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Monday, January 20, 2020
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Become a Citizen Scientist by Volunteering with Coral Cay Conservation to Collect Data and Protect Marine Ecosystems Around the World

Coral Cay Conservation Volunteers Protect Marine Life

With coral reefs dying at an alarming rate, Coral Cay Conservation is doing its part to sway... read more »
Matt Walker 12/16/2019
OptiToken Cryptocurrency Uses Algorithmic Trading and a Buyback Program to Increase Value and Drive Adoption

OptiToken Uses a Buyback Program to Increase Value

Miners who validate blockchain transactions earn cryptocurrency as a reward, meaning the number... read more »
Adam West 12/13/2019
Switcheo: A Trustless, Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange with a Focus on Delivering a World-Class Trading Experience

Switcheo: A Decentralized, Convenient Crypto Exchange

The Co-Founders of Switcheo began with a vision to offer cryptocurrency enthusiasts a... read more »
Matt Walker 12/12/2019
Financial Automation Platform ScaleFactor™ Introduces a Customizable Charge Card to Optimize Cash Flow Management for SMBs

ScaleFactor Optimizes Cash Flow Management for SMBs

When Kurt Rathmann, then a CFO, needed to run a forecasting scenario to evaluate a business... read more »
Adam West 12/11/2019
Abra: An App That Makes Buying, Selling, and Managing Cryptocurrencies Simple and Convenient through Its User-Friendly Interface

Abra: Buy, Sell, & Manage Crypto Easily in One App

With the cryptocurrency ecosystem continuing to expand, Abra provides an easy-to-use platform... read more »
Matt Walker 12/5/2019
Project Wren Helps Reverse Climate Change via Subscription Donations that Fund Carbon Offset Projects

Project Wren: A Subscription to Offset Carbon Footprints

Humans produce an incredible amount of greenhouse gas emissions in today’s industrialized... read more »
Matt Walker 12/5/2019
Mendix Enables a Nimbler, Low-Code Application Development Process for the Financial Services Industry

Mendix Enables Low-Code App Development for Finance

Financial institutions in today’s marketplace are only as competitive as their software and... read more »
Matt Walker 12/4/2019
Simplex Payment Processing Makes Fraudless Cryptocurrency a Reality

Simplex Protects Crypto Merchants from Fraud

Cryptocurrencies have struggled to gain mainstream acceptance, in part, because merchants are... read more »
Adam West 12/3/2019
The Cryptocurrency-Backed EMX Platform Offers Fair Access to Traditional and Derivatives Trading for Investors Outside the U.S.

Crypto-Backed EMX Offers Access for Non-U.S. Investors

The global market for exchange-traded futures and options is concentrated among a small group... read more »
Adam West 12/2/2019
Plunkett Research Delivers Impactful and Insightful Research, Analysis, Statistics, and Trends to the Finance Industry

Plunkett Research: Valuable Data for the Finance Industry

Companies come and go, but the most successful businesses stick around in part because they... read more »
Matt Walker 11/26/2019
Through Its YubiKey, Yubico Provides a Hardware Solution that Maximizes Online Security and Usability while Moving Beyond Passwords

YubiKey: A Hardware Solution that Expands Online Security

Anybody using a computer or mobile device has created a username or password at some point. For... read more »
Matt Walker 11/22/2019
With its Suite of Cybersecurity Solutions, BlockSafe Technologies Protects Crypto Wallets, Exchanges, and Private Blockchains

BlockSafe Technologies Protects Crypto Assets

StrikeForce Technologies has been a player in the cybersecurity industry for nearly two... read more »
Matt Walker 11/22/2019
NALA: Africa’s First Offline Payment App that Returns Financial Power to the People in Tanzania and Uganda

NALA: Africa’s First Offline Payment Processing App

NALA is Africa’s first offline payment processing platform that helps consumers view all of... read more »
Adam West 11/20/2019
Gift Off: European Consumers Can Purchase Gift Cards from More Than 180 Retailers Using Cryptocurrency or U.K. Credit and Debit Cards

Gift Off: Europeans Can Buy Digital Gift Cards with Crypto

Gift Off provides a quick and easy way for European consumers to purchase digital gift cards... read more »
Matt Walker 11/19/2019
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