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Friday, September 22, 2023
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Sprinklr: A Customer Experience Management Platform that Helps Brands Engage with Clients on Any Modern Channel

Sprinklr: Modern Customer Experience Management

Customer satisfaction remains an essential part of nearly any business’s success. But evolving technology and modes of... read more »
Matt Walker 7/22/2020
Matthew 25: Ministries Provides Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief to All in Need, Regardless of Circumstance

Matthew 25: Ministries Supports All in Need

Rev. Wendell Mettey grew accustomed to dealing with poverty as a pastor in inner-city Cincinnati. But when he traveled to... read more »
Adam West 7/21/2020
How FAIRR Uses Its Investor Network to Ensure Transparency on ESG Issues Within the Global Protein Supply Chain

FAIRR: Protein Supply Chain ESG Awareness

When it comes to sustainable and environmentally sound practices, intensive animal production raises numerous red flags... read more »
Matt Walker 7/21/2020
LiquidApps Developed LiquidOracles to Streamline and Speed Up the EOSDT Stablecoin Price Feed on Equilibrium

LiquidOracles Streamlines the EOSDT Stablecoin Price Feed

Decentralized finance — or DeFi — is a growing movement among cryptocurrency enthusiasts, but whether blockchain will... read more »
Adam West 7/20/2020
Tata Consultancy Services Prepares Banks to Navigate Four Stages of Recovery Following the COVID-19 Pandemic

TCS Helps Banks Prepare for Post-COVID Operations

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is a consultancy firm that works with most top financial service providers providing them a... read more »
Adam West 7/20/2020
QuoteWerks Earns Recognition for Developing Premier Sales Quoting and Proposal Software and its 25-Year History of Innovation

QuoteWerks Recognized for its Sales Proposal Software

In 1993, John C. Lewe IV led an IT company and needed software to provide customers and prospects with price quotes. When he... read more »
Adam West 7/16/2020
Genesis Mining Lets Anyone Mine Cryptocurrency Without Costly Hardware

Genesis: Crypto Mining Without Costly Hardware

Genesis Mining is a platform that provides remote cryptocurrency mining to customers who don’t want to run their own mining... read more »
Eric Bank 7/15/2020
Empower: An AI-Based Financial Services Platform that Offers Users Advice on Saving, Budgeting, and Spending Wisely

Empower: AI-Based Financial Services for Consumers

Consumers who are just getting started with using financial services might assume they’re working for the bank, not the other... read more »
Adam West 7/8/2020
TontineTrust Lifetime Income Pensions Aim to Deliver Increasing Monthly Payouts to Europeans Through a Secure Blockchain-Based Platform

TontineTrust Aims to Deliver Increasing Pension Payouts

Tontines are a centuries-old investment system through which individuals pay into a collective pool of money and receive... read more »
Adam West 7/8/2020
Capitol Bank Provides Essential Community Support and Helps Businesses and Consumers in Southern Wisconsin Meet New Challenges

Capitol Bank Supports Wisconsin Communities

Capitol Bank has served Wisconsin’s capital city of Madison and its surrounding area for 25 years. The institution was built... read more »
Adam West 7/7/2020
Glenbrook’s Payments Boot Camp® Offers Education and Industry Insights to a Global Audience of Stakeholders

Glenbrook’s Payments Boot Camp® Offers Industry Insights

Change is the only constant in the payments industry, and that can make professional development a daunting challenge... read more »
Adam West 7/6/2020
David Lewis of HR Consulting Firm OperationsInc Shares Insight into the Changes in Store for Workplaces Post-Coronavirus

OperationsInc Examines Post-Coronavirus Workplaces

OperationsInc is the largest HR consulting practice in Connecticut and one of the largest HR firms in the United States. As... read more »
Adam West 7/6/2020
Miles is a Frequent Flyer Program for Ground Transportation that Promotes Eco-Friendly Travel with Appealing Rewards

Miles: Users Earn Rewards for Ground Travel

Miles is a tech platform that brings the idea behind frequent flyer miles to ground transportation. The app incentivizes... read more »
Matt Walker 6/30/2020
451 Research Brings Expert Insights on How COVID-19 is Impacting the Payments Industry via In-Depth Analysis and Reports

451 Research: Payments & Responding to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unique challenges to the payments processing industry. 451 Research — a global research... read more »
Matt Walker 6/24/2020
The Swiss Banking Industry’s First Cryptocurrency: Dukascoin Gamifies Tokenomics to Entice New Clients

Dukascoin's Gamification Entices Digital Banking Clients

Dukascoin (DUK) is the cryptocurrency brainchild of Swiss bank and brokerage firm Dukascopy, and the first cryptocurrency... read more »
Jon McDonald 6/23/2020
GoCo: An HR and Benefits Platform that Helps SMBs Streamline Workforce Management So They Can Focus on their Goals

GoCo Helps SMBs Streamline Workforce Management

SMBs juggle many priorities when launching and charting a successful course, and effective workforce management often gets... read more »
Adam West 6/23/2020
Saga Developers Leverage Decades of Monetary Research in Hopes of Creating a Future Global Decentralized Currency

Saga Aims to Become a Recognized Global Currency

The Saga token (SGA) is a recently launched digital currency with ambitious goals of one day becoming a global currency... read more »
Adam West 6/22/2020
The Ocean Agency is a Nonprofit That Accelerates Ocean Conservation Action Through Innovation and Technology

The Ocean Agency: Accelerating Conservation

After spending a decade in advertising, Richard Vevers took his experience out on the water and created The Ocean Agency. The... read more »
Matt Walker 6/18/2020
Wealthcare for Women Offers Personalized Consultations to Teach Women How to Take Control of Their Financial Futures

Wealthcare for Women Teaches Financial Control

Financially independent women often need comprehensive retirement planning services that meet their unique needs. Russ... read more »
Adam West 6/17/2020
CamCard is More Than a Business Card Scanner — It’s a Full-Featured Contact Management Platform

CamCard is a Full-Featured Contact Management Platform

CamCard is a contact management system that uses a smartphone’s camera to capture, store, and edit business cards using... read more »
Ashley Fricker 6/17/2020
Bonbast Charts Open Market Foreign Currency Exchange Rates in Iran Through Economic Challenges and International Struggles

Bonbast Charts Iran’s Foreign Currency Exchange Rates

Bonbast has reported the foreign exchange value of Iran’s rial currency since 2012, based on data obtained from a network of... read more »
Adam West 6/16/2020
Steve Dasseos, Founder of TripInsuranceStore, Shares How Travelers Can Protect Their Vacation’s Financial Commitments Amid a Pandemic

Steve Dasseos Shares Travel Insurance Tips

TripInsuranceStore was one of the first one-stop-shop internet sites for travel insurance. Today, the website and its... read more »
Adam West 6/15/2020
Step: An All-in-One Card and Banking Solution with Budgeting and Family Resources for Teens Starting Their Financial Journeys

Step: An All-in-One Card and Banking Solution

Credit and banking products that leverage mobile technology to teach teens about financial independence are in high demand... read more »
Adam West 6/12/2020
Kickfurther: A Crowdfunding Platform that Helps Businesses Secure Inventory Financing and Engage Brand Supporters

Kickfurther: Crowdfunded Capital & Brand Engagement

Many growing businesses that have demonstrated growth and profitability do not qualify for funding through traditional bank... read more »
Matt Walker 6/11/2020

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