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Monday, September 21, 2020
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CareerArc: How Retailers are Recruiting New Employees and Transitioning Seasonal Hires in the Modern, Connected Economy

CareerArc: How Retailers Recruit and Transition Employees Today

In a Nutshell: Talent acquisition and retention present challenges for the retail... read more »
Ashley Dull 10/11/2018
Actual Tools: Simplifying Multiple-Monitor Windows Environments for Businesses to Boost Employee Productivity

Actual Tools: Simplifying Multiple-Monitor Windows Environments

Businesses will do just about anything to boost productivity, but many don’t bother to... read more »
Ashley Dull 10/11/2018
ResellerRatings: Brand and Product Reviews That You Can Integrate Into Your Site and Ad Campaigns to Boost Conversions

ResellerRatings: Reviews That Integrate Into Your Site and Ad Campaigns

Businesses understand the importance of collecting reviews, but how they leverage them is just... read more »
Ashley Dull 10/11/2018
Connex Credit Union’s Coins-for-Change Program, People-Focused Philosophy & Charitable Contributions Benefit the New Haven Area

Connex Credit Union’s Coins-for-Change Benefits New Haven

Connex Credit Union’s Coins-for-Change program takes the fees charged by its coin-cashing... read more »
Matt Walker 10/11/2018
Cariloha’s Bamboo-Based Apparel and Home Goods Connect with Today’s Aspirational Consumers, Driving Physical Store Expansion

Cariloha: Bamboo-Based Goods that Connect with Consumers

By transforming sustainable bamboo fiber into soft viscose fabric, Cariloha produces an... read more »
Adam West 10/11/2018
Avoid Zero-Day Attacks: Check Point® Software Prevents Security Threats Before They Become Exploited Vulnerabilities

Check Point® Prevents Threats From Becoming Exploited Vulnerabilities

With millions of cyberattacks aimed at retailers every day, simply detecting malicious software... read more »
Ashley Dull 10/11/2018
Living Rich With Coupons: Teaching Readers to Make the Most of Their Budgets so They Live a Life of Plenty

Living Rich With Coupons: Teaching Readers to Make the Most of Budgets

Living Rich With Coupons was founded by Cindy Livesey in 2009 after her husband lost his job... read more »
Lauren Keys 10/11/2018
How ecoATM Gazelle Extends the Consumer-Device Lifecycle Through Convenient Kiosks and Secure ReCommerce

ecoATM Gazelle Extends the Device Lifecycle Through ReCommerce

The Crunch: The yearly release of high-tech devices means consumers rush to trade in the old... read more »
Ashley Dull 10/11/2018
StatCounter Delivers Actionable Insights By Making Website Analytics Easy and the User Experience Intuitive

StatCounter Delivers Actionable Insights By Simplifying Analytics

In the current landscape of analytics platforms that provide an overload of information... read more »
Ashley Dull 10/11/2018
Turning Customer Feedback into Actionable Data, UserVoice Removes the Guesswork for Product Management Teams

UserVoice Removes the Guesswork for Product Management Teams

UserVoice simplifies product management by automating the collection of customer feedback and... read more »
Adam West 10/11/2018
Shapeways — One of the World’s Largest Online Marketplaces for Makers to Showcase and Sell 3D Printed Items in 58+ Materials and Finishes

Shapeways 3D Printing Offers a Marketplace for Your Unique Products

Manufacturing products via 3D printing has created a low-risk entry point into the marketplace... read more »
Adam West 10/11/2018
Stephanie Nelson Uses the Power of Coupon Mom to Drive Donations Through Grocery Savings

Stephanie Nelson Drives Grocery Donations Through Coupon Mom

In a Nushell: What started as a way to feed her family on a single income turned into a... read more »
Brittney Mayer 10/11/2018
Greenhouse Optimizes the Hiring Process From Interview to Onboarding With an Intuitive Cloud-Based Platform

Greenhouse's Cloud-Based Platform Optimizes the Hiring Process

The recruiting, hiring, and onboarding process often means expensive advertising, stacks of... read more »
Ashley Dull 10/10/2018
Selling Your Art Doesn’t Have to Be Hard — Format™ Helps Creatives Build & Grow A Brand

Selling Art Made Easy — Format™ Helps Creatives Build & Grow A Brand

Format is devoted to helping artists create simple, stunning online portfolios that can be used... read more »
Adam West 10/10/2018