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Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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How BECU Puts People First in All of Its Financial Offerings

How BECU Puts People First in Its Financial Offerings

BECU didn’t become the fourth largest US credit union in asset size by overcharging its... read more »
Lauren Keys 8/20/2018
Doxo Makes It Safe, Secure, and Simple to Pay All of Your Bills from a Single Account

Pay All of Your Bills Through a Single Account with Doxo

Payment platform doxo provides secure solutions aimed at simplifying the bill-paying process... read more »
Ashley Dull 8/17/2018
Think You’ll Never Pay Off All Your Debts? How a Consolidation Loan May Help

Think You’ll Never Pay Off All Your Debts? Consolidation May Help

Carrying debt over multiple loans or credit cards can get expensive. Borrowers who make minimum... read more »
Lauren Keys 8/16/2018
RBC and ACCES Prepare Immigrants for Employment and Financial Success in Canada

RBC and ACCES Prepare Immigrants for Financial Success

Canada is currently a top destination for employment for a globally mobile workforce. But... read more »
Ashley Dull 8/16/2018
Top Unlimited Cash Back Option for Military Members — USAA’s Preferred Cash Rewards Visa Signature® Card Offers Competitive Rewards & Low Fees

USAA’s Top Cash Back Card Gives Military Members Unlimited Rewards

Active and former military members understand the meaning of the word sacrifice, having put... read more »
Ray FitzGerald 8/15/2018
Australians Turn to Auswide Bank for an Accessible and Affordable Alternative to Pricier Big Banks

Auswide Bank: Where Australians Access More Affordable Banking

As Australian home prices continue to tumble, the country’s housing market may see its first... read more »
Lauren Keys 8/14/2018
Member One Federal Credit Union Supports Community Nonprofits with the New plusONE Visa® Credit Card

Member One FCU’s plusONE Visa® Supports Community Nonprofits

More and more consumers want to know the money they spend and invest supports a good cause. To... read more »
Ray FitzGerald 8/10/2018
How the Mountain West Credit Union Association Fights for the Rights of Credit Unions and Their Members

How MWCUA Fights for the Rights of Credit Unions & Their Members

Although banks and credit unions have fundamental differences in the ways they operate and... read more »
Ashley Dull 8/10/2018
Consumers Don’t Need a Bank Account to Harness the Spending & Credit-Building Power of the Green Dot® Platinum Visa®

Our Take on the Green Dot® Platinum Visa® Card for Bad Credit

Everyday transactions — like online shopping and booking travel — are nearly impossible without... read more »
Ray FitzGerald 8/9/2018
An Option for Every Customer: Regions Bank Partners with Visa® to Curate Four Distinct Credit Card Offerings

Regions Bank Offers Its Customers Four Distinct Visa® Credit Cards

Today’s banking customer often is looking for one service provider that can tackle a multitude... read more »
Ashley Dull 8/7/2018
Debitize Helps Eliminate Late Payments, Overspending, and Interest Fees by Treating Your Credit Card Like a Debit Card

Debitize Your Credit Card to Eliminate Late Fees & Overspending

When a lot of little credit card purchases get together, they can add up to a big balance... read more »
Amber Brooks August 7, 2018
How the Council of Institutional Investors® Protects Individual Investor Rights through Advocacy of Greater Corporate Regulation

How the Council of Institutional Investors® Protects Investor Rights

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who has money saved in a pension or 401(k)... read more »
Ashley Dull 8/6/2018
Toby Sembower