Rewards Cash Back VISA® Boosts Its Rewards to 1.5%

Consumers in the market for a new credit card typically have to choose between cards with... read more »
Ray FitzGerald 9/6/2018
Recognizing Alternatives Federal Credit Union as a Top Institution for Smart Credit Options that Help Low-Income Borrowers

Recognizing AFCU as a Top Institution for Smart Credit Options

For four decades, Alternatives Federal Credit Union has provided affordable borrowing options... read more »
Ashley Dull 9/5/2018
Host Merchant Services Offers Flexible Payment Processing Solutions for SMBs at Affordable, Interchange-Plus Rates

Host Merchant Services Offers Flexible Payment Processing

While setting up a merchant account to accept credit card payments may be easier now than it... read more »
Lauren Keys 9/5/2018
WSECU Introduces Three New Feature- and Design-Rich Visa Cards Based on Member Feedback

WSECU Uses Member Feedback to Design Three New Visa® Cards

For many financial institutions, broad demographic information determines the rates, rewards... read more »
Ray FitzGerald 9/4/2018
Barclays: Our 2018 Editor’s Choice™ Award Recipient for Diversity and Inclusion Practices that Help Employees and Customers Feel Welcome

Barclays Earns Our 2018 Diversity & Inclusion Editor's Choice™ Award

Many financial institutions create diversity and inclusion departments to expand their... read more »
Brittney Mayer 8/31/2018
Qapital Leverages Innovative Technology and Behavioral Science to Help Members Reach Their Financial Goals

Qapital Leverages Technology and Behavioral Science to Grow Savings

Saving money is not as easy as spending it, and for people who never learned healthy savings... read more »
Lauren Keys 8/30/2018
A Leader in Electronic Payment Processing — Boasts Low Transaction Fees and Zero Application or Setup Fees Boasts Low Transaction Fees & No Application or Setup Fees

The electronic payments space has made considerable advances in security and affordability over... read more »
Ray FitzGerald 8/28/2018