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Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Arrest Your Debt Focuses on Educating First Responders on Managing Their Credit and Finances

Arrest Your Debt On Managing Credit & Finances

With our busy lives, it can be difficult to take the time to gain new knowledge about things like personal finances, even... read more »
Matt Walker 4/27/2021
Zelf Offers a Virtual Debit Card and Voice-Controlled Banking Services Through Familiar Messenger Apps

Zelf: Bank and Card Services Through Messenger Apps

Online banks typically stick to a model built around a dedicated app and a physical card. A new offering from Zelf allows... read more »
Adam West 4/26/2021
Brex: A Platform for Businesses to Consolidate Credit Cards, Cash Management, and Reporting

Brex: Credit Cards, Cash Management, & Reporting

Companies today operate differently than companies of the past. Fast-paced startups are often dependent on modern technology... read more »
Matt Walker 4/23/2021 Weekly Credit Card Update — April 23, 2021

Weekly Credit Card Update — April 23, 2021

For media inquiries on these stories and more, contact credit card expert and industry analyst Bill Hardekopf at (205)... read more »
Bill Hardekopf 4/23/2021
OneUnited Bank Takes on the Racial Wealth Gap by Providing Access to Education and Credit Products

OneUnited Bank: Banking, Credit & the Wealth Gap

Racial inequality is evident in the U.S. not only in the power structures in place, but in the racial wealth gap. OneUnited... read more »
Matt Walker 4/21/2021
Leveraging Credit Card Rewards to Visit Angama Mara, a Scenic Safari Lodge

Angama Mara: Credit Card Rewards & a Safari Lodge

If you’re itching for a unique adventure in the post-COVID world, Angama Mara in Kenya offers unforgettable safari... read more »
Matt Walker 4/21/2021
The Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union Helps Members Navigate the U.S. Financial System

PSFCU: Helping Members Navigate U.S. Credit

The Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union offers a place where members can bank and procure other important financial products... read more »
Matt Walker 4/20/2021
Leverage Credit Card Rewards to Help Fight Climate Change with Klima’s Carbon Offset Platform

Klima & Using Credit Cards to Fight Climate Change

Credit cards come in handy for making large purchases, and using them responsibly can help users rack up some great rewards... read more »
Matt Walker 4/20/2021
Spoon Offers Authentic Food Tours and Culinary Classes Perfect for Global Credit Card Rewards Travelers

Spoon: Food Tours and Classes for Card Rewards Travelers

In Puerto Rico’s historic Old San Juan district, the past lives side by side with the present, and culinary traditions... read more »
Adam West 4/19/2021 Weekly Credit Card Update — April 16, 2021

Weekly Credit Card Update — April 16, 2021

For media inquiries on these stories and more, contact credit card expert and industry analyst Bill Hardekopf at (205)... read more »
Bill Hardekopf 4/16/2021
Blue Federal Credit Union is Committed to Its Members via Quality Products and Giving Back

Blue Federal Credit Union: Quality Products & Services

Blue Federal Credit Union can trace its roots back to 1951 in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Over the years, the institution has expanded... read more »
Matt Walker 4/15/2021
Mastercard True Name Lets Transgender and Nonbinary People Use Their Chosen Name on Cards

Mastercard True Name: Cards for Trans & Nonbinary Users

Members of the LGBTQIA+ community face challenges nearly every day that straight, cisgender people often don’t encounter. For... read more »
Matt Walker 4/15/2021
Finca Luna Nueva Ecolodge Offers Credit Card Rewards Travelers a Rainforest Retreat with a Sustainability Mission

Finca Luna Nueva: Ecolodge for Rewards Travelers

Finca Luna Nueva ecolodge in Costa Rica offers credit card rewards travelers a luxurious indoor-outdoor experience in an... read more »
Adam West 4/14/2021
Hatch Business Checking Accounts and Debit Cards Help SMBs Save on Fees and Earn Rewards

Hatch Accounts and Debit Cards Help SMBs Save Money

The last thing new or struggling businesses need is a chronic bank fee burden. That’s why the Hatch business checking account... read more »
Adam West 4/14/2021
Tompkins Bank of Castile: Financial Wellness via Banking, Credit, and Educational Services

Tompkins Bank of Castile: Banking, Credit, & Education

Tompkins Bank of Castile has been serving customers in Western New York since 1869, and throughout its history it has always... read more »
Matt Walker 4/12/2021
Wave Financial Software Offers Easy Credit Card Payment Features and Other Tools for SMB Owners

Wave: Card Payments and Financial Tools for SMBs

Wave is an all-in-one software solution that helps small businesses invoice customers and collect fees, including credit card... read more »
Adam West 4/12/2021
RentRedi: A Convenient Platform for Landlords to Easily Manage Rentals and Accept Credit Cards

RentRedi Allows Landlords to Easily Accept Credit Cards

Renting a house or apartment seems like an easy enough task, but, in reality, both tenants and landlords are faced with many... read more »
Matt Walker 4/9/2021 Weekly Credit Card Update — April 9, 2021

Weekly Credit Card Update — April 9, 2021

For media inquiries on these stories and more, contact credit card expert and industry analyst Bill Hardekopf at (205)... read more »
Bill Hardekopf 4/9/2021
Vincent Search Tool Helps Users Find Alternative Investments Including Real Estate and Credit-Based Debt

Vincent Search Tool Helps Find Alternative Investments

The fast-growing alternative investment market includes real estate, credit-based assets, and even art, but it can be... read more »
Adam West 4/8/2021
Zelle Partners with Banks and Credit Unions to Make Sending and Receiving Money Fast and Easy

Zelle: Easy Money Transfers via Banks and Credit Unions

Sending and receiving money used to take days or even weeks, and the process was often associated with notable fees. Zelle... read more »
Matt Walker 4/8/2021
Freedom FCU Combines Enterprise Services with the Flexibility and Personal Touch of a Local Credit Union

Freedom FCU Offers Service with a Credit Union Touch

When financial institutions halted in-person services early on during the COVID-19 pandemic, Freedom Federal Credit Union... read more »
Adam West 4/7/2021
Independent Age: Guidance and Advocacy to Help Older Adults Preserve Credit, Benefits, and Health

Independent Age Helps Older Adults Preserve Credit

Older people and their families in the UK face challenges around healthcare, support, mobility, and isolation. They also may... read more »
Adam West 4/7/2021
How Consumers Can Find the Right Credit Union or Bank That Suits Their Needs

How Consumers Can Find the Right Credit Union or Bank

GoBankingRates began as a website focused on, well, banking rates. Over the years, it has expanded to encompass nearly any... read more »
Matt Walker 4/6/2021
Conveniently Pay with Credit and Minimize Contact via House Calls from YourMechanic

YourMechanic: Minimize Contact & Pay with Credit

Dealing with auto repairs can be a hassle, whether you’re trying to get a car in need of service to the shop or negotiating... read more »
Matt Walker 4/5/2021

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