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Thursday, April 2, 2020
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Experts Predict a Slowdown in the U.S. Economic Growth Rate as Stimulus Momentum Dwindles and International Factors Come Into Play

The U.S. Economy May Grow at a Slower Rate in 2019

The U.S. economy saw strong growth in 2018 that outpaced the economies of all of its G7 peers... read more »
Matt Walker 3/6/2019
Gold Expert Jeff Clark Discusses How Investing in Precious Metals Can Help Weather Economic Downturns and Produce Long-Term Returns

Expert Advice on Investing in Precious Metals

Every good investor knows that diversity is key to a successful portfolio. That’s why... read more »
Matt Walker 3/5/2019
With AirHelp, Passengers Can Recoup Their Share of Billions of Dollars in Unclaimed Compensation Related to Travel Inconveniences

AirHelp Can Recoup Money for Air Travel Inconveniences

More people travel by air today than ever before, and experts predict their number will... read more »
Matt Walker 3/1/2019
HYPR Authentication Platform Eliminates Passwords to Provide the Ultimate Security for Mobile-First Financial Enterprises

HYPR Eliminates Passwords to Secure Financial Enterprises

In a Nutshell: Large-scale security breaches are on the rise, leaving businesses... read more »
Adam West 2/28/2019
Happy State Bank: Delivering Financial Literacy to Children in Texas and Putting Families First with a Faith-Based Philosophy

Happy State Bank & Financial Literacy for Kids

Happy State Bank is a faith-based, Christian bank based in Amarillo, Texas, that demonstrates a... read more »
Matt Walker 2/27/2019
TradeBlock Provides Reliable Cryptocurrency Data, Prices, and Trades for Leading Financial Institutions

TradeBlock: Crypto Data, Prices, & Trades for Financial Institutions

The decentralized world of cryptocurrencies and the underlying blockchain technology exist... read more »
Matt Walker 2/26/2019
Trezor is the Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet that Combines Offline Key Security with Mobile Compatibility

Trezor Delivers Cryptocurrency Security and Mobile Compatibility

As cryptocurrency becomes a more mainstream option for investment and payment, users still need... read more »
Adam West 2/25/2019
ChronoBank: Employing Blockchain Technology for a Revolutionary Human Resources Solution that Increases Efficiency in Hiring and Payments

ChronoBank: A Revolutionary Blockchain Solution for HR

As companies and the labor force become increasingly globalized and digitized, managing... read more »
Matt Walker 2/21/2019
Unison™ Partners with Homeowners and Homebuyers to Increase Their Purchasing Power and Long-Term Financial Flexibility

Unison: Financial Flexibility for Homeowners and Homebuyers

For an increasing number of Americans, buying a home and maintaining a desirable quality of... read more »
Adam West 2/21/2019
10 States with the Lowest Average Tax Refunds

10 States with the Lowest Average Tax Returns

It’s that special time of year that makes Republicans, Democrats, and independents cringe... read more »
Matt Walker 2/20/2019
Gravity Payments: Purpose and People Above Profit for a Transparent Experience Focused on Community Business and Client Needs

Gravity Payments: Purpose & People Above Profit

In a Nutshell: Gravity Payments is not your average credit card payments processor. Since... read more »
Matt Walker 2/20/2019
eOption Offers Investors Deep Discounts on Commission Fees in a Feature-Rich, Cross-Platform Trading Environment

eOption Offers Investors Deep Discounts on Commission Fees

With market volatility becoming the new norm, choosing an intuitive and cost-effective trading... read more »
Adam West 2/19/2019
KICKICO Provides Investors with the Chance to Help Entrepreneurs by Backing Potentially Groundbreaking ICOs Within a Safe, Transparent Ecosystem

KICKICO Users Can Invest in ICOs in a Safe Ecosystem

Startups and entrepreneurs have more funding options available to them than in years past, with... read more »
Matt Walker 2/14/2019
How Touring Plans’ Extensive Data Sets Help Visitors Avoid Long Lines and Save Money at Disney and Other Attractions

Touring Plans Data Saves Time & Money at Disney

Visiting Walt Disney World and other theme parks makes for fun-filled and memorable vacations... read more »
Matt Walker 2/14/2019