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Monday, January 20, 2020
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Crypterium’s Suite of Financial Services Allows Consumers to Conveniently Spend Cryptocurrency at More than 40M Global Terminals

Crypterium Allows Consumers to Spend Crypto Like Cash

Crypterium is working to make it easier than ever for consumers to spend digital currencies... read more »
Matt Walker 5/21/2019
How the ICCR Works with Banks and Financial Institutions to Fight for Economic Justice and Human Rights for the Disenfranchised

How the ICCR Fights for Economic Justice for the Disenfranchised

Over the last 49 years, the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR) has worked... read more »
Adam West 5/20/2019
The Bounty0x Platform Connects Businesses with Skilled Freelancers Willing to Work for Cryptocurrency Bounties

Bounty0x Connects Businesses with Skilled Workers Who Accept Crypto

Bounty0x connects companies to a network of tens of thousands of freelancers to facilitate... read more »
Adam West 5/17/2019
With TipRanks, Investors Can Optimize Their Portfolios by Leveraging Insights from 15,000 Experts Through an Easy-to-Use Dashboard

TipRanks: Investors Can Optimize Portfolios with Expert Insights

Retail investors can have difficulty determining which analyst recommendations and portfolio... read more »
Matt Walker 5/16/2019
SOMA Offers a Fresh Approach to E-Commerce with a Platform that Combines Social Components and a Modern Digital Marketplace

SOMA: Social Meets Transactional for a Fresh Take on E-Commerce

SOMA is a platform that combines elements of social media websites and online digital... read more »
Matt Walker 5/15/2019
Bitso: The Cryptocurrency Exchange Aiming to Democratize Financial Services in the Mexican Market

Bitso: The Cryptocurrency Exchange Aimed at the Mexican Market

Many Mexican consumers choose not to have bank accounts or credit cards, while others simply... read more »
Matt Walker 5/15/2019
ChoiceOne Bank Contributes Time and Talent to Support Temporary Agricultural Workers, Students, and Many Others in West Michigan

ChoiceOne Bank Supports Temporary Workers and Students in Michigan

ChoiceOne Bank begins and ends in farm country, working since 1898 on behalf of farmers... read more »
Adam West 5/15/2019
Fabric Token Provides the Tools and a User-Friendly Interface to Make Implementing Blockchain More Cost-Effective

Fabric Token Offers a Cost-Effective Approach to Blockchain

The founders of the Fabric Token ecosystem were inspired when they noticed a number of... read more »
Matt Walker 5/14/2019
R.I.A. Federal Credit Union: Supporting Military and Civilian Communities in the Quad Cities Region Since 1935

R.I.A. Supports Military and Civilian Communities in the Quad Cities

R.I.A. Federal Credit Union began service in 1935 at the Rock Island Arsenal, the U.S. Army... read more »
Adam West 5/14/2019
MaxCoin Remains Focused on the Integrity of Its Technology to Create the Next Generation of Cryptocurrency

MaxCoin Focuses on Technological Integrity to Create Next-Gen Crypto

MaxCoin has learned many lessons since its highly publicized 2014 launch. Without the financial... read more »
Adam West 5/14/2019
USAFacts: A Comprehensive Resource on Government Spending and Impact That Informs Personal, Financial, and Voter Decisions

USAFacts Informs Personal, Financial, and Political Decisions

When Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and his wife Connie started looking for numbers to... read more »
Adam West 5/13/2019
Applied Bank’s Secured Visa® Gold Preferred® Card is Our 2019 Editor’s Choice for Its Low-Rate APR and Ease of Approval

Applied Bank Named Our Editor’s Choice® For Top Secured Card

Applied Bank has a long history of providing secured credit card offerings to consumers seeking... read more »
Adam West 5/13/2019
Individuals and Enterprises in 55 Markets Use InstaReM as the Fastest Way to Send and Convert Currency with Transparent Fees

InstaReM Offers Fast, Affordable Money Transfers to 55 Markets

Transferring money to foreign bank accounts has always been a time-consuming process that’s... read more »
Adam West 5/13/2019
Quackwatch: A 23-Year Record of Vigilance Against Questionable Healthcare Claims and Their Financial Implications

Quackwatch Protects Against the Financial Impact of Healthcare Fraud

Concerned about questionable claims in the healthcare industry, Dr. Stephen Barrett exchanged a... read more »
Adam West 5/13/2019
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