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Monday, January 20, 2020
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Max Crowdfund: A Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform Leveraging Blockchain Technology to Simplify Property Investment

Max Crowdfund: Real Estate Crowdfunding on the Blockchain

Blockchain technology has helped many industries innovate in recent years. Max Crowdfund is one... read more »
Matt Walker 10/30/2019
IOU Financial Helps Small Business Owners Access Affordable Capital in Days Instead of Months

IOU Financial Helps SMB Owners Access Capital

Entrepreneurs often need access to expedited loans to keep their operations running or to seize... read more »
Adam West 10/29/2019
FCH Network: Next Generation Capability-Based Blockchain that Provides Fintech Applications with High Security, Tokenization, Staking, and Enterprise Identity Management

FCH Network Brings Security to Fintech Applications

Blockchain technology has emerged as a potential game-changer for businesses searching for... read more »
Adam West 10/29/2019
Decatur Earthmover Credit Union Lauded for Supporting Local Causes and Promoting Financial Literacy in Illinois Communities

Decatur Earthmover Credit Union’s Strong Community Support

For more than 60 years, Decatur Earthmover Credit Union has been positively impacting... read more »
Matt Walker 10/28/2019
PaymentCloud Offers Full-Service Retail and eCommerce Payment Processing Solutions Built on Inclusivity and Customer Service

PaymentCloud: Retail and eCommerce Payment Processing Solutions

Processing credit card transactions is key to growing a loyal customer base for storefront... read more »
Adam West 10/25/2019
Menlo One: Tools and Support that Streamline Decentralized App Development to Make Blockchain Work for Businesses

Menlo One Streamlines Enterprise Blockchain dApp Development

In countries with stable, fiat-centered economies, mainstream adoption of blockchain-based... read more »
Adam West 10/24/2019
CrowdStreet: A Platform that Democratizes Real Estate Investment Opportunities While Diversifying Portfolios

CrowdStreet Democratizes Commercial Real Estate Investing

Once limited to the most elite of investors, commercial real estate is now becoming available... read more »
Matt Walker 10/23/2019
How the Stacking Benjamins Podcast Addresses Financial Literacy Through a Fun, Lighthearted, and Diverse Listening Experience

The Stacking Benjamins Podcast: A Fun Approach to Financial Literacy

You won’t find anybody yelling at you or shaming you about your money on the Stacking Benjamins... read more »
Matt Walker 10/22/2019
Qiibee Helps Businesses Run Effective Loyalty Programs by Tapping Into the Potential of Blockchain Technology

Qiibee: Bolster Loyalty Programs via Blockchain Technology

Customer loyalty programs abound these days. Companies vie with one another to get their... read more »
Matt Walker 10/21/2019
Campco Federal Credit Union Builds Trust by Bringing Kindness and Convenience to Communities in Rural Wyoming

Campco FCU Brings Convenience, Kindness to Wyoming Communities

Campco Federal Credit Union started out serving teachers in Campbell County, Wyoming, and later... read more »
Adam West 10/18/2019
Taking the Pain Out of Packing: DUFL Packs and Ships Clothes to Your Travel Destination and Cleans Them for Your Next Trip

DUFL Packs and Ships Clothes to Your Destination

While air travel for both business and pleasure continues to increase, the journey from home to... read more »
Adam West 10/18/2019
Service One Credit Union Provides Support for Kentucky Communities That Goes Well Beyond Financial Services

Service One CU Supports Kentucky Communities

Service One Credit Union provides the people in the Bowling Green, Glasgow, and South Central... read more »
Adam West 10/17/2019
Coinfirm is Helping to Solve Regulatory Risk Challenges to Move the Cryptocurrency Market Forward

Coinfirm’s Regulatory Platform and the Safe Adoption of Crypto

While the cryptocurrency ecosystem has only been around for a decade, it has experienced a lot... read more »
Matt Walker 10/16/2019
The Virginia Association of Community Banks Provides Strong Federal Advocacy, Quality Education, and Collaboration for its Member Banks

VACB Advocates for Virginia Community Banks

The Virginia Association of Community Banks (VACB) has served banks in the state for more than... read more »
Adam West 10/11/2019
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