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MarkMonitor® Uses Proprietary Anti-Fraud Technology and Intelligence to Build a Wall Between Fraudsters and Financial Brands

MarkMonitor Builds a Wall Between Fraudsters and Financial Brands

In a Nutshell: Every year, trillions of dollars are lost to fraud and brand manipulation. The scams can be as simple as a fake online paid advertisement claiming affiliation with a brand, or... read more »
By: Ray FitzGerald, 12/1/2017
Deserve Looks Beyond Credit Scores to Approve Students and Young Professionals with Limited Credit Profiles

Deserve: Credit Products Tailored to Consumers with Limited Credit

In a Nutshell: Access to credit can be difficult for the more than 1 million international students enrolled in American colleges each year. Despite many students entering the states with no... read more »
By: Ray FitzGerald, 11/30/2017
Make the Most of Your Travel Budget & Credit Rewards: Uniworld Creates Remarkable Experiences Through Its Boutique Cruise Line

Uniworld: Remarkable Experiences Through Boutique River Cruises

In a Nutshell: When it comes time to decide what to do with your credit card travel rewards, booking a cruise is a popular choice. However, instead of dealing with the long buffet lines and... read more »
By: Aaron Lay, 11/27/2017
Study Suggests the Impulsivity that Results from ADHD Can Cause Financial Distress in Adults

Study Suggests ADHD Can Cause Financial Distress in Adults

In a Nutshell: People who suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) often find it difficult to stay organized, meet deadlines, and plan details of their everyday lives.... read more »
By: Kristine Crane, 11/21/2017
With More than $800 Million Donated, CanadaHelps.org Gives Donors Complete Control Over Their Charitable Contributions

CanadaHelps.org Gives Donors More Control Over Charitable Gifts

In a Nutshell: As a nation, Canada has one of the most generous populations on Earth. Canadian citizens consistently rank in the top 10 (of 140) countries in charitable giving, as measured... read more »
By: Mike Randall, 11/20/2017
Columbia Business School Research Exposes Volatility Within the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency System

Columbia Business School Exposes Volatility in Cryptocurrency System

In a Nutshell: As values of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin increase, demand by investors to get in on the cash cow also grows. News organizations that normally ignore digital currency now... read more »
By: Ray FitzGerald, 11/20/2017
Putting Union Families First — Union Plus Acts as a Financial Partner to 1+ Million Members with Hardship Help & a Trio of Credit Card Options

Union Plus’ Credit Options Offer Added Benefits to Union Members

In a Nutshell: Millions of card-carrying union members go to work each day in America. Not only is membership a source of pride, but it’s also a strong layer of protection for your ongoing... read more »
By: Ray FitzGerald, 11/17/2017
CodeWeavers Makes It Fast, Easy & Affordable to Run Windows Applications on Non-Windows Systems

CodeWeavers: Run Windows Apps Affordably on Non-Windows Systems

In a Nutshell: Getting Windows applications or games to function on non-Windows systems can often be a tricky and expensive process. A pricy Windows license, virtual machine, and programs... read more »
By: Aaron Lay, 11/16/2017
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