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Monday, September 21, 2020
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Exploring How a Government Job Guarantee Could Lead to Mass Mobilization and Faster Recovery in the Midst of the COVID-19 Crisis

COVID-19: A Job Guarantee Could Lead to Recovery

While the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown jobs and the economy into turmoil, Bard College Levy... read more »
Matt Walker 8/12/2020
Startup Istanbul: Etohum’s Twice-a-Year Event Connects Entrepreneurs and Investors from Around the World in Turkey

Startup Istanbul Connects Entrepreneurs and Investors

The Turkish city of Istanbul, situated near the Asia-Europe border, has long served as a... read more »
Adam West 8/11/2020
Australia’s Judo Bank Steps Up to Support Businesses During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Judo Bank Supports Businesses During COVID-19

As Australia’s first SME-focused challenger bank, Judo Bank offers quality business... read more »
Matt Walker 8/6/2020
Limelight Health Helps Streamline and Automate Sales and Underwriting for the Employee Benefits Industry

Limelight Health: A Modern Employee Benefits Platform

Today’s employee benefits industry largely looks like yesterday’s employee benefits... read more »
Matt Walker 8/6/2020
MutuiSupermarket Provides Award-Winning Online Mortgage Research and Comparison Service to the Italian Market

MutuiSupermarket: Italy's Top Mortgage Research Service

MutuiSupermarket is a provider of mortgage information for the Italian market. Its online... read more »
Eric Bank 8/5/2020
Cook Travel Connects Travelers with Surprising Savings on First Class and Business Class Air Fares

Cook Travel: Discounted First Class & Business Flights

For some of us, first-class and business-class flights are the exceptions rather than the rule... read more »
Matt Walker 8/4/2020
Patreon Provides an Avenue for Content Creators and Artists to Get Paid Directly by Fans for Exclusive Access

Patreon Helps Artists Get Paid Directly by Fans

Creators have multiple avenues to deliver content to consumers but they often face a number of... read more »
Matt Walker 8/3/2020
Zoho CRM Empowers Businesses of All Sizes and Industries to Increase Sales and Grow Revenue

Increase Sales and Grow Revenue with Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is the central module within the Zoho One enterprise solution for businesses of any... read more »
Eric Bank 8/3/2020
Earth Island Institute Tackles Sustainability, Conservation, and Climate-Related Issues Around the Globe

Earth Island Institute Fights for the Planet

Since 1982, Earth Island Institute has been fighting for the health and sustainability of... read more »
Matt Walker 7/31/2020
MyWallSt is an App that Focuses on Educating Investors and Helping Them Execute Strategies Successfully

MyWallSt: An App Focused on Successful Investing

While some apps simply help people buy, sell, and trade stocks, MyWallSt focuses on educating... read more »
Matt Walker 7/30/2020
First Financial FCU Supports Communities in the Baltimore Area Through Youth Initiatives, Volunteerism, and Charitable Giving

First Financial FCU Supports Baltimore Communities

Credit unions not only help fuel business growth and community development, but they also work... read more »
Adam West 7/29/2020
Equal Eats Helps Travelers with Food Restrictions Dine Abroad in Confidence with Handy Dietary Translation Cards

Equal Eats: Diet Translation Cards for Travelers

Traveling abroad can raise anxiety levels for people who suffer from food allergies because... read more »
Matt Walker 7/28/2020
Mynd’s Property Management Uses Technology and Expertise to Help Real Estate Owners Protect Their Investments

Mynd & Tech-Driven Property Management

Property management is a corner of the real estate industry that takes a lot of time... read more »
Matt Walker 7/23/2020
Sprinklr: A Customer Experience Management Platform that Helps Brands Engage with Clients on Any Modern Channel

Sprinklr: Modern Customer Experience Management

Customer satisfaction remains an essential part of nearly any business’s success. But... read more »
Matt Walker 7/22/2020