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Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Clearco Offers Equity-Free eCommerce Financing Solutions with Repayment Terms Based on Sales

Clearco: eCommerce Financing Based on Revenue Sharing

eCommerce businesses traditionally seek capital from equity investors, but founders may, essentially, have to put up a stake... read more »
Jon McDonald 5/5/2022
BCU Promotes Employee Peace of Mind by Delivering Financial Well-Being to its SEG-Based Membership

BCU Delivers Financial Well-Being to its Members

BCU offers financial services to its members while focusing on financial well-being and education. The credit union serves... read more »
Brandon Rossman 5/4/2022
Tuesday’s Children Turns Credit Card Donations Into Support for Families Forever Changed by Violence

Tuesday’s Children Supports Families Affected by Violence

Started as a rally to help families affected by the devastating effects of 9/11, Tuesday’s Children now provides long-term... read more »
Brandon Rossman 5/3/2022
Discover Highlights Progress in First DE&I Report and Reveals Future Initiatives

Discover Highlights Progress in First DE&I Report

In a nutshell: By bringing diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) into the forefront, Discover has made a solid commitment to... read more »
Sean Roderick 5/3/2022
4Front Credit Union Balances Digital Innovation with Strong Branch Presence to Better Serve Members

4Front Credit Union Balances Physical and Digital Presence

4Front Credit Union ensures it stays up to date with its digital and physical presence. While bolstering its online... read more »
Brandon Rossman 5/2/2022
Climate First Bank: A Financial Institution Dedicated to Environmental Sustainability and Social Change

Climate First Bank Reimagines Finance as a Force for Good

Climate First Bank is the first financial institution in Florida dedicated to sustainability. Its values-based approach to... read more »
Jon McDonald 4/28/2022
Panthera Maximizes Credit Card Donations to Protect Big Cats and Conserve Their Habitats

Panthera Uses Credit Card Donations to Protect Big Cats

Panthera is a charitable organization that devotes its resources to preserving the seven species of big cats and their... read more »
Brandon Rossman 4/27/2022
SBA 7(a) Loans Offer Entrepreneurs Flexibility in Helping Their Small Businesses Reach the Next Level

SBA 7(a) Loans Offers Flexibility to Grow Businesses

SBA 7(a) loans provide small businesses with the funding they need to grow. The loans are issued by private lenders with... read more »
Brandon Rossman 4/26/2022
ExTravelMoney: Consumers Can Use Travel Cards to Access Wholesale Rates from 25+ Forex Providers

ExTravelMoney Marketplace Streamlines Foreign Exchange

Banks and money changers often compete for business in India’s robust foreign exchange market. ExTravelMoney is an online... read more »
Adam West 4/25/2022
MSI Credit Solutions Helps Educate Clients and Remove Negative Marks to Optimize Credit Scores

MSI Credit Solutions Helps Clients Optimize Credit Scores

Many people are unaware that they may have low credit scores, and oftentimes it is not through any fault of their own. Over... read more »
Sean Roderick 4/19/2022
First Tech Federal Credit Union Caters to the Tech Industry with a Unique Approach to Credit Access

First Tech Federal Credit Union Caters to Big Tech

First Tech Federal Credit Union is built by the technology community, for the technology community. The credit union provides... read more »
Brandon Rossman 4/14/2022
Paceline Helps Cardholders Supercharge Health and Wellness Rewards by Meeting Exercise Goals

Paceline Cardholders Earn Rewards by Exercising

Paceline rewards its members’ healthy habits with a rewards card that offers 5% unlimited cash back on health and wellness... read more »
Brandon Rossman 4/13/2022
Helcim Supports Small and Medium Businesses with its Affordable, Transparent Payment Solutions

Helcim Supports SMBs with Honest Payment Solutions

Helcim helps small and medium sized businesses navigate payment processing in a transparent and honest way. Businesses can... read more »
Brandon Rossman 4/13/2022
SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union Provides School Employees with Tailored Financial Resources

SchoolsFirst FCU Provides Tailored Financial Resources

SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union is a specialized credit union with products that cater to school employees. Any school... read more »
Brandon Rossman 4/12/2022
Truist and Operation HOPE Partner to Encourage Financial Responsibility

Truist and Operation HOPE Partner for Financial Inclusion

Operation HOPE has equipped more than 4 million Americans with tools and education to achieve financial independence since... read more »
Jon McDonald 4/11/2022
RoundUp App Makes Donating With Your Credit Card Easy and Accessible

RoundUp App Makes Credit Card Donations Easy

For making online donations easier, RoundUp App has created a platform that enables donors, nonprofits and merchants to... read more »
Adam West 4/7/2022
Wise and its Multicurrency Account Serves the Financial Needs of Global Citizens

Wise Serves the Financial Needs of Global Citizens

Wise offers a transparent way to spend your money anywhere without jumping through hoops. The company’s multicurrency account... read more »
Brandon Rossman 4/6/2022
RIP Medical Debt Leverages Donor Support to Pay Off Billions of Dollars in Health Care Debt

RIP Medical Debt Eliminates Billions in Health Care Debt

RIP Medical Debt is a nonprofit committed to eliminating crippling medical debt for millions of Americans. The nonprofit uses... read more »
Brandon Rossman 4/6/2022
Eagle Investors: Fiduciary Advice and Educational Content Foster a Diverse Community of Active Traders

Eagle Investors: Information and Insights for Active Traders

Eagle Investors serves a community of more than 250,000 active traders on the popular Discord messaging and digital... read more »
Adam West 3/31/2022
Revelio Labs Analyzes Public Workforce Data to Help Investors and Financial Consultants Understand Trends

Revelio Labs Provides Actionable Workforce Data

Corporate financial metrics are relatively easy for investors and consultants to act on, but organizations are ultimately run... read more »
Jon McDonald 3/28/2022
The Council for Economic Education Offers Financial Tools and Resources for Schools, Students, and Families

The Council for Economic Education Empowers Schools

The Council for Economic Education (CEE) provides extensive curricular and professional development resources to help... read more »
Adam West 3/24/2022
Fiserv CardHub: A Seamless Card Management Platform That Helps Issuers Compete for Customers

Fiserv CardHub Enables Seamless Card Management

Thousands of clients count on Fiserv for payment processing technology and services that anticipate market trends. Fiserv... read more »
Adam West 3/23/2022
Action for Children Uses Donations to Support Parents and Early Childhood Education Providers

Action for Children Supports Early Childhood Education

Action for Children provides support for parents and child care providers in seven Central Ohio counties. Its services foster... read more »
Jon McDonald 3/17/2022
Fair’s Ethical, Pro-Consumer Banking Solutions Cater to the Growing Immigrant Population

Fair Offers Accessible Banking Solutions For Immigrants

Fair is a banking solution that aims to be transparent and easy to use in a new age of banking. There are no account fees... read more »
Brandon Rossman 3/16/2022

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