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Monday, October 25, 2021
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CareerArc: How Retailers are Recruiting New Employees and Transitioning Seasonal Hires in the Modern, Connected Economy

CareerArc: How Retailers Recruit and Transition Employees Today

Talent acquisition and retention present challenges for the retail industry especially with its... read more »
Ashley Dull 10/11/2018
Actual Tools: Simplifying Multiple-Monitor Windows Environments for Businesses to Boost Employee Productivity

Actual Tools: Simplifying Multiple-Monitor Windows Environments

Businesses will do just about anything to boost productivity, but many don’t bother to improve... read more »
Ashley Dull 10/11/2018
Connex Credit Union’s Coins-for-Change Program, People-Focused Philosophy & Charitable Contributions Benefit the New Haven Area

Connex Credit Union’s Coins-for-Change Benefits New Haven

Connex Credit Union’s Coins-for-Change program takes the fees charged by its coin-cashing... read more »
Matt Walker 10/11/2018
Cariloha’s Bamboo-Based Apparel and Home Goods Connect with Today’s Aspirational Consumers, Driving Physical Store Expansion

Cariloha: Bamboo-Based Goods that Connect with Consumers

By transforming sustainable bamboo fiber into soft viscose fabric, Cariloha produces an... read more »
Adam West 10/11/2018
Living Rich With Coupons: Teaching Readers to Make the Most of Their Budgets so They Live a Life of Plenty

Living Rich With Coupons: Teaching Readers to Make the Most of Budgets

Living Rich With Coupons was founded by Cindy Livesey in 2009 after her husband lost his job... read more »
Lauren Keys 10/11/2018
How ecoATM Gazelle Extends the Consumer-Device Lifecycle Through Convenient Kiosks and Secure ReCommerce

ecoATM Gazelle Extends the Device Lifecycle Through ReCommerce

The Crunch: The yearly release of high-tech devices means consumers rush to trade in the old... read more »
Ashley Dull 10/11/2018
Stephanie Nelson Uses the Power of Coupon Mom to Drive Donations Through Grocery Savings

Stephanie Nelson Drives Grocery Donations Through Coupon Mom

In a Nushell: What started as a way to feed her family on a single income turned into a... read more »
Brittney Mayer 10/11/2018
Memorable Marketing Through Music — Free Music Archive Provides Artists and Brands a Mutually Beneficial Platform

Free Music Archive Helps Brands Create Memorable Marketing

Music and marketing go hand in hand thanks to music’s proven ability to drive emotional... read more »
Adam West 10/10/2018
BigCommerce: Our Editor’s Choice for Scalable E-Commerce Software

BigCommerce: Our Editor’s Choice for Scalable E-Commerce Software

From small businesses to enterprise-level corporations, BigCommerce has built an e-commerce... read more »
Adam West 10/10/2018
TicketCity Fosters Customer Loyalty Through Rewards, Discount Programs & Sports Packages

TicketCity Fosters Customer Loyalty with Rewards

By networking with professional suppliers and major partners, TicketCity sells tickets to over... read more »
Ashley Dull 10/10/2018
Canada’s LendingArch Makes Finding the Right Credit Card Quick and Easy with Its Card Comparison Service

LendingArch Helps Canadians Find the Best Credit Card Options

With so many options available, searching for the right credit card can be a daunting process... read more »
Matt Walker 10/9/2018
Columbia University’s Center for Decision Sciences Gives Retailers Valuable Insights into What Drives Consumer Spending Habits

Columbia CDS Helps Retailers Understand Consumer Decisions

Retailers use every available tool to survive in today’s competitive marketplace. However, if... read more »
Adam West 10/9/2018
How CJ Affiliate Leverages Conversant’s Data to Help Retailers Drive Better Returns Through Affiliate Marketing

CJ Affiliate Uses Data to Benefit Both Retailers and Ad Publishers

An increasing number of retailers and publishers are looking to affiliate marketing as a more... read more »
Ashley Dull 10/9/2018
At Goodshop, Online Shopping Becomes Charitable Giving at No Cost to the Consumer

At Goodshop, Online Shopping Becomes Charitable Giving

When consumers shop online through Goodshop, a percentage of their purchases go toward a cause... read more »
Ashley Dull 10/9/2018
IsoBuster Helps Recover the Critical Customer Data Small Businesses Need to Compete

IsoBuster Helps Recover Critical Customer Data for SMBs

Digital data is often the most valuable property that small business owners possess. But... read more »
Adam West 10/9/2018
Putting Customers First, CustomInk Helps Businesses Stand Out with a Selection of Customizable Products & Design Templates

CustomInk Helps Businesses Stand Out with Customizable Products

By putting customer needs at the forefront since 2000, CustomInk has made ordering custom... read more »
Adam West 10/9/2018
DYNALOG: How Brought Print into the Digital Age Through Its Innovative Product Showcase & Marketing Platform

DYNALOG: A Product & Marketing Platform for Increased Engagement

Many retailers have phased out print catalogs in favor of websites and mobile marketing during... read more »
Ashley Dull 10/9/2018
Avidia Bank’s Suite of Cards Feature Competitive APRs for Every Credit Range and Up to 3x Rewards Points

Avidia Bank Cards Offer Competitive Rates and up to 3x Rewards

As a community bank, Avidia keeps the customer at the forefront of its decisions. That’s why... read more »
Matt Walker 10/9/2018
Kingston Encrypted USB Drives: Hardware Data Protection for Today’s Mobile Workforce

Kingston Encrypted USB Drives Protect Today’s Mobile Workforce

Modern technology allows more workers to do their jobs on the go, but the devices they use to... read more »
Ashley Dull 10/8/2018
The New Discover it® Business Card Offers Vital Benefits for Small Business Owners

The Discover it® Business Card Provides Vital Benefits

Discover’s latest offering — the — focuses on features that benefit the small business owner... read more »
Matt Walker 10/5/2018
A Culture of Service: VoIP Supply Earns Our Editors’ Choice Award™ for Its Comprehensive Telephony Marketplace

VoIP Supply Provides Comprehensive Telephony Solutions & Support

Many businesses turning to modern technologies for voice communications need help making the... read more »
Brittney Mayer 10/5/2018
Stay Ahead of Fraud — RSA® Analyzes Purchase Patterns to Help Retailers Detect & Respond to Potential Threats

RSA® Data Analytics Helps Retailers Detect & Respond to Potential Fraud

Keeping pace with fraud is a tough challenge for retailers because cyber criminals are... read more »
Brittney Mayer 10/4/2018
DFCU Financial Earns Our Editor’s Choice™ Award for Supporting Education and Healthcare Programs in Southern Michigan

DFCU Financial Supports Community Programs in Southern Michigan

For nearly 70 years, DFCU Financial has built relationships with its members and the region it... read more »
Ashley Dull 10/3/2018
FortiPresence by Fortinet® Earns Our Editor’s Choice Award™ for Its Wifi Analytics and Engagement Solutions

Fortinet’s FortiPresence Earns Our Award for Wifi Analytics Tools

Customers have come to expect free wifi during the in-store shopping experience. And while it... read more »
Ashley Dull 10/3/2018