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Litecoin Haus CEO Franklyn Richards on the Advantages of Litecoin and Its Role in the Decentralized Marketplace

Litecoin Haus CEO on LTC & Its Role in the Decentralized Marketplace

While Bitcoin is generally perceived as the gold standard in cryptocurrency, Litecoin is the silver standard by design. Litecoin was created... read more »
By: Matt Walker, 4/29/2019
OpenCorporates Offers Universal Access to Data on More Than 168 Million Corporate Legal Entities, Increasing Transparency and Trust

OpenCorporates Offers Access to Data on 168+ Million Legal Entities

As global corporate organizations grow ever more complex and automation increasingly influences how business relationships evolve, the need... read more »
By: Adam West, 4/29/2019
How Fake News Can Impact Financial Markets and How to Stay Vigilant Against Misleading Information Masquerading as Truth

How to Stay Vigilant in the Fight Against Fake News

Fake news is very real in today’s media landscape. Researchers have discovered that false stories on financial websites can actually sway... read more »
By: Adam West, 4/25/2019
Security First Bank is Recognized for Fostering Financial Literacy in Nebraska and South Dakota Communities Through Online Courses and Hands-On Programs

Security First Bank Fosters Financial Literacy

Security First Bank operates 29 branches in Nebraska and South Dakota and serves those rural communities with an emphasis on providing... read more »
By: Adam West, 4/24/2019
TokenMarket Democratizes Startup Funding through ICO and STO Offerings with Proven Fundraising Potential

TokenMarket Democratizes Startup Funding with ICO and STO Offerings

TokenMarket provides a best-in-class ICO and STO platform for startups that need to raise early-stage capital. Over 250,000 token buyers... read more »
By: Adam West, 4/24/2019
GreenWave: How Supporting Restorative Ocean Farm Ecosystems Can Protect the Environment and Deliver Sustainable Menu Items to Consumers

GreenWave: Restorative Ocean Farm Ecosystems Protect the Environment

GreenWave’s Co-Founder Bren Smith went from being a commercial fisherman to a restorative ocean farmer whose underwater 3D model has made a... read more »
By: Matt Walker, 4/23/2019
DAOstack is Poised to Revolutionize the World of Finance with Collective Decision-Making Tools for Owning and Managing Funds via Blockchain Technology

DAOstack Aims to Disrupt Finance via Collective Decision-Making

Most organizations adhere to the traditional top-down decision-making model — sometimes to the detriment of the best interests of the... read more »
By: Matt Walker, 4/23/2019
Origin Protocol Returns Economic Power to the People by Enabling Free Creation of Decentralized Marketplaces for Various Industries

Origin Protocol Enables Creation of Free Decentralized Marketplaces

Origin Protocol allows individuals and businesses to create free decentralized marketplaces using the Ethereum blockchain. These... read more »
By: Adam West, 4/23/2019
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