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Fattmerchant’s Subscription-Based Model Modernizes Payment Processing, Boosts Transparency, and Saves Businesses Money

Fattmerchant’s Subscription Model Modernizes Payment Processing

With its innovative subscription-based model, Fattmerchant is helping bring the world of credit card payment processing into the modern era.... read more »
By: Matt Walker, 11/8/2018
NFCC’s Bruce McClary Discusses the Importance of Overcoming the Shame Cycle and Communicating About Credit Card Debt

NFCC on the Importance of Communicating About Debt Issues

With credit card utilization rates increasing, consumers are taking on larger amounts of debt than in years past. This can lead to financial... read more »
By: Matt Walker, 11/7/2018
With Crypto-Backed Loans, Nexo Allows Consumers to Access the Value of Their Cryptocurrency While Maintaining Its Growth Potential

Nexo’s Loans Allow Users to Access the Value of Their Cryptocurrency

Powered by Credissimo, one of Europe’s leading FinTech companies, Nexo offers a new service in the world of cryptocurrencies: instant... read more »
By: Matt Walker, 11/6/2018
Guadalupe Credit Union Empowers New Mexico Communities Through Volunteering and Multicultural Financial Literacy Programs

Guadalupe Credit Union Financially Empowers Communities

Financial education is vital to establishing good money management skills, but resources aren’t always easy to find. For 70 years,... read more »
By: Jon McDonald, 11/6/2018
Empower Takes Banking Completely Digital, Offering 1% Cash Back, High Savings Interest Rates and an Online Assistant

Empower: A Digital Bank that Offers Savings Perks and an Assistant

The grand days of the brick-and-mortar banking institution are going by the wayside with the rise of online banking and digital services.... read more »
By: Matt Walker, 11/5/2018
2018’s Top 10 Booming College Towns

2018’s Top 10 Booming College Towns

A 2017 study by TD Ameritrade found that nearly 50% of college graduates return home after receiving their diploma out of financial... read more »
By: Ashley Dull, 11/5/2018
Long Game Savings App Uses Gamification to Engage the Mobile-First Generation in Learning Healthy Financial Habits

Long Game App Uses Gamification to Engage the Mobile-First Generation

The Long Game Savings app was launched in 2015 to help millennials practice healthy financial behaviors by combining two of the... read more »
By: Jon McDonald, 11/2/2018
Debt Collection Answers Empowers Consumers with Education on Legal Rights and Resources for Resolving Outstanding Debt

Debt Collection Answers Educates Consumers on Debt Resolution

Frequent calls and demands from collection agencies can be intimidating to consumers who aren’t aware of their rights — or debt collectors’... read more »
By: Jon McDonald, 11/2/2018
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