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Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Credit Card Issuers Holding You Hostage? Negotiation Tips from The Black Swan Group Can Pay Off

Credit Card Negotiation Tips from The Black Swan Group

The same skills professionals use to take the next step in their careers or make great deals can also help people negotiate... read more »
Adam West 3/3/2021
Finalrentals Offers a Wide Selection of Convenient Car Rentals for Credit Card Rewards Travelers

Finalrentals: A Consumer-Friendly Car Rental Platform

The biggest frustration many consumers have with car rental companies is that they never know how much it will cost until... read more »
Adam West 3/1/2021
Square Makes Accepting Credit Cards Simple and Convenient for Merchants of Any Size

Square Makes Accepting Credit Cards Simple

Once upon a time, accepting credit card payments was a convenience not available to just anybody. The costs associated with... read more »
Matt Walker 2/26/2021 Weekly Credit Card Update — February 26, 2021 Weekly Credit Card Update

For media inquiries on these stories and more, contact credit card expert and industry analyst Bill Hardekopf at (205)... read more »
Bill Hardekopf 2/26/2021
Greenphire Delivers Flexible Virtual Payments and Pre-Paid Card Solutions for the Clinical Trial Sector

Greenphire: Virtual & Card Solutions for Clinical Trials

While the average consumer may not have considered it, efficient credit card and payment processing solutions are extremely... read more »
Matt Walker 2/24/2021
Cash in Credit Card Rewards and Visit Saorsa 1875, a Vegan-Friendly Luxury Hotel

Saorsa 1875: Credit Card Rewards & a Vegan Hotel

As a credit card-focused website, it should come as no surprise that we love finding novel ways to leverage our credit card... read more »
Matt Walker 2/24/2021
First Alliance Credit Union: Building Credit, Embracing Tech, and Supporting the Community

First Alliance CU Helps Members Build Credit

First Alliance Credit Union has been serving the southeast Minnesota region for nearly 90 years and maintains its original... read more »
Matt Walker 2/23/2021
TradeLog Delivers Software Designed to Help Active Traders Navigate Taxes and Avoid Dipping Into Credit

TradeLog: A Tax Software That Can Help Traders Avoid Credit

If the world of day trading, with its numerous strategies and thousands of trades per year, seems complex just imagine how... read more »
Matt Walker 2/22/2021 Weekly Credit Card Update — February 19, 2021 Weekly Credit Card Update

Editor’s note: For more than 10 years, credit card expert Bill Hardekopf has published his Weekly Credit Card Update on... read more »
Bill Hardekopf 2/19/2021
Getting Organized: Credit Card Rewards and Planning Future Trips Using Wanderlog

Traveling with Wanderlog & Credit Card Rewards

We’ve been saving up our credit card rewards for much of the past year, and, needless to say, we’re looking forward to... read more »
Matt Walker 2/18/2021
West Usk Lighthouse: The Award-Winning Countryside B&B is a Prime Destination for Card Rewards Travelers

West Usk Lighthouse: A Unique Bed & Breakfast Experience

Frank and Danielle Sheahan first visited West Usk Lighthouse on the coast of Wales with the idea of turning it into a... read more »
Adam West 2/18/2021
SureRemit and SureGifts Leverage a Gift Card Model to Enable Cross-Border, Non-Cash Transfers

SureRemit and SureGifts Power Cross-Border Transfers

People who live and work outside their home countries often search for fast, affordable ways to send money to loved ones back... read more »
Adam West 2/17/2021
Cash In Credit Card Rewards and Travel with Funky Tours to Explore the Balkans and Their Rich History

Credit Card Rewards & Funky Tours in the Balkans

Travel has been sidelined over the last several months, which is why here at CardRates we’ve been stashing away our credit... read more »
Matt Walker 2/16/2021 Weekly Credit Card Update — February 12, 2021 Weekly Credit Card Update

Editor’s note: For more than 10 years, credit card expert Bill Hardekopf has published his Weekly Credit Card Update on... read more »
Bill Hardekopf 2/12/2021
GovSpend Connects Businesses with Purchase Card-Equipped Agency Professionals Spending $20+ Billion a Day

GovSpend Helps Businesses Connect with Public Agencies

U.S. government agencies and professionals with government-issued purchasing cards spend upwards of $20 billion every day to... read more »
Adam West 2/11/2021
Loyola Credit Union Delivers Quality Service and Competitive Financial Products to Members

Loyola Credit Union Delivers Quality Service & Products

Credit unions in the U.S. have long been heralded for their focus on quality customer service. And thanks to technological... read more »
Matt Walker 2/10/2021
Mercer Advisors: Financial Planning Services that Help Families Build for the Future and Avoid Credit Pitfalls

Mercer Advisors: Helping Families Plan for the Future

Mercer Advisors was one of the first fee-only financial planning firms in the U.S., and it continues to differentiate itself... read more »
Adam West 2/9/2021
Citi Pathways to Progress: How the Credit Card Issuer Helps Youth Develop Valuable Career Skills

Citi Credit Cards Helps Prep Youth with Career Skills

Unemployment remains a persistent problem in communities all over the world, but one component that often goes overlooked is... read more »
Matt Walker 2/8/2021
The Bancorp Provides Prepaid Debit Card and Technology Solutions to Non-Bank Financial Firms

The Bancorp: Card and Banking Tools for Non-Banks

The Bancorp is a leading provider of private-label banking and technology solutions to non-bank companies. Top neobank... read more »
Adam West 2/8/2021 Weekly Credit Card Update — February 5, 2021 Weekly Credit Card Update

Editor’s note: For more than 10 years, credit card expert Bill Hardekopf has published his Weekly Credit Card Update on... read more »
Bill Hardekopf 2/5/2021
Turn Credit Card Rewards Into a Unique Getaway and Visit Ljubljana, Slovenia

Credit Card Rewards & Visiting Ljubljana, Slovenia

We’re always thinking about fun and novel ways to use our credit card rewards here at CardRates, and travel often comes to... read more »
Matt Walker 2/5/2021
Expert Tips from the Gift Card Girlfriend on How to Delight Friends and Family Next Holiday Season

Gift Card Tips for the Next Holiday Season

Trying to come up with the perfect gift idea for a friend or loved one can be difficult, but gift cards can be an ideal gift... read more »
Matt Walker 2/4/2021
CO-OP Financial Services Strengthens Credit Unions with a Nationwide Network and Advisory Services

How CO-OP Financial Services Helps Credit Unions

Credit unions in the U.S. have historically focused on relatively small membership pools compared to the large national... read more »
Matt Walker 2/2/2021
OnPay Solutions Leverages Technology to Streamline Processes for Virtual Cards and Other Payments

OnPay Solutions: Streamlining Virtual Card Payments

While certain departments within medium-to-large businesses have largely moved into the modern era, many accounts payable... read more »
Matt Walker 2/1/2021

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