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Debitize Helps Eliminate Late Payments, Overspending, and Interest Fees by Treating Your Credit Card Like a Debit Card

Debitize Your Credit Card to Eliminate Late Fees & Overspending

In a Nutshell: When a lot of little credit card purchases get together, they can add up to a big balance — often without you even realizing it. Rather than ditching your card, retrain... read more »
By: Amber Brooks, August 7, 2018
How the Council of Institutional Investors® Protects Individual Investor Rights through Advocacy of Greater Corporate Regulation

How the Council of Institutional Investors® Protects Investor Rights

In a Nutshell: If you’re one of the millions of Americans who has money saved in a pension or 401(k) retirement plan, you may not know the work taking place every day to keep your funds... read more »
By: Ashley Dull, 8/6/2018
Genisys CU Stays True to its Legacy of Putting Customers First with a Pair of Credit Cards that Offer Quality, Security & Value

Genisys CU Credit Cards Add to Its Legacy of Quality, Security & Value

In a Nutshell: Genisys Credit Union began in 1936 serving General Motors employees at the Truck & Coach plant. Over time, Genisys expanded to serve all of Michigan and parts of Minnesota... read more »
By: Ashley Dull, 8/6/2018
New Discover Survey Shows Many College Graduates May Need Multiple Jobs to Pay Off Student Loans

Study Shows College Grads May Need Multiple Jobs to Pay Off Loans

In a Nutshell: More than 1.1 million borrowers defaulted on their student loans in 2016 alone. While a sluggish job market caused some of those defaults, many of the issues stem from... read more »
By: Ray FitzGerald, 8/2/2018
Capital One® Study Shows How Long Security Lines Affect Millions of Air Travelers

How Long Security Lines Can Impact Your Summer Travel Plans

In a Nutshell: With the summer travel season in full swing, travelers all around the country are experiencing longer waits at security checkpoints, and passengers who don’t properly plan and... read more »
By: Ray FitzGerald, 7/31/2018
Advantage Credit Counseling Service Takes a Holistic, Non-Judgmental Approach to Tackling Consumer Credit Card Debt

ACCS Takes a Holistic Approach to Tackling Consumer Credit Card Debt

In a Nutshell: The majority of Americans live in debt. While most of this debt is tied to mortgages and student loans, consumers owe trillions of dollars in combined credit card, medical,... read more »
By: Ray FitzGerald, 7/30/2018
KeyBank Recognized as a Top Bank for Fostering Diversity and Inclusion Among Employees

KeyBank is a Top Bank Employer for Fostering Diversity and Inclusion

In a Nutshell: The banking industry has been slower than other business sectors to adopt practices that encourage workplace diversity and inclusion. Between 2013 and 2018, a push to be more... read more »
By: Ray FitzGerald, 7/26/2018
Chime Offers a Fee-Free Digital Banking Experience that Aims to Enhance Its Members’ Financial Lives

Chime Aims to Digitally Enhance Its Members’ Financial Lives

In a Nutshell: Digital banks aren’t a new phenomenon in financial services. Many tech startups have leveraged lower overhead costs to offer fee-free online-only accounts for a decade or... read more »
By: Ashley Dull, 7/24/2018
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