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Monday, April 19, 2021
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ProProfs Can Save Finserv Companies up to 70% on Training Costs with a Digitized Platform that Analyzes and Stores Data

ProProfs Saves Finserv Companies as Much as 70% on Training Costs

Training new or existing employees can be an expensive process that costs businesses time... read more »
Ray FitzGerald 4/18/2018 Empowers Small- and Medium-Sized Charities by Helping Them Create Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns Helps Empower Smaller Charities Through Crowdfunding

A lack of transparency in the charity space has many would-be donors questioning where their... read more »
Ray FitzGerald 4/16/2018
Over 100,000 Global Companies Access Creditsafe Business Credit Reports to Safeguard Potential Deals and Partnerships

Creditsafe Business Credit Reports Give Companies In-Depth Info

Credit reports are the lifeblood of the consumer credit world and can facilitate the process of... read more »
Ray FitzGerald 4/13/2018
CalEITC4ME Works to Bring Awareness to the Estimated 1.7 Million Californians Who are Eligible for the State Earned Income Tax Credit

CalEITC4ME Helps Californians Claim the State Earned Income Tax Credit

For more than 40 years, observers have hailed the federal government’s Earned Income Tax... read more »
Ray FitzGerald 4/9/2018
More than 20,000 IMS Members in the US and Canada Barter Goods and Services to Increase Business and Save on Their Bottom Line

How More than 20K IMS Members Barter Goods & Services for Savings

Bartering has been a part of the world’s economic system since tribes traded goods and... read more »
Brittney Mayer 4/6/2018
How to Maximize Travel Rewards and See the World After 50 — Tips and Advice from the Founder of Travel Blog “More Time to Travel”

How to Maximize Travel Rewards and See the World After 50

Traveling can be difficult for people of any age, but it is especially daunting for retirees... read more »
Ray FitzGerald 4/6/2018
Blur from Privacy Company Abine Keeps Your Personal Financial Data Safe by Blocking an Average of 175,000 Online Trackers Annually

Blur from Privacy Company Abine Keeps Personal Financial Data Safe

Any time you visit a website, companies you’ve never heard of use embedded trackers to... read more »
Ashley Dull 4/5/2018
Vidyo Helps Financial Services Clients Retain Human Interaction While Providing Specialized Services Through Video Chats

Vidyo Helps Finserv Clients Retain Human Interaction Via Video Chats

The near-instant communication the modern digital landscape provides makes the world a much... read more »
Ray FitzGerald 4/4/2018
Save Up to $600 Monthly on the Costs of Car Ownership with Zipcar — The World’s Largest Car Sharing Service

Save Up to $600 Monthly on the Costs of Car Ownership with Zipcar

Navigating big, congested cities can be hard for someone who’s on foot. For some people... read more »
Ray FitzGerald 3/30/2018
More than 1.8 Million Account Holders Make BankMobile the Largest and Fastest-Growing Mobile-First Bank in the US

BankMobile is the Largest & Fastest-Growing Mobile-First Bank in the US

Banking has experienced major transformations in the last two decades with changes ranging from... read more »
Brittney Mayer 3/29/2018
Payoneer Provides a Safe and Secure Payment Solution for Businesses Expanding Across the Globe

Payoneer’s Payment Solutions Help Businesses Expand Globally

Businesses that expand into global markets often run into difficulty when managing their... read more »
Matt Walker 3/27/2018
Entrust Datacard’s Unseen Security Layers Enable Digital Banking with Near-Zero-Factor Authentication

Entrust Datacard Aims to Enable Zero-Factor Authentication for Banks

Financial customers are regularly treated to new technology and banking features that provide... read more »
Ray FitzGerald 3/27/2018
AFCPE® Accredited Professionals Bring Diverse Perspectives to Financial Counseling and Coaching

AFCPE® Professionals Bring Diverse Perspectives to Financial Counseling

Financial counseling and coaching can take many forms, depending on the needs of the client... read more »
Ray FitzGerald 3/27/2018
Mastercard SpendingPulse™ Reports Detail Macroeconomic Industry Trends & Real-Time Spending Data to Give SMBs the Upper Hand

Mastercard SpendingPulse™ Reports Detail SMB Industry Trends

Mastercard Advisors is an industry leader in consumer spending data, with a monthly... read more »
Ray FitzGerald 3/23/2018
LegalShield Protects SMB Owners with Monthly Plans that Provide Access to a State-Licensed Lawyer and Legal Help

LegalShield Protects SMB Owners with Law Services for a Monthly Fee

Over half a million new small businesses pop up around America each year. While cash flow... read more »
Ray FitzGerald 3/23/2018
Market Force Study Provides Insights into the Evolving Role of Bank Branches

Market Force Study Provides Insights into the Evolving Role of Banks

Over three decades ago, some financial experts predicted the imminent death of... read more »
Ray FitzGerald 3/22/2018
Rasmussen Reports Delivers Unbiased & Accurate Economic and Political Opinions with the Collection, Publication, and Distribution of Public Polling Information

Rasmussen Reports Delivers Unbiased Economic & Political Data

Opinion polls have been popular for nearly a century, with many individuals and companies... read more »
Ray FitzGerald 3/20/2018
Banks and Credit Unions Turn to Allpoint to Provide Customers with Access to 55,000 Surcharge-Free ATMs Worldwide

Allpoint Offers Over 55,000 Fee-Free ATMs Worldwide

Consumers who are searching for a new financial services provider no longer use name... read more »
Ray FitzGerald 3/16/2018
More Than 500K High-Volume Traders Use Interactive Brokers’ Low-Cost Platform to Electronically Access Global Investment Data

Interactive Brokers Platform Helps 500K+ Traders Buy and Sell Globally

In a Nutshell: Commodities investors have no shortage of options to choose from when... read more »
Ray FitzGerald 3/15/2018
Bento Prepaid Debit Cards Limit Where and When Spending Takes Place Helping Businesses Monitor and Control Expenses

Bento Gives Businesses a Smart Alternative to Credit Cards

Many established small- and medium-sized businesses still cannot qualify for business credit... read more »
Ray FitzGerald 3/15/2018
AlienVault Unified Security Management Platform Provides Threat Detection and Response to Finserv Clients to Monitor and Manage Cyberthreats

AlienVault USM: Threat Detection & Response for the Finserv Industry

In a Nutshell: An increase in sophisticated cyberattacks involving ransomware and... read more »
Adam West 3/13/2018
Fidelity Investments Leadership in Technology Speaker Series Prepares NC State Students for Roles as Leaders in Business, Tech & Beyond

NC State & Fidelity Investments Host Tech Leader Speaker Series

Ken Tate couldn’t have foreseen the strong partnership on the horizon when he helped... read more »
Ray FitzGerald 3/8/2018
eMDs’ Revenue Cycle Management Services Allow Physicians to Focus Solely on Patients with Billing and Collections Outsourcing Solutions

eMDs’ RCM Services Provide Medical Billing & Collections Solutions

Physicians spend years in classrooms and hospital rooms before they earn the right to see... read more »
Ray FitzGerald 3/7/2018
VolunteerMatch Helps Connect Finance & Accounting Professionals with Worthy Causes and Thousands of Résumé-Building Volunteer Opportunities

VolunteerMatch Can Help Finance Professionals Build Their Résumés

Thousands of nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations rely on volunteers to help them with... read more »
Ashley Dull 3/7/2018