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Monday, May 29, 2023
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Alegeus Introduces Employee Care Card to Help Workers During Covid-19 Crisis

Alegeus Introduces Employee Care Card

Alegeus is a leader in consumer-directed healthcare solutions. It offers an industry-leading... read more »
Eric Bank 6/11/2020
How an iTestCash Device Can Help Protect Businesses from Costly Situations

iTestCash: Helping Businesses Prevent Costly Situations

iTestCash is a leading online seller of money handling equipment, including counterfeit... read more »
Eric Bank 6/11/2020
PayNearMe Provides the Most Payment Options Available on a Single Platform and Tools to Help Merchants Receive Faster Payments

PayNearMe Helps Merchants Receive Faster Payments

PayNearMe offers merchants and recurring billers a platform that accepts virtually every type... read more »
Adam West 6/10/2020
LoungeBuddy from American Express Gives Amex Card Members Exclusive Access to Luxurious Airport Lounges Around the World

LoungeBuddy: An Exclusive Amex Card Member Benefit

LoungeBuddy is an app-based booking service that lets travelers find and book an airport lounge... read more »
Ashley Dull 6/9/2020
Matcherino Helps Power the Growing Esports Business Model by Providing Financial Infrastructure and Brand Exposure

Matcherino Powers the Esports Business Model

As video games and the gaming industry continue to grow in popularity, so does esports, or the... read more »
Matt Walker 6/8/2020
EquityMultiple Uses Technology to Make Commercial Real Estate Investing More Accessible for Individuals

EquityMultiple: Real Estate Investing for Individuals

The world of commercial real estate investing was once limited to large companies and the... read more »
Matt Walker 6/5/2020
The Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center and Its Mission to Advance Research to Open the Door to Universal Financial Literacy

GFLEC: Opening the Doors to Financial Literacy

It’s no secret that the financial literacy rate in the U.S. is subpar. The Global Financial... read more »
Matt Walker 6/4/2020
Regent Bank: Going Beyond Traditional Banking with a Passion to Serve Oklahoma Communities

Regent Bank: A Passion to Serve Oklahoma Communities

Regent Bank, a community bank serving the Eastern Oklahoma area and into Springfield, Missouri... read more »
Adam West 6/4/2020
Glint: The Online Account and Mastercard that Allow Users to Save, Exchange, and Spend Real Gold

Save, Exchange & Spend Gold with the Glint Mastercard

Glint allows customers to buy, sell, and spend physical gold instantly through its... read more »
Ashley Dull 6/4/2020
An ACFE Expert Weighs in on Training and Resources that Can Help Identify Credit Card Fraud and Protect Merchants and Cardholders

ACFE Expert Weighs in on Protecting Against Card Fraud

Cash has become an afterthought for a growing number of consumers, and businesses that don’t... read more »
Adam West 6/2/2020
Cashfree is Dominating the Payment Solutions Landscape in India

Cashfree is Dominating the Payment Landscape in India

Cashfree offers India the easiest, fastest way for online businesses to collect and disburse... read more »
Eric Bank 6/2/2020
Leftover Currency Delivers Fast Cash, Economic Stimulus, and Charitable Giving

Leftover Currency: The U.K.'s Top Exchange Company

Leftover Currency is a currency exchange service with two offices in London. Since 2012, it has... read more »
Eric Bank 6/1/2020
Htmlcoin is Dedicated to Driving Innovation and Helping to Uncover New Applications for Tomorrow via Its Crypto and Blockchain Platform

Htmlcoin: An Innovative Crypto & Blockchain Platform

A wide range of industries are finding ways to apply blockchain technology to boost... read more »
Matt Walker 5/29/2020
Fossil Free Funds From As You Sow Helps Investors Divest From Fossil Fuel Companies with High Carbon Footprints

Fossil Free Funds Helps Individuals Invest Responsibly

Fossil Free Funds is one of six mutual fund search tools offered by 501(c)3 nonprofit As You... read more »
Adam West 5/27/2020
Good Judgment Superforecasters Use Evidence-Based Collaboration to Help Organizations Quantify Risks and Predict Outcomes

Good Judgment Helps Organizations Quantify Risks

In 2011, the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) held a four-year research... read more »
Ashley Dull 5/27/2020
Recognizing Chosen Payments as a Leader in Payment Processing with Its Tech-Forward and Partner-Focused Approach

Chosen Payments: A Leader in Payment Processing

Procuring a quality credit card payment processor is a necessity for any competitive business... read more »
Matt Walker 5/27/2020
Zap Supports Tokenomics by Helping Businesses Create Decentralized Platforms to Trade Their Own Crypto Tokens, and Much More

Zap Helps Businesses Create Their Own DeFi Platforms

Zap provides a truly decentralized way for businesses, service providers, and information... read more »
Adam West 5/27/2020
The Sound Money Defense League is Working to Bring Back Gold and Silver as America’s Constitutional Money

Sound Money Defense League Advocates for Gold and Silver

The Federal Reserve instituted a policy of unlimited quantitative easing in March 2020 in... read more »
Adam West 5/22/2020
365 Retail Markets Offers Leading Payment Technology in the Global Self-Service Vending Industry

365 Retail Markets Offers Leading Payment Technology

365 Retail Markets provides self-service technology that micro market operators can use to sell... read more »
Eric Bank 5/19/2020
Hard Money Bankers Provides Quick Real Estate Loans When Banks Can’t

Hard Money Bankers Provides Quick Real Estate Loans

Hard Money Bankers is a full service and self-funded private/hard money lending company... read more »
Eric Bank 5/18/2020
Allego Workforce Readiness Platform Recognized with Our Editor’s Choice Award™ for Virtual Learning Innovation

Allego Recognized for Virtual Learning Innovation

Training a sales force in the financial services industry is time-consuming and expensive, but... read more »
Ashley Dull 5/18/2020
Transitioning to a Low-Carbon Economy: Why a Green New Deal Initiative Could Produce Economic and Environmental Benefits

Why a Low-Carbon Economy Makes Sense for the U.S.

Rather than reject the claim that human activity contributes to global warming, today’s... read more »
Adam West 5/12/2020
Merrchant Delivers a Complete Cloud-Based Solution to Perform and Simplify Operations for All Types of Businesses

Merrchant Delivers a Complete Business Software Solution

Merrchant is an all-in-one, cloud-based software solution that runs general business functions... read more »
Eric Bank 5/11/2020
PiixPay Allows Customers to Conveniently Use Cryptocurrency to Handle Bills and Recurring Payments

PiixPay: Conveniently Pay Bills with Cryptocurrency

PiixPay is a fintech platform that allows users to easily pay bills using cryptocurrency. The... read more »
Matt Walker 5/8/2020