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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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MytripleA Connects Investors and Businesses in Spain Through a Crowdlending Platform That Democratizes Access to Credit

MytripleA Expands Credit Access in Spain

Crowdlending platforms expand small business access to credit by connecting investors to opportunities with terms that... read more »
Adam West 9/29/2020
Rocket Dollar Simplifies Self-Directed Investing with its Checkbook IRA and Premium Debit Card

Rocket Dollar Simplifies Self-Directed Investing

Rocket Dollar offers an innovative approach to self-directed investing by automating the process. Investors maintain complete... read more »
Adam West 9/28/2020
Vantage Circle: Recognize Employees with Gift Cards, Discounts, and Other Perks

Vantage Circle: Employee Engagement & Recognition

Maintaining satisfied and happy employees may build good karma, but it’s also a good business strategy. High turnover rates... read more »
Matt Walker 9/28/2020
Running Start Prepares Women to Run for Public Office and Help Reform Credit and Financial Policy

Running Start Prepares Women for Public Office

Running Start is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that prepares women to run for public office ensuring that women’s... read more »
Adam West 9/24/2020
The BusyKid App and Card Help Parents Teach Money Management Skills

The BusyKid App and Card Help Teach Money Skills

Today’s kids tend to experience money as plastic, not as physical cash, which makes it harder to teach them that money must... read more »
Adam West 9/24/2020
PortaPocket: A Wearable Pocket that Helps Travelers Discreetly Stash Phones, Cards, and Necessities

PortaPocket Helps Travelers Stash Phones and Cards

PortaPocket helps people carry their valuables discreetly and hands-free, whether they’re at the gym, walking the dog, or... read more »
Adam West 9/23/2020
Loyalzoo Enables Small Business to Implement Credit Card-Style Loyalty Rewards Programs

Loyalzoo: Loyalty Rewards Programs for SMBs

Loyalzoo offers digital loyalty rewards programs modeled after those used by big retailers but tailored to small businesses... read more »
Adam West 9/16/2020
The eBay Managed Payments Program Offers Flexibility, Including Credit Cards and Other Methods

eBay: Managed Payments Allows More Flexibility

For more than 25 years, eBay has been a pioneer when it comes to facilitating online transactions. During that time, eBay... read more »
Matt Walker 9/15/2020
Africa Odyssey Safari and Travel Consultants Help Adventure Seekers Turn Their Credit Card Rewards into Unique Experiences

Africa Odyssey Consultants Plan Unique Adventures

The thrill of an unexpected adventure often makes travel special, but finding it yourself isn’t easy. That’s why the staff at... read more »
Adam West 9/10/2020
An ADAA Expert Weighs in on the Impacts of Credit Card Debt and Stress During the COVID-19 Crisis

Credit Card Debt & Mental Health

Concerns about financial matters can lead to elevated stress levels, particularly in times of great economic hardship. We... read more »
Matt Walker 9/9/2020
How Businesses in Florida are Handling the COVID-19 Pandemic, including Securing Loans and Business Credit

Florida Businesses & the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the bottom lines of businesses around the country, including Florida’s tourism-dependent... read more »
Matt Walker 9/8/2020
Trafi Helps Cities Manage Transportation While Offering Consumers Price Transparency and Payment Capabilities so They Can Leave their Credit Cards at Home

Trafi Helps Cities Manage Transportation

Trafi helps cities deliver mobility as a service (MaaS) to transportation consumers. Users can compare prices, plan routes... read more »
Adam West 9/4/2020
Expert Reveals How the COVID-19 Pandemic Shows the Need for Greater Efficiencies in U.S. Healthcare Delivery

COVID-19 Shows the Need for Efficient U.S. Healthcare

The COVID-19 pandemic has made life challenging in many ways, but it has also shined a light on some positive transformations... read more »
Adam West 9/3/2020
NAFCU Strengthens Credit Unions Through Political Advocacy and Educational and Compliance Assistance Resources

NAFCU Helps Strengthen Credit Unions

The National Association of Federally-Insured Credit Unions (NAFCU), which represents the industry’s interests on Capitol... read more »
Adam West 8/27/2020
Visions Federal Credit Union Strengthens Communities in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania Through Volunteerism and Financial Literacy Initiatives

Visions FCU Strengthens Mid-Atlantic Communities

When the COVID-19 pandemic took hold in New York and the mid-Atlantic this past spring, Endicott-based Visions Federal Credit... read more »
Adam West 8/26/2020
Going Awesome Places: Itineraries, Guides, and Reviews that Help Travelers Plan Adventures and Maximize Credit Card Rewards

Going Awesome Places: Maximizing Travel Rewards

Will Tang became passionate about travel while he was a student backpacker, and he started Going Awesome Places to transform... read more »
Adam West 8/25/2020
Homelike Helps Extended-Stay Business Travelers Save Time and Money by Connecting Them with Rental Properties in the EU

Homelike Helps Business Travelers Rent EU Properties

Accommodations for business travelers are typically designed for short stays. But when professionals need to work for weeks... read more »
Adam West 8/18/2020
Escape: Harnessing the Power of Big Data to Help Travelers Find Flight Bargains On Their Own Schedules

Escape Offers Flight Bargains and Flexible Scheduling

The airline industry uses a dynamic pricing approach, which means travelers can never be sure if they’re getting a bargain... read more »
Adam West 8/14/2020
Pineapple: Disrupting the Insurance Industry with an App That Combines an AI-Based UX with Social Features and Rewards

Pineapple AI-Based Insurance App Offers Social Features

The Pineapple AI-enabled app aims to change the way people look at insurance — and what they can insure. Users simply take a... read more »
Adam West 8/13/2020
Startup Istanbul: Etohum’s Twice-a-Year Event Connects Entrepreneurs and Investors from Around the World in Turkey

Startup Istanbul Connects Entrepreneurs and Investors

The Turkish city of Istanbul, situated near the Asia-Europe border, has long served as a gateway for global exchange. Since... read more »
Adam West 8/11/2020
Australia’s Judo Bank Steps Up to Support Businesses During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Judo Bank Supports Businesses During COVID-19

As Australia’s first SME-focused challenger bank, Judo Bank offers quality business banking services geared toward... read more »
Matt Walker 8/6/2020
Limelight Health Helps Streamline and Automate Sales and Underwriting for the Employee Benefits Industry

Limelight Health: A Modern Employee Benefits Platform

Today’s employee benefits industry largely looks like yesterday’s employee benefits industry, according to Limelight Health... read more »
Matt Walker 8/6/2020
Cook Travel Connects Travelers with Surprising Savings on First Class and Business Class Air Fares

Cook Travel: Discounted First Class & Business Flights

For some of us, first-class and business-class flights are the exceptions rather than the rule, but Cook Travel takes... read more »
Matt Walker 8/4/2020
Zoho CRM Empowers Businesses of All Sizes and Industries to Increase Sales and Grow Revenue

Increase Sales and Grow Revenue with Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is the central module within the Zoho One enterprise solution for businesses of any size. The CRM module flexibly... read more »
Eric Bank 8/3/2020

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