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Sunday, September 24, 2023
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Vagaro Streamlines Payment Processing for Businesses in the Beauty, Wellness, Fitness Sectors

Vagaro Offers Time-Saving Payments Solutions

Fred Helou got the idea for Vagaro during a trip to South Korea in 1999, when he wanted to make an appointment for a haircut... read more »
Adam West 5/10/2023
Cross River Card Solutions Drive Fintech Innovation and Power Financial Inclusion

Cross River Card Solutions Drive Fintech Innovation

Financial technology companies are a primary source of innovation in modern banking. Behind the scenes, Cross River provides... read more »
Mike Senecal 5/9/2023
Support Ukraine Now: Donations Fund Global and Local Activism and Help Restore Nationhood

Support Ukraine Now Donations Fund Activism

On the day in February 2022 when Russia invaded Ukraine, a few activist friends needed a platform to address immediate... read more »
Mike Senecal 5/4/2023
Fundid Helps Underserved Businesses Achieve Growth With Grant and Capital Opportunities

Fundid Helps Underserved Businesses Find Funding

Many small businesses, especially female-owned operations, have difficulty with funding. Fundid is a platform that caters to... read more »
Sean Roderick 5/1/2023
Lightyear Offers Retail Investors Friction-Free Multicurrency Access to Global Markets

Lightyear Offers Friction-Free Access to Global Investments

Full-featured fintech platforms like Robinhood support a vibrant retail investment culture in the US. But in the EU and UK... read more »
Mike Senecal 4/25/2023
Sezzle Helps Empower Consumers with Buy Now Pay Later Capability and Credit-Building Features

Sezzle Offers Split Payments and Credit Building

Sezzle is a fintech company that offers Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) and credit-building options. Its main offering is a split... read more »
Sean Roderick 4/24/2023
Zolve’s Credit Building Card Helps Consumers Access Financial Services and Earn Rewards

Zolve's Credit Building Card Rewards Consumers

International students and professionals who move to the US to work or study must start from scratch financially, even when... read more »
Mike Senecal 4/19/2023
Young Americans Center for Financial Education Gives Youths Real-Life Experiences In Banking

Young Americans Center Offers Youth Finance Training

Parents looking for an immersive introduction into banking and finance for their kids can find it through the Young Americans... read more »
Sean Roderick 4/17/2023
Benefits of Digital Transformation: Cloud Financial Management a Security Game Changer for SMBs

Cloud Financial Management a Security Game Changer

The shift to the cloud and more dispersed workforces means employees are tapping into workplace networks from potentially... read more »
Mike Senecal 4/13/2023
In The Midst Of Revitalization, Texas Memorial Museum Relies on Card Donations For Support

Texas Memorial Museum Supported By Card Donations

The Texas Memorial Museum is a great destination for those who want to learn about the natural history and cultural heritage... read more »
Sean Roderick 4/12/2023
Financial Finesse’s NIL Long Game Certification Platform Helps College Athletes Keep What They Earn

NIL Long Game Helps College Athletes Keep What They Earn

The name, image, and likeness (NIL) era offers college athletes unprecedented opportunities to earn revenue and achieve... read more »
Mike Senecal 4/12/2023
STRATAFOLIO Management Platform Helps Maximize Commercial Property ROI for QuickBooks Subscribers

STRATAFOLIO Helps Maximize Commercial Property ROI

Commercial real estate management is like juggling too many balls at once. Maybe it’s okay to miss one in juggling, but... read more »
Mike Senecal 4/10/2023
Choice Bank Puts People First By Prioritizing Financial Education and Community Outreach Programs

Choice Bank Puts People First By Prioritizing Outreach

Choice Bank is a community bank striving to help others through community outreach services and financial education support... read more »
Sean Roderick 4/5/2023
Bolt’s One-Click Checkout Boosts Account Signups and Conversions Everywhere Customers Shop

Bolt Checkout Boosts Account Signups and Conversions

There’s a disconnect between what eCommerce customers want and what merchants need at checkout. Customers want a frictionless... read more »
Mike Senecal 4/4/2023
700Credit Streamlines Credit Reports, Compliance, and Soft Pulls to Help Auto Dealers Improve Sales

700Credit Streamlines Credit Scoring for Auto Dealers

People need cars, but the last thing a typical consumer wants to do on a sunny Saturday afternoon is buy one. Fortunately... read more »
Mike Senecal 3/30/2023
SoloSuit Helps Clients Respond To and Settle Debt Lawsuits by Using Automated Tools and Resources

SoloSuit Simplifies the Response to Debt Lawsuits

Millions of Americans face debt collection lawsuits every year and are summoned to appear in court. Oftentimes people don’t... read more »
Sean Roderick 3/29/2023
Juno Negotiates Group Lending To Help Students Save Money On Private College Loans

Juno Uses Groups to Negotiate Lower Private Student Loans

As rates for student loans continue to rise, many are discovering how difficult it is to find affordable options. Juno is a... read more »
Sean Roderick 3/28/2023
<strong>The College Funding Coach Helps Parents Financially Plan for Their Children’s Educational Futures</strong>

The College Funding Coach Helps Parents Plan for College

College tuition has never been more expensive, and parents are worried about how they’re going to pay for their children’s... read more »
Adam West 3/27/2023
PCI Pal Delivers Secure Contact Center Payments That Simplify Compliance and Enhance CX

PCI Pal Delivers Secure Contact Center Payments

Across the brand landscape, mid-market to enterprise-size contact centers need payment solutions that cover all the bases... read more »
Mike Senecal 3/23/2023
<strong>Marquette Savings Bank: A Community-Based Financial Institution That  Shows SMBs the Power of Local Service</strong>

Marquette Savings Bank Shows SMBs Responsive Local Service

Marquette Savings Bank is the only remaining locally owned and headquartered financial institution in Pennsylvania’s Erie and... read more »
Adam West 3/23/2023
ScamSurvivors Combats Financial Scams and Helps Victims of Online Exploitation Recover Their Dignity

ScamSurvivors Combats Online Financial Scams

The internet creates an infinite space for scammers looking to steal money, privacy, and dignity. ScamSurvivors has provided... read more »
Mike Senecal 3/22/2023
FutureCard Offers Debit Card That Rewards Green Spending and Helps Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

FutureCard Offers Debit Card For Green Initiatives

Some reward cards offer incentives to consume more goods that contribute to climate change, like spending on gas, but Future... read more »
Sean Roderick 3/21/2023
Kudos Smart Wallet App Streamlines Checkout and Helps Shoppers Choose the Best Rewards Card

Kudos Smart Wallet App Streamlines Card Checkout

Credit card rewards benefit shoppers the most when they remember to use the right card at the right time. The Kudos smart... read more »
Mike Senecal 3/20/2023
Gusto Helps SMBs Put People First With User-Friendly HR Tools for Hiring, Paying, and Retaining Talent

Gusto Puts People First With Its HR and Payroll Platform

Work is ultimately about people, no matter what form it takes. For modern SMB employers, the goal is to empower — rather than... read more »
Mike Senecal 3/20/2023

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