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Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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Mana Turns Gaming and Streaming Purchases Into Rewards With Its Premium Debit Card Products

Mana Rewards Gamers Through Premium Debit Cards

Mana offers debit cards that allow gamers to earn rewards on their video game purchases and... read more »
Brandon Rossman 12/16/2022
First Financial Credit Union Recognized For a Companywide Commitment to Financial Education

First Financial Recognized For Financial Education Initiatives

First Financial Credit Union takes on an immersive approach to providing its members with... read more »
Sean Roderick 12/15/2022
Credit Card Donations Support DoSomething in Accelerating Youth Activism and Meaningful Change

Donations Help DoSomething Accelerate Youth Activism

The nonprofit organization, DoSomething, educates and equips young people to create positive... read more »
Sean Roderick 12/15/2022
Moomoo Offers New and Experienced Investors Advanced Trading Tools and Community Insights

Moomoo Offers Investors Trading Tools and Insights

Many would-be investors are discouraged by the stock market. They may worry they don’t have... read more »
Adam West 12/14/2022
Mabel’s Labels Offers Consumers an Easy, Effective Way To Organize Important Items When Traveling

Mabel's Labels Helps Travelers Stay Organized

For nearly 20 years, Mabel’s Labels has been the gold standard for personalized label designs... read more »
Sean Roderick 12/14/2022
Giftly Sends Personalized and Easy-to-Redeem Gift Cards to Friends and Family

Giftly’s Personalized Cards Simplify Gift Giving

Giftly helps people send personalized gift cards to friends and family with the freedom to... read more »
Brandon Rossman 12/13/2022
DataDome Earns Recognition for Shielding Businesses Against Bot-Driven Card Fraud

DataDome: AI-Powered Bot Detection Protects Businesses

Consumers may not realize that bots — software that automates online tasks — are responsible... read more »
Adam West 12/13/2022
Imprint Creates Branded Credit and Rewards Cards that Boost Customer Loyalty

Imprint Drives Loyalty with Branded Rewards Cards

Imprint is a modern branded card and rewards company. It enables company partners to offer... read more »
Adam West 12/12/2022
Recognizing Flagstar Bank for its Commitment to DE&I Among Both Customers and Employees

Recognizing Flagstar Bank For its Commitment to DE&I

Flagstar Bank provides full-service banking and lending products while making diversity... read more »
Brandon Rossman 12/12/2022
Hydrocephalus Association: Using Cards to Support Treatments and Research for This Brain Condition

The Hydrocephalus Association Uses Donations For Research

The Hydrocephalus Association is on a mission to find a cure for hydrocephalus and improve the... read more »
Brandon Rossman 12/8/2022
First Horizon Bank Fosters Stronger Commitment to Grants and Improving Affordable Housing

First Horizon Fosters Grants and Affordable Housing

First Horizon Bank is a financial institution actively involved in community development. The... read more »
Sean Roderick 12/8/2022
The Identity Theft Resource Center Works to Protect Consumers and SMBs From Online Financial Crimes

ITRC Helps Mitigate the Credit Impacts of Identity Theft

As identity fraudsters become more sophisticated in their approaches, people will need to... read more »
Sean Roderick 12/8/2022
How Cardholders Can Support High-Impact Activism Through the Climate Emergency Fund

How Cardholders Support Climate Emergency Fund

While the planet is experiencing the associated impacts of continued climate change... read more »
Sean Roderick 12/7/2022
Bread Financial Offers Cards and Tools that Meet Consumers’ Unique Needs

Bread Financial Meets Unique Consumer Needs with Cards

In 2022, Alliance Data rebranded as Bread Financial, positioning itself as a forward-thinking... read more »
Adam West 12/7/2022
The Explorer’s Passage Curates Adventure Tours that Guides Travelers to Earth’s Most Ancient Cities

The Explorer’s Passage Offers Adventure Tour Experience

The Explorer’s Passage (TEP) is a travel company that follows environmentally sustainable... read more »
Sean Roderick 12/6/2022
Melio Allows Small Business Owners to Pay Every Vendor Bill Using a Credit Card

Melio’s Credit Card Payment System Helps SMBs

Melio provides small business owners flexibility in how they pay bills. Melio’s intuitive... read more »
Brandon Rossman 12/1/2022
Cohesion: A Digital Platform to Streamline and Enhance Commercial Real Estate Operations

Cohesion Simplifies Investment in Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate owners and investors need digital systems to enhance the office... read more »
Adam West 11/29/2022
Dreamfield Helps Brands Facilitate Marketing Partnerships and Payments with College Athletes

Dreamfield Helps Brands with NIL Deals and Payments

July 2021 marked a new era in college sports – the era of the name, image, and likeness (NIL)... read more »
Brandon Rossman 11/22/2022
United Plant Savers Promotes Conservation of Native Medicinal Herbs and How Cardholders Can Help

United Plant Savers Promotes Stewardship of Wild Herbs

As over-harvesting and habitat loss put many vital medicinal plant varieties in danger of... read more »
Sean Roderick 11/22/2022
Fee-Free Pomelo App and Card for Remittances Help Users Build Credit When They Send Money Back Home

Pomelo Enables Free Money Exchange Via Credit Networks

The Philippines is a significant recipient of money transfers from the US, with only India... read more »
Adam West 11/21/2022
Alkami Develops Digital Platforms to Help Credit Unions and Banks Level the Playing Field

Alkami Develops Digital Platforms for CUs and Banks

Alkami creates customized digital platforms for credit unions and banks. The fintech company... read more »
Adam West 11/16/2022
WiV Increases Accessibility to and Modernizes Fine Wine Investing with Blockchain Technology

WiV Modernizes Wine Investing with the Blockchain

WiV makes fine wine investing easier and more accessible to regular investors looking to... read more »
Brandon Rossman 11/15/2022
Finix Offers World-Class Payment Processing to Help Software Platforms Grow Revenue

Finix Provides Payment Tech to Software Clients

Businesses that require APIs for payment processing tend to enlist providers that use a locked... read more »
Sean Roderick 11/10/2022
AudaCity Capital Trains Traders to Become Successful on the Foreign Exchange Market

AudaCity Capital Helps Forex Traders Become Successful

AudaCity Capital puts forex traders on a pathway to success with its training programs. The... read more »
Brandon Rossman 11/9/2022