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Blackmoon’s Tokenized Investment Funds for Fiat and Cryptocurrency Economies Merge Blockchain Flexibility with Traditional Finance

Blackmoon: Tokenized Investment Funds for Fiat & Crypto Portfolios

Investors today have more ways than ever to diversify and grow their portfolios. But, until recently, traditional investment platforms... read more »
By: Matt Walker, 3/26/2019
Winding Tree is Using Blockchain Technology to Disrupt the Travel Industry and Make Inroads to Reduce Consumer Prices on Hotels and Airfares

Winding Tree: Disrupting the Travel Industry with Blockchain

Winding Tree is a nonprofit working to bring innovation to the travel industry through open-source and blockchain technology. The industry... read more »
By: Matt Walker, 3/26/2019
Paycent Card and Hybrid Mobile Wallet Allow Users to Convert Crypto to Spendable Cash in Over 200 Countries

Paycent Allows Users to Convert Crypto to Spendable Cash

Exchanges for buying and selling blockchain-based cryptocurrencies are increasingly part of the financial mainstream. But the Paycent... read more »
By: Adam West, 3/25/2019
As You Sow Harnesses the Power of Shareholders and Their Values to Enact Corporate Change for a Better, More Sustainable Future

As You Sow: Harnessing Shareholder Values for a Better Future

Many corporations view profit as the ultimate goal for the company and its shareholders which can lead to efficient but unsafe or... read more »
By: Matt Walker, 3/25/2019
CoinDeal is a Rapidly Growing Cryptocurrency Exchange with Diverse Offerings, Top Security, and the User Experience at Heart

CoinDeal: A Crypto Exchange with a Quality UX at Heart

With more than 200 cryptocurrency exchanges, investors may feel overwhelmed when deciding which one to choose. CoinDeal, which launched in... read more »
By: Matt Walker, 3/19/2019
The Arcview Group Seeks to Forge a Profitable Cannabis Industry with Its High Net-Worth Investor Network and Comprehensive Market Report

The Arcview Group: Investing in the Cannabis Industry

Throughout most of the 20th century, marijuana has been outlawed in the U.S., but in recent years, the sentiment and laws in certain states... read more »
By: Matt Walker, 3/14/2019
ToursByLocals: A Platform that Connects Travelers with Expert Local Guides in More Than 150 Countries

ToursByLocals: Connecting Travelers with Expert Guides

For travelers who want to enjoy a more authentic experience, ToursByLocals is an online platform that offers a more genuine look at cities... read more »
By: Adam West, 3/12/2019
Built for Women, by Women: Ellevest is a Goal-Focused Financial Advice Platform that Designs Investment Strategies

Ellevest: Goal-Based Robo-advising By Women, For Women

Investment firm CEO Sallie Krawcheck recognized that many of the market’s gender-neutral strategies fail to account for variables including... read more »
By: Adam West, 3/11/2019
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