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Monday, October 2, 2023
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Azibo Streamlines Portfolio, Property, and Tenant Management for Independent Real Estate Investors

Azibo Streamlines Real Estate Investment Management

Owning rental real estate can provide an investment hedge against inflation and steady returns. But spreadsheets and generic... read more »
Mike Senecal 7/13/2023
EnergySage Simplifies Shopping for Solar Power, Helping Consumers Save Money and the Planet

EnergySage Simplifies Shopping for Solar Power

Solar-powered homes and businesses are environmentally friendly and can yield substantially lower monthly electricity bills... read more »
Andrew Allen 7/13/2023
The 10 Most Trustworthy Credit Unions in Florida for 2023

The 10 Most Trustworthy Credit Unions in Florida for 2023

Florida, the Sunshine State, is on everybody’s mind these days. It’s the fastest-growing state, with a population topping 22... read more »
Mike Senecal 7/13/2023
<strong>Donations Support She Recovers Foundation in Its Mission to Help Women Overcome a Range of Issues</strong>

Donations Support Women Via She Recovers Foundation

She Recovers Foundation wants to expand society’s understanding of the word “recovery.” The nonprofit helps women and... read more »
Adam West 7/11/2023
Cardholders Can Support Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project, a School for Children Living in Poverty

Donations Can Support Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project

Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project, a residential school in Bangalore, India, celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2022. The... read more »
Adam West 7/10/2023
APMEX and OneGold’s Bullion Card is the First Credit Card to Offer Precious Metal Rewards

Bullion Card Users Can Earn Rewards on OneGold, APMEX

OneGold offers a variety of ways for investors to directly own gold, silver, and platinum. The Bullion Card enables... read more »
Andrew Allen 7/10/2023
HumbleDollar Uses In-Depth Guides and Stories to Help Readers Make Informed Financial Decisions

HumbleDollar Helps Readers Make Informed Decisions

Jonathan Clements, formerly a long-time personal finance writer for The Wall Street Journal, is passionate about sharing his... read more »
Andrew Allen 7/6/2023
Wealthtender Connects Consumers With Personalized Financial Advisors and Counselors Nationwide

Wealthtender Steers People to Best-Fit Financial Advisors

The COVID-19 pandemic confirmed an already-emerging trend in professional services: acceptance of remote customer... read more »
Mike Senecal 6/29/2023
Regpack Streamlines Registration, Billing, and Installment Payments for Service-Based Businesses

Regpack: Installment Pay Helps Service Businesses

In the US, service-based businesses generate significantly more revenue than businesses that produce tangible products — 70%... read more »
Mike Senecal 6/27/2023
ABBYY Helps Financial Institutions Quickly Transform Incoming Documents Into Actionable Data

ABBYY Transforms Documents Into Actionable Data

Banks and financial institutions must continually streamline inefficiencies and digitize legacy customer-service workflows... read more »
Mike Senecal 6/27/2023
EQIBank Offers Global Banking, Custody, and Trading Services on a Digital Platform

EQIBank Offers Global Banking and Trading Services

Traditional banks make money by loaning and investing deposits and interact with card providers and trading platforms from... read more »
Mike Senecal 6/27/2023
Spartan Offers High-Performing Investments in Self-Storage Facilities to Accredited Investors

Spartan Offers Investments in Self-Storage Facilities

Real estate has many advantages as an investment class, but one segment — self-storage — stands as the best-performing and... read more »
Mike Senecal 6/23/2023
Donations to the Center for Employment Opportunities Support People Returning from Prison

Donations to CEO Support People Returning from Prison

People returning to society from prison face the constant challenge of finding a job and contributing sustainably to their... read more »
Mike Senecal 6/22/2023
10 Best Blogs for Maximizing Card Rewards in 2023

The 10 Best Blogs for Maximizing Card Rewards

When you use your credit cards strategically to earn rewards, you’re putting the financial system to work for you. Selecting... read more »
Mike Senecal 6/21/2023
Ocrolus Uses AI to Automate Document Capture, Improve Accuracy, and Reduce Fraud for Lenders

Ocrolus Uses AI to Automate Document Capture

Small business, mortgage, and consumer lending firms compete on a dynamic playing field where technology often gives firms... read more »
Mike Senecal 6/21/2023
Donations to Force of Nature Equip Young People to Drive Intergenerational Climate Action

Donations to Force of Nature Drive Youth Climate Action

Sixteen-year-old Clover Hogan attended the COP 21 UN Climate Change Conference in 2015 flush with youthful anticipation that... read more »
Mike Senecal 6/20/2023
10 Best Personal Finance Podcasts for 2023

10 Best Personal Finance Podcasts for 2023

Jump on the podcast bandwagon — podcasts are an easier, less time-consuming way to learn about the personal finance topics... read more »
Mike Senecal 6/12/2023
The World Council of Credit Unions Advances the Credit Union Model for Global Financial Inclusion

WOCCU Advances the Credit Union Model Worldwide

The credit union movement took hold in America during the Great Depression with a cooperative service model dedicated to... read more »
Mike Senecal 6/12/2023
Cautious Optimism is the Watchword in Housing and the Economy, But Not Everybody&#8217;s in the Same Boat

Cautious Optimism is the Watchword in Housing

The Federal Reserve’s post-COVID rate hike cycle has the housing market in a place it hasn’t been before, says Alex Thomas... read more »
Mike Senecal 6/7/2023
SparkRental&#8217;s Co-Investing Club Broadens Access to the Income-Generating Potential of Real Estate

SparkRental Broadens Access to Real Estate Investing

Real estate has many advantages as an investment class, but high barriers to entry obscure them. SparkRental replaces... read more »
Mike Senecal 6/6/2023
Redwood Credit Union Offers Service with Social Impact for Members and Communities

Redwood Credit Union Offers Service with Social Impact

A credit union must be doing something right when it grows from seven members and a few hundred in deposits in a shoebox to... read more »
Mike Senecal 6/5/2023
Branch Powers the Uber Pro Debit Card and Brings Instant Disbursements and Rewards to Gig Workers

Branch Brings Instant Pay and Rewards to Gig Workers

When Uber needed a card and app solution to pay gig workers instantly, generate rewards, and offer a full banking suite, it... read more »
Mike Senecal 6/2/2023
Monito Helps Consumers Make Better Decisions Around Money Transfers and Other Financial Services

Monito Helps Consumers Move Money Across Borders

Top international money corridors trace long-standing financial relationships between countries and people. But the... read more »
Mike Senecal 6/2/2023
The NHP Foundation Creates Affordable Housing Communities That Foster Family Self-Sufficiency

NHPF Creates Affordable Housing Communities

The NHP Foundation (NHPF) works with local stakeholders in 16 states and the District of Columbia to meet the growing demand... read more »
Mike Senecal 5/25/2023

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