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LegalShield Protects SMB Owners with Monthly Plans that Provide Access to a State-Licensed Lawyer and Legal Help

LegalShield Protects SMB Owners with Law Services for a Monthly Fee

In a Nutshell: Over half a million new small businesses pop up around America each year. While cash flow issues keep many of these businesses from celebrating their first anniversary, many... read more »
By: Ray FitzGerald, 3/23/2018
Market Force Study Provides Insights into the Evolving Role of Bank Branches

Market Force Study Provides Insights into the Evolving Role of Banks

In a Nutshell: Over three decades ago, some financial experts predicted the imminent death of brick-and-mortar bank branches, noting the advent of internet banking would overwhelm the... read more »
By: Ray FitzGerald, 3/22/2018
The Points Digital Wallet Allows Users to Manage, Redeem, and Swap Loyalty Program Rewards Across More Than 60 Partner Networks

Points Users Can Manage, Redeem, and Swap Loyalty Program Rewards

In a Nutshell: Loyalty programs have existed since the 1930s, when consumers who made purchases at select retailers earned Green Stamps that could be redeemed for the merchandise of their... read more »
By: Ray FitzGerald, 3/21/2018
Rasmussen Reports Delivers Unbiased & Accurate Economic and Political Opinions with the Collection, Publication, and Distribution of Public Polling Information

Rasmussen Reports Delivers Unbiased Economic & Political Data

In a Nutshell: Opinion polls have been popular for nearly a century, with many individuals and companies working to find ways to appropriately gauge public sentiment on topics ranging from... read more »
By: Ray FitzGerald, 3/20/2018
Don’t Become a Statistic — 7 Ways to Protect Your Sensitive Financial Data While Using Public Wi-Fi Networks

7 Ways to Protect Financial Data While Using Public Wi-Fi Networks

In a Nutshell: Approximately 46% of Americans have had their credit card number stolen in the last five years. The statistics don’t reveal how those credit card numbers were obtained,... read more »
By: Ray FitzGerald, 3/19/2018
Wealthfront’s Intricate Research and Analytics Help Clients, Save, Invest, and Set Goals that End in a Comfortable Retirement

Wealthfront Helps Clients Save, Invest, and Reach Financial Goals

In a Nutshell: People in their 30s and 40s often struggle to plan for retirement because they feel as if their targeted date to leave the workforce is eons away. Maintaining a proper... read more »
By: Ray FitzGerald, 3/19/2018
Banks and Credit Unions Turn to Allpoint to Provide Customers with Access to 55,000 Surcharge-Free ATMs Worldwide

Allpoint Offers Over 55,000 Fee-Free ATMs Worldwide

In a Nutshell: Consumers who are searching for a new financial services provider no longer use name recognition as their deciding factor. With more options than ever, the institution with... read more »
By: Ray FitzGerald, 3/16/2018
More Than 500K High-Volume Traders Use Interactive Brokers’ Low-Cost Platform to Electronically Access Global Investment Data

Interactive Brokers Platform Helps 500K+ Traders Buy and Sell Globally

In a Nutshell: Commodities investors have no shortage of options to choose from when researching online brokers and trading platforms. While many brokers leverage the latest technology to... read more »
By: Ray FitzGerald, 3/15/2018
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