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Thursday, November 30, 2023
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The Las Fotos Project: Donations Support Photography Workshops for Teen Girls and Gender-Expansive Youth

The Las Fotos Project Offers Photography Workshops

The Las Fotos Project helps teen girls and gender-expansive youth of color learn photography skills in the Los Angeles area... read more »
Jon McDonald 3/14/2022
Financial Partners Credit Union Builds Relationships with Members to Help Improve Credit and Understand Finances

Financial Partners CU Helps Members Build Credit

For more than 85 years, Financial Partners Credit Union has helped its members build strong financial foundations to ensure... read more »
Adam West 3/10/2022
Maroo Streamlines Wedding Planning and Offers Payment Flexibility That Benefits Couples and Vendors

Maroo Streamlines Wedding Planning and Payments

Getting married should be a memorable experience, but organizing and paying for vendors often causes stress for couples... read more »
Jon McDonald 3/9/2022
SaverLife Resources Help Consumers Make the Most of Their Income and Maximize Tax Refunds

SaverLife Helps Consumers Maximize Their Tax Returns

When consumers live paycheck to paycheck, even minor unexpected financial expenses can send them into crisis. But those... read more »
Jon McDonald 3/8/2022
The BlaBla Live App Offers Immersive English-Language Learning Tools to Enhance Travel Experiences

BlaBla Live Helps Travelers Learn Conversational English

English is the world’s most commonly spoken language, and many people with different native languages use it to communicate... read more »
Jon McDonald 3/8/2022
FINTRX Helps Startups, Fund Managers, and Investment Bankers Leverage Private Wealth Data to Close More Deals

FINTRX: Private Wealth Data for Startups and Investors

Family offices and registered investment advisors (RIAs) are important prospective clients for fund managers and corporate... read more »
Adam West 3/3/2022
Financial Mentor Resources Offer a Transparent Approach to Wealth Building and Money Management

Financial Mentor: Education for Money Management

Financial Mentor is a financial education resource developed from Todd Tresidder’s lifetime of experience working in the... read more »
Jon McDonald 3/3/2022
Sequin Debit Card Empowers Women to Build Credit and Help Close the Financial Gender Gap

Sequin Debit Card Empowers Women to Build Credit

Sequin is on a mission to help close the gender gap in finance with its card product that helps women develop their credit... read more »
Jon McDonald 3/2/2022
Brooklyn Cooperative Federal Credit Union’s Financial Services Help Members Build Credit

Brooklyn Cooperative Helps Members Build Credit

Brooklyn Cooperative Federal Credit Union prides itself on providing fair and affordable financial services to its community... read more »
Brandon Rossman 3/2/2022
Acuity Digital Lending Support Helps Credit Institutions Streamline Workflows and Improve Service

Acuity Streamlines Lending and Improves Financial Services

Acuity Knowledge Partners aims to help banks and other financial institutions revise internal workflows to improve... read more »
Jon McDonald 2/24/2022
Friz Uses Nontraditional Financial Data to Offer Debit Cards, Credit Lines, and Cash Advances to Freelancers

Friz Offers Financial Services for Freelancers

Freelance workers may not have formal business entities, but they market themselves, manage revenue, and pay taxes as a... read more »
Adam West 2/21/2022
The Greater Boston Food Bank Uses Donations to Help Alleviate Food Insecurity

The Greater Boston Food Bank Combats Food Insecurity

Food insecurity can be the root cause of social inequality and unrealized promise. Without consistent access to nutritious... read more »
Adam West 2/17/2022
Aon Credit Insurance Solutions Help Global Enterprises Leverage Balance Sheet Assets for Growth

Aon Credit Insurance Helps Enterprises Protect Assets

COVID-19 brought the threat of supply chain disruptions caused by failure to pay into sharper focus. So Aon expanded its role... read more »
Adam West 2/16/2022
First Citizens National Bank and Banzai! Partner to Foster a Strong Foundation in Financial Education Among Children

FirstCNB Fosters Financial Education Among Area Youth

Without its community, First Citizens National Bank would not be around today and still thriving 133 years after first... read more »
Brandon Rossman 2/15/2022
The Cost of Living Index: Price Comparison Data Helps Workers Understand the Financial Benefits of U.S. Cities

The Cost of Living Index Compares U.S. Price Data

The cost of goods and services can affect people’s quality of life, and prices often differ dramatically from one location to... read more »
Adam West 2/14/2022
University Fancards’ Prepaid Cards Reward College Sports Fans with Experiences and Help Families Control Spending

University Fancards Cards Help Control Spending

Prepaid cards from University Fancards give college sports fans the chance to show team pride with every purchase. Fans can... read more »
Brandon Rossman 2/4/2022
SoftPoint POS Simplifies Credit Card Payments for SMBs Without Disrupting Legacy Systems

SoftPoint POS Simplifies Card Payments for SMBs

Many hospitality businesses want to modernize their EMV payment infrastructure without converting their legacy systems... read more »
Adam West 2/3/2022
Atmos Mission-Driven Savings Accounts and Debit Cards Can Help Reduce Carbon Emissions

Atmos Accounts Help Reduce Carbon Emissions

Banks have a responsibility to satisfy customers, and they often play a significant role in determining best practices. Atmos... read more »
Adam West 1/27/2022
Card Rewards Donations Help Water Rangers Collect Data and Insights on Water Bodies Around the World

Card Rewards Support Water Rangers’ Data Collection

Water Rangers is a Canadian-based nonprofit that empowers communities to collect data on the world’s water bodies. To... read more »
Adam West 1/24/2022
Betterment’s Robo Advisor Helps Investors Build Nest Eggs and Reduce Credit Reliance

Betterment’s Robo Advisor Helps Reduce Credit Reliance

Every long-term financial plan should include investing, but not everyone has the tools to get started. Betterment aims to... read more »
Adam West 1/20/2022
Fareportal Delivers a Full Suite of Proven Travel Services, Including Marketplaces and Credit Cards

Fareportal Delivers Travel Services and Credit Cards

Consumers often become overwhelmed with options when booking travel, especially when all they need are price comparisons and... read more »
Jon McDonald 1/19/2022
Financial Freedom Guru Helps Consumers Leverage Credit Cards and Financial Products to Build Wealth

Financial Freedom Guru Helps Users Leverage Credit Cards

Financial Freedom Guru has easy-to-follow guides to help people at all income levels become more financially secure. The... read more »
Adam West 1/12/2022
ANote Music Lets Fans Invest in Music Royalties to Diversify their Portfolios and Reduce Credit Reliance

ANote Music Lets Fans Invest in Music Royalties

Music has become ubiquitous in the investment market thanks to modern streaming services, and it helps investors diversify... read more »
Adam West 1/11/2022
Edly Offers Attractive Loans for Student Borrowers Through Private Credit and Income-Based Repayment Plans

Edly: Student Loans with Income-Based Payment Plans

Traditional student loan providers in the United States offer funding at a fixed rate by default. But that’s not how student... read more »
Jon McDonald 1/10/2022

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