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Monday, April 19, 2021
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Frost Bank’s Nearly 150-Year Commitment to Innovation & Personal Customer Relationships Spurs Texas-Sized Growth

Frost Bank’s Commitment to Service Leads to Texas-Sized Growth

Tracing its roots almost as far back as when Texas became a state, Frost Bank has stood the... read more »
Sean Garrity 7/25/2017
How Memset Keeps Financial Institutions Safe — Affordable Cloud Services Deliver Robust, High-End Security

Memset Provides Secure Cloud Hosting for Financial Institutions

With customer data at stake, choosing a web host with a reputation for security is... read more »
Jon McDonald 7/24/2017
200 Years of Relationships: BMO Harris Earns Our Editors’ Choice™ Award for Its High-Net-Worth Family Wealth Management Services

BMO Bank Earns Editors' Choice™ for Family Wealth Management Services

A full two centuries ago, nine of Montreal’s most prosperous merchants came together to... read more »
Brittney Mayer 7/24/2017
Epicor® Brings Business Software and Payment Processing Solutions Together with a 98% Approval Rate

Epicor® Brings Payment Processing & Software Solutions Together

Credit card processing is an essential piece for many businesses and their software needs go... read more »
Adam West 7/20/2017
The World’s Foremost Social Trading Network, eToro Unites 6.5M Users Seeking Shared Investment Success

eToro Unites 6.5M Users Seeking Shared Investment Success

Taking cues from other social media networks,  eToro has harnessed the collective... read more »
Adam West 7/19/2017
Build Your Brand & Promote Your Passion: Offers Side Hustlers Marketing Solutions that Scale with Growing Demand’s Solutions for Side Hustlers Scale with Your Business

Offering free personalized webpages, is a platform where freelancers, entrepreneurs... read more »
Mike Randall 7/14/2017
Give Every Dollar a Purpose: How Mvelopes Provides a Digital Update to a Time-Tested Budgeting Method

Mvelopes Provides a Digital Update to a Time-Tested Budgeting Method

As our money goes digital so, too, must our budgets. Bringing the tried-and-true method of... read more »
Brittney Mayer 7/12/2017
Logoworks: Helping New Finance Blogs Establish Their Brand Identity Through Custom Graphic Design Projects & Professional Marketing Collateral

Logoworks: Helping Finance Blogs Establish Their Brand Identity

Developing memorable logos and websites are key pieces to creating visibility around new... read more »
Adam West 7/7/2017 Educational Resources & Tools that Help Americans Understand Their Options for Getting Out of Debt & Improving Credit Helps Americans with Options for Getting Out of Debt

Consumer debt remains one of the biggest challenges many Americans face in their struggle for... read more »
Mike Randall 6/30/2017 Brings Transparency to Campaign Finance through Comprehensive Data & Research Resources Brings Transparency to Campaign Finance

Politics is already complicated, and that’s before you start to consider the role money... read more »
Adam West 6/29/2017
NetSuite Earns Editor’s Choice Award™ for Its Cloud-Based ERP Solution for Financial Services

NetSuite: Editor's Choice Award™ for Cloud-Based ERP Solution

Used by over 40,000 organizations and subsidiaries across more than 160 countries, including... read more »
Brittney Mayer 6/27/2017
Crowdfund with a Little Help From Your Friends — Fundly Has Raised More Than $330M Through Its Versatile, Facebook-Integrated Platform

Fundly: More Than $330M Raised Through Its Versatile Social Platform

Online fundraising has become increasingly popular over the years, but how projects are funded... read more »
Adam West 6/27/2017
Commerce with a Conscience — Dharma Merchant Services’ Commitment to Fair Pricing & Philanthropy Appeals to SMBs

Dharma Merchant Services Adds a Conscience to Commerce

As the move toward a cashless society accelerates, businesses are evolving to accept an array... read more »
Adam West 6/21/2017
Fighting Fraud with Knowledge — How Western Union’s Fraud Education Resources Help Lower Consumer Money Transfer Fraud

How Western Union is Fighting Consumer Fraud with Knowledge

While modern technological advances have improved many aspects of our lives, they’ve also... read more »
Brittney Mayer 6/9/2017
Capture 5X More User Engagement with New Conversational Forms from QuestionPro — The Leader in Online Survey Software Trusted by the Biggest Financial Institutions

5X More Consumer Engagement with New QuestionPro Conversations

Despite the links to consumer surveys at the bottom of every receipt and customer-facing email... read more »
Brittney Mayer 6/7/2017
Adventure Life Tours and Cruises Create Authentic Travel Experiences & Inspire Travelers to Give Back to Destination Communities

Adventure Life Experiences Inspire Travelers & Help Communities

Traveling the world is a dream many share, but not everyone’s idea of the dream travel... read more »
Brittney Mayer 5/30/2017
How MathWorks® Computing Software Powers Data Analysis & Modeling for Financial Decision-Makers Around the World

How MathWorks® Software Powers Financial Data Analysis & Modeling

Behind each important financial decision, risk assessment, and regulatory compliance report, is... read more »
Brittney Mayer 5/22/2017
Exclusive Savings from Top-Reviewed Companies: Join Angie’s List for 10M+ Consumer Reviews & Members-Only Discounts on Hundreds of Services

Angie’s List: 10M+ Reviews & Discounts on Hundreds of Services

The importance of choosing the right service provider, be it for home care or health care, is a... read more »
Brittney Mayer 5/18/2017
TechTerms™ Uses Relatable Definitions to Help Consumers Understand Financial Services’ Jargon

TechTerms™ Helps Consumers Understand Financial Jargon

In a Nutshell: Navigating the complex language on financial platforms can cause... read more »
Adam West 5/5/2017
Travel the World on a College Budget: StudentUniverse Saves Students Up to 40% on Flights & Accommodations

StudentUniverse Saves Students Up to 40% on Flights & Hotels

Jetting across the globe is an enriching experience for anyone. For college students who are... read more »
Sean Garrity 5/1/2017
Cruise Critic: Helping Cardholders Maximize Travel Rewards with Reviews & Fair Pricing for the Best Ships on the Open Seas

Cruise Critic — Reviews & Fair Pricing to Maximize Travel Rewards

When it comes to redeeming travel rewards, most cardholders immediately think about savings on... read more »
Adam West 4/27/2017
Sedo Turns Domain Ownership Into an Investment Opportunity Through the World’s Largest Web Address Marketplace

Sedo Turns Domain Ownership Into an Investment Opportunity

In a Nutshell: Buying a web domain might seem like an unconventional... read more »
Adam West 4/18/2017
$137.6B Returned to Investors — The Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) Protects Millions of Investors Against Brokerage Firm Bankruptcies

SIPC Protects Millions of Investors Against Brokerage Firm Bankruptcies

Although investing is never without risk, the securities industry was once significantly more... read more »
Brittney Mayer 4/14/2017
How the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) Helps Regulate the Use of Consumer Data for Interest-Based Advertising

How the NAI Helps Regulate Use of Consumer Data for Advertising

The collection of consumer data by advertisers scaled to new heights in the 1990s as the growth... read more »
Brittney Mayer 4/14/2017