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Friday, July 3, 2020
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Farmers & Merchants Bank Recognized for Supporting Customers and Causes in its Tight-Knit Wisconsin Community

Farmers & Merchants Bank Supports Wisc. Communities

For nearly 80 years, Farmers & Merchants Bank has helped folks in Wisconsin weather change... read more »
Adam West 11/15/2019
Green Energy on the Blockchain: WePower is a Renewable Energy Trading Platform Connecting Buyers and Producers while Saving Money and Time

WePower: Facilitating Green Energy on the Blockchain

The renewable energy sector offers promising alternatives to depleting fossil fuels, but the... read more »
Matt Walker 11/15/2019
Grabr: Earn Cash Bringing Products to Shoppers Abroad

Grabr: Earn Cash Bringing Products to Shoppers Abroad

If you’ve ever been traveling abroad and had friends ask you to bring back items... read more »
Matt Walker 11/14/2019
GiveWell Uses Research to Help Donors Decide Where to Donate Their Money for Maximum Impact Toward Worthwhile Causes

GiveWell Helps Donors Maximize Their Gift’s Impact

There are a lot of charities out there, and donors can have a difficult time knowing which ones... read more »
Matt Walker 11/14/2019
Cryptomator Secures Sensitive Financial Data Using Cloud-Based, Open-Source Encryption that Works Across Platforms

Cryptomator Secures Sensitive Financial Data

Cryptomator is an affordable client-side data encryption solution that keeps valuable consumer... read more »
Adam West 11/12/2019
KnowRoaming’s SIM Cards and eSIM Offerings Help Travelers Save Money by Facilitating Affordable Call and Data Rates in More than 200 Countries

KnowRoaming: Affordable Call & Data Rates in 200+ Countries

Swapping SIM cards and purchasing multiple voice and data plans can be a hassle for... read more »
Matt Walker 11/12/2019
GoCar’s Story-Telling Autos Help Tourists Roam Freely and Make the Most of their Trips to Popular Destinations

GoCar Helps Tourists Maximize Their Trips

For adventurous travelers who find charting their own paths more rewarding, GoCar Tours... read more »
Adam West 11/8/2019
Charlie: An AI-Based Chat Platform that Helps Consumers Save Money, Create Goals, and Make Better Financial Decisions

Charlie: AI Chat that Helps Consumers Save Money

Charlie is a chatbot-based penguin that learns the personal money habits of users and serves up... read more »
Adam West 11/8/2019
Sunrise Banks: Prioritizing Social Responsibility and Financial Inclusivity in the Diverse Communities of Minnesota’s Twin Cities

Sunrise Banks: Prioritizing Social Responsibility

Sunrise Banks CEO David Reiling believes that banking and community success go hand in hand... read more »
Adam West 11/7/2019
Digital-Only Cashplus Broadens Access to Banking Tools and Financial Services for U.K. Consumers and Small Businesses

Cashplus Broadens Access to Banking Tools

Small businesses are the backbone of the U.K. economy, currently contributing more than 90% of... read more »
Adam West 11/6/2019
2gether: A Collaborative Platform where Customers Are Also Owners and Can Conveniently Transact with Crypto and Connect to Other Financial Services

2gether: A Collaborative Platform for Financial Services

Thanks to the advent of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, traditional financial systems... read more »
Matt Walker 11/5/2019
Jetcoin: Blockchain Technology that Engages Sports Fans by Allowing Them to Support Talented Players While Receiving Incentives and Unique Rewards

Jetcoin Allows Sports Fans to Support Players

The Jetcoin Institute allows users to use the JET cryptocurrency to support emerging athletes... read more »
Adam West 11/1/2019
The Coinmate Exchange and Confirmo Payment Platform are Driving Cryptocurrency Adoption in Europe by Focusing on Speed, Security, and Service

Coinmate and Confirmo Drive Crypto Adoption in Europe

Cryptocurrency has the potential to solve financial inefficiencies by enabling direct exchanges... read more »
Adam West 10/31/2019
Max Crowdfund: A Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform Leveraging Blockchain Technology to Simplify Property Investment

Max Crowdfund: Real Estate Crowdfunding on the Blockchain

Blockchain technology has helped many industries innovate in recent years. Max Crowdfund is one... read more »
Matt Walker 10/30/2019