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Friday, September 25, 2020
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Equal Eats Helps Travelers with Food Restrictions Dine Abroad in Confidence with Handy Dietary Translation Cards

Equal Eats: Diet Translation Cards for Travelers

Traveling abroad can raise anxiety levels for people who suffer from food allergies because... read more »
Matt Walker 7/28/2020
Mynd’s Property Management Uses Technology and Expertise to Help Real Estate Owners Protect Their Investments

Mynd & Tech-Driven Property Management

Property management is a corner of the real estate industry that takes a lot of time... read more »
Matt Walker 7/23/2020
Sprinklr: A Customer Experience Management Platform that Helps Brands Engage with Clients on Any Modern Channel

Sprinklr: Modern Customer Experience Management

Customer satisfaction remains an essential part of nearly any business’s success. But... read more »
Matt Walker 7/22/2020
Matthew 25: Ministries Provides Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief to All in Need, Regardless of Circumstance

Matthew 25: Ministries Supports All in Need

Rev. Wendell Mettey grew accustomed to dealing with poverty as a pastor in inner-city... read more »
Adam West 7/21/2020
How FAIRR Uses Its Investor Network to Ensure Transparency on ESG Issues Within the Global Protein Supply Chain

FAIRR: Protein Supply Chain ESG Awareness

When it comes to sustainable and environmentally sound practices, intensive animal production... read more »
Matt Walker 7/21/2020
Tata Consultancy Services Prepares Banks to Navigate Four Stages of Recovery Following the COVID-19 Pandemic

TCS Helps Banks Prepare for Post-COVID Operations

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is a consultancy firm that works with most top financial... read more »
Adam West 7/20/2020
Republic Acquires Compound and Launches Republic Real Estate, a Platform Reimagining Real Estate Investing Opportunities

Republic Real Estate: Reimagining Investing

For decades, real estate investment opportunities have been limited to high net worth... read more »
Matt Walker 7/17/2020
QuoteWerks Earns Recognition for Developing Premier Sales Quoting and Proposal Software and its 25-Year History of Innovation

QuoteWerks Recognized for its Sales Proposal Software

In 1993, John C. Lewe IV led an IT company and needed software to provide customers and... read more »
Adam West 7/16/2020
Magento Commerce from Adobe is a Scalable and Customizable Platform that Helps Businesses Create Unique Customer Experiences

How Magento Commerce Helps Businesses Thrive

Magento Commerce from Adobe provides an all-inclusive e-commerce solution that allows clients... read more »
Adam West 7/14/2020
Onerent Contactless Property Management Perfectly Situated for Pandemic-Rocked Rental Market

Onerent Ready for Pandemic-Rocked Rental Market

Onerent is a West Coast property management company that arranges for renters to find... read more »
Eric Bank 7/13/2020
Mindtree’s Disaster Loan Management Solution Streamlines SBA Paycheck Protection Program Loans to Pandemic Victims

Mindtree’s DLM Solution Streamlines PPP Loans

Mindtree, a software provider and IT consulting company, developed its Disaster Loan Management... read more »
Eric Bank 7/13/2020
Empower: An AI-Based Financial Services Platform that Offers Users Advice on Saving, Budgeting, and Spending Wisely

Empower: AI-Based Financial Services for Consumers

Consumers who are just getting started with using financial services might assume they’re... read more »
Adam West 7/8/2020
TontineTrust Lifetime Income Pensions Aim to Deliver Increasing Monthly Payouts to Europeans Through a Secure Blockchain-Based Platform

TontineTrust Aims to Deliver Increasing Pension Payouts

Tontines are a centuries-old investment system through which individuals pay into a collective... read more »
Adam West 7/8/2020
Capitol Bank Provides Essential Community Support and Helps Businesses and Consumers in Southern Wisconsin Meet New Challenges

Capitol Bank Supports Wisconsin Communities

Capitol Bank has served Wisconsin’s capital city of Madison and its surrounding area for... read more »
Adam West 7/7/2020